Styling Tips for Wearing a Green Dress in the Winter

Green is a colour that can be worn year-round, but it's particularly eye catching during the winter months. If you're looking to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe this season, why not try wearing a green dress? In this article we'll provide styling tips on how best to wear such an outfit for maximum impact and warmth! Read on for all the details.

Choosing the Right Shade of Green

Green can be a beautiful colour to wear during the winter months. Here are our top tips for choosing the right shade of green and styling it correctly, so you look fabulous all season long!

Light Green

A light green dress is a great way to form the foundation of an outstanding winter wardrobe. With its pastel, fresh tones it can easily brighten up dull days and add vibrancy to any ensemble. Make sure you pick one with long sleeves or a wrap-style cardigan as this will keep your arms warm while still allowing for movement without compromising on style points! Finish off the look by pairing with ankle boots in black or brown color – they’ll make both dresses shorter than midi length really stylish and act as practical winter footwear too. Add some additional texture like layering up tights that have different levels of transparency for ultimate chic appeal if temps are consistently below freezing point where you live - very comfortable yet fashionably appropriate!

Dark Green

Green is a popular colour for winter and can add some much-needed brightness to dark, drab days. When choosing your outfit, opt for darker shades such as deep forest and emerald green hues. These will help keep you warm during the cold months but still give off that vibrant flair in bright sunlight or against white snowfall. Be sure also to layer with other items of clothing like tights or leggings underneath your dress and jackets overtop on especially chilly days - this way you'll be able to feel both stylishly snug through any season!

Accessorizing for Maximum Impact

Look stunning this winter season by accessorizing a green dress with the right items to make an impactful fashion statement. Learn the styling tips on jewellery, scarves and hats that will help you achieve maximum visual appeal!


Adding the right jewellery to your green dress can really enhance its impact in the winter months. Choose a simple necklace like an everyday pendant or delicate chain, which will add a touch of elegance without competing with other accessories or detracting from the focal point – your gorgeous dress! Longer necklaces work well as they up-tick an otherwise classic look, whilst adding subtle sophistication suited for cooler weather and nights out. For earrings try small hoops that draw attention to you face but also tie into elements on what’s already been done; if there are details around your collar opt for studs echoing those designs for extra detail at affordable cost, great style value still achieved by anyone's budget constraints .

Scarves and Hats

Scarves and hats are essential accessories for styling events in the winter months, and they can be particularly impactful when used to accentuate an emerald green dress. A long infinity scarf is perfect for wind protection; choose a statement pattern like polka dots or stripes while keeping the color palette neutral. Alternatively, opt of a knit wool loop with fringing detailing around the neckline- this simple style looks great over heavier winter fabrics such as velvet dresses or corduroy blazers too! Additionally, adding layered beanie hats instantly adds cozy vibes – look out for pom details that make allusions back to sports luxe trends without being overly trendy. All these pieces will help elevate any solid jewel tone fashion piece into something more transcendent whilst also providing added warmth on nippy days outdoors!

Scarves and hats can be used to create a stylish look when paired with an emerald green dress.

Layering to Keep Warm

Cold winter days can make it difficult to style that perfect green dress you have been wanting to wear. Check out these expert tips for layering your outfit and look stylish whilst still keeping warm!

Adding Outerwear

When wearing a green dress in the winter, it is important to have layers of clothing underneath and on top. A great way to stay warm while still looking stylishly put together includes adding an additional outer layer such as a coat or blazer overtop that compliments your look. Start by pairing your outfit with tights and ankle boots for added warmth without sacrificing style points - this will ensure you don't feel too chilly when venturing out! Topping off the ensemble can be done simply; add gloves, mittens, scarves (or other accessories) depending on how cold it is outside – all in coordinating colors if possible so nothing clashes visually against the emerald hues of your garment selection.

Creating Texture

Layering clothes with a green dress is an ideal way to stay warm while still looking stylish in the winter. By creating different textures and patterns, you can make your outfit look aesthetically pleasing yet practical for cold weather days. A great tip when layering is to choose fabrics like long-sleeved shirts underneath knitted sweaters or cotton cardigans over turtlenecks made of wool that create interesting levels of texture between each piece. Finish off this cozy layered combo with some booties and maybe even opt for high statement stockings if desired!