The Ultimate Guide to Styling a Polo Shirt Under a Sweater

Polo shirts and sweaters are timeless wardrobe staples that can be worn in a variety of ways. In this article, we will provide the ultimate guide to styling these two items together for an on-trend look you’ll love! Read on to learn how to choose the right polo shirt, select a complementary sweater and finish off your outfit with some stylish touches.

Choosing the Right Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are the height of casual chic, but donning one improperly can easily ruin your entire look. This comprehensive guide will help you choose the right polo shirt to style under a sweater for maximum effect - and readers may be surprised at just how many options they have!

Color & Pattern

The color and pattern of the polo shirt you choose can make or break your look. When styling a polo under a sweater, it’s best to stick with classic shades like black, white and navy for maximum versatility. To add some flavor try subtle patterns such as stripes or mini checks in neutral colors like grey, tan and beige that won't clash with whatever solid-colored sweater is worn on top. Also consider texture when selecting the right fabric; while cotton pique are excellent choices due its breathability other fabrics could more suitable depending on fall/winter seasons where warmth takes precedence over just looking sharp – wool blends come highly recommended!

Fabric Considerations

Selecting the right fabric for a polo shirt is essential to achieve an overall polished look. Cotton pique is most commonly used, however silk-blend and linen fabrics can be combined with a sweater in the summer months for airy comfort without sacrificing style. If opting for something lighter than cotton; it should have some structure or texture so that once tucked into trousers or jeans during cold weather its silhouette remains sharp instead cumbersomely draped and baggy over clothing layers beneath it. Be mindful of patterned shirts as they may get lost when matched up with sweaters patterns such as plaids especially if both are featuring crossed color combinations like navy blue on white stripes against red checked flannel fibers..

Selecting a Complementary Sweater

The Polo Shirt is a classic and timeless staple in every man's wardrobe, however styling it correctly can be tricky. In this ultimate guide to selecting the perfect complimentary sweater for your polo shirt read on to learn how color & pattern choice, as well as material selection play into achieving an effortless and fashionable look.

Color & Pattern

When selecting a sweater to pair with your polo shirt, choosing the right colors and patterns will help create an effortless look. Try to avoid clashing prints and bright colors that could clash against each other. Instead focus on finding complementary pieces in more muted tones such as solid stripes or small navy checks paired with pastel pink polos for a smart yet casual feel. If you're feeling adventurous then why not mix patterned sweaters like gingham collars combined with striped long-sleeved shirts under cable knit jumpers? Experimenting is key when creating styling combinations so have some fun!

Fabric Considerations

When combining a polo shirt with sweater, the most important consideration is to ensure that each piece lies comfortably over its companion. Therefore, you must select fabric types for both items so they can complement one another. Fabrics like cotton and linen work great together since these materials allow breathability while still being light enough to layer easily under sweaters or thicker fabrics such as merino wool or cashmere should your climate require it. Furthermore, depending on how casual the occasion may be; jeans featuring distressed patches add an interesting texture contrast when paired with two separate pieces of smooth cloths making them appear more intricately-styled than if worn alone - having said this styling experiment until desired look achieved!

Finishing Touches for an On-Trend Look

Upgrade your style with this ultimate guide to styling a polo shirt under a sweater! This article covers the finishing touches you need for an on-trend look that is sure to turn heads. Read ahead and find out how accessories can bring your ensemble up another level.


When styling a polo shirt under a sweater, complete the look with accessories. Statement pieces such as belts and necklaces will help to tie together the two garments. A leather belt is an ideal choice for adding subtle texture and refinement options like gold buckle or ornate patterns can create more visual interest. Adding jewelry also helps balance out bolder sweaters so choose something small but still eye-catching – think chain links or semi-precious stones in unexpected finishes - that sits on your collarbone or around your neckline depending upon what’s flattering for you body shape wise.. Shoes shouldn't be overlooked either; tailored loafers keep things looking smart whilst chunky trainers bring it firmly into modern day style territory!

Finishing Touches

The key to getting the styling of a Polo shirt under an extended sweater just right is all in the details. When wearing this combo, choose black and neutral colors for your outfit as they are timeless classics that will always look good together. If you decide on any other color options make sure there’s some level of coordination between them so everything looks coherent when put together - it's better to stick with two or maximum three hues at once! To complete the ensemble, layer accessories such as watches, chains and hats over one another depending how much coverage you want from head-to-toe; polishing off sharp angles with long rounded scarves if opted for – regardless though remember not go too overboard here otherwise things might take risky turn unnecessarily.