The Perfect Outfit for a Summer Wedding: Styling Shorts

With summer wedding season in full swing, it can be tricky to choose the perfect outfit. If you’re looking for something a little different than your usual dress or skirt ensemble, why not try styling shorts? Read on to discover how best to rock this look and make an impression at any upcoming weddings!

Choosing the Right Shorts

Wedding season is upon us and if you’re looking for a stylish, light and airy summer outfit to keep cool in during the festivities then shorts can be an ideal choice! Read on to discover how best to style up your occasion look with the right fabric, fit & accessories.


When selecting the right shorts for a summer wedding, fabric choice is critical. Linen and lightweight cotton are two ideal options as they offer breathability in warm weather conditions. It’s also important to consider how sheer or light colored fabrics will appear when exposed to indirect sunlight which may require opting for more opaque choices like jacquard blends specially designed with microfiber filaments woven into darker colors. Additionally chinos can provide type of hybrid style option that works well both during the day on an outdoor patio party followed by indoor festivities at night although suede should be avoided due to potential wear from dancing thus eliminating one ultra-stylish pair of trousers instead choosing velour materials such as velvet corduroy combinations gathered up near legs bottom hems trimmed tailoring along all seams areas luxurious look without sacrificing too much texture feel within ensemble presentation overall surrounding atmosphere whole entire setting matters most focusing foremost attire's main principle inspiring moment might last lifetime if chosen correctly!

Accessories to Elevate Your Look

Shorts can be a stylish choice for a summer wedding if styled correctly, and the perfect accessories will elevate this look to something truly special. Read on to discover our top tips for styling shorts with statement jewelry and finishing touches that won't leave you feeling exposed in an evening dress!

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is the perfect accessory to elevate your shorts look for a summer wedding. This could include necklaces, earrings and/or bracelets in bold shapes or materials like faux pearls, metal spikes or large gemstones. You can add interest to simple pieces by wearing them layered together - think big pendant overtop delicate structures such as chain choker on top of dangle boho hoops- which will draw attention up towards your face and away from the lower half of your ensemble if you wish. If you’re feeling brave take it one step further with statement rings stacked along each finger! Keep all other accessories minimal so that they don't compete with whatever flashy jewels you've chosen--you want people's eyes drawn only where intended!

Finishing Touches

Adding accessories to any outfit is a great way of adding another layer and elevating your look. The same holds true with styling shorts for summer weddings too! Adding on-trend pieces like statement earrings, chunky bracelets or necklaces are surefire ways to give an instant boost while finishing off the ensemble in style. To further add some fun classiness into the mix, don’t be afraid to wear that classic fanny pack will prove quite useful after all those enjoyable hours spent mingling during wedding festivities - but remember not make it too bulky. Finally opt for ankle boots as opposed sandals – both comfortable yet stylish options available at reasonable prices so you won’t break bank either!

Tips for Wearing Shorts to a Wedding

Summer weddings can be the perfect excuse to get creative with your outfit. If you're looking for a more casual yet chic look, why not try styling shorts? Read on for our tips and tricks guaranteed to help you create an ensemble that will have heads turning!

Choosing the Right Fit

When attending a summer wedding, shorts can be an excellent choice for keeping cool and looking stylish. When deciding to wear this trend-forward clothing item though, it’s important that you opt for one with the right fit. The best cuts are tailored or structured styles - think wide leg designs in natural fabrics like linen or cotton twill – as these look smart without compromising comfort. Alternatively classic flat fronted chinos tucked into long socks makes a great statement piece when combined with loafers or sandals depending on formality of occasion."

When it comes to styling your shorts for a summer wedding, the key is to keep things classic and timeless.

Accessorizing for Style

Choosing accessories is one of the fun parts about dressing for a wedding, and adding a few finishing touches to an outfit with shorts can help you look sharp. Try accessorizing your summery look by wearing statement earrings, chunky necklaces or standout bracelets – but be mindful not to overdo it as this will draw focus away from your stunning get-up! To complete the overall effect without overwhelming things too much try sticking with metallics such as gold or silver that are sure to set off any colour palette perfectly. Finishing up with delicate sandals, which allow freedom of movement in addition match almost everything hence making them ideal for pairing casual attire may also serve well for those warmer months when shoes might end up feeling uncomfortable during long ceremonies.