The Stylish Guide to Wearing an Oversize Blazer

Are you looking to add a stylish touch to your wardrobe? An oversized blazer is the perfect way of doing so. In this article, we will provide tips on how to choose and style an oversize blazer for any occasion as well as accessorizing it with other pieces in your closet. Read more now!

Choosing the Right Oversize Blazer

Accessorizing with a blazer is already stylish -now you can take it up a notch, by going for an oversize blazer!Read our guide on how to choose the perfect one for your ensemble and look stunning.

Fabric and Color

When it comes to choosing an oversize blazer, fabric and color are important factors. A quality-crafted wool or tweed will be a great investment as they have strong fibers that stand up well against wear and tear, plus their drape keeps them from overwhelming your frame. For added personality opt for patterned textures such as florals or plaids in neutral tones like navy blue or black which can also help create the illusion of shape without emphasizing any problematic areas.

Fit and Style

An oversized blazer gives you a cool, street-style look and is sure to leave an impression. To ensure that the cut of your blazer looks flattering on your body shape, keep in mind what pieces will create this effect for you. Balance out large shoulders or hips with subtle accents like buttons at the waistline or higher side vents rather than larger lapels or puffy sleeves . If you’re particularly curvy then go for slightly shorter styles so that it doesn't drown out other parts of The bigger silhouette creates standing structure across wider parts of our bodies offering more coverage which makes arms appear slimmer and lengthier as well emphasizing hourglass curves when worn right over skirts matched up tops etc..

Styling Tips for Wearing an Oversize Blazer

Don't be intimidated by oversized blazers, rather use them to create a statement look! From creating balance with figure-hugging pieces to accessorizing for impact this article will provide you styling tips on how to rock an oversize blazer. Read further and take your wardrobe up a notch.

Creating Balance

Achieve a sleek silhouette when rocking an oversize blazer by focusing on creating balance. Anchor your look with fitted bottoms such as leggings or skinny jeans — wearing wider-fitting garments won't make the jacket seem less voluminous. Balance out larger pieces with strappy heels, gladiator sandals and other footwear which add character to any outfit without adding extra volume around the legs area. Accessories are also key in making sure that all proportions of your ensemble remain balanced – statement earrings will draw attention away from exaggerated shoulders while stylish bags can create contrast at waist level for a chic tailored effect.

Accessorizing for Impact

An oversized blazer is a great way to create an unexpectedly stylish look. To make sure you do it right, consider accessorizing with the correct elements. Colorful scarves draped around your neck and printed bags can give additional texture while still keeping within the color palette of your outfit for balanced body proportions. A wide-brimmed hat or belt tied waistline are two accessories that will complement any oversize blazer combo but don’t forget about jewelry! Go bolder than usual by experimenting with chunky statement pieces like pendants, bracelets or earrings featuring vibrant colors such as yellow and red which really contrast nicely against darker shades like navy blue and black - perfect if you want something extra special on top off all-black ensemble looks lovely too!.

Accessorizing Your Look with an Oversized Blazer

Update your wardrobe with a timeless and fashionable oversized blazer. Learn how to accessorize this classic look for an impressive finish - from statement jewelry pieces, to boldly-colored shoes! Read on to discover the stylish guide you need...

Statement Jewelry

An oversized blazer can be dressed up or down depending on how you style it. To make your look stand out, accessorize with statement jewelry pieces such as bold earrings and necklaces to complete the polished outfit. Choosing something eye-catching will give that extra oomph needed to modernise a smart casual ensemble while adding an interesting dimension of fun. Opt for block colours like yellow, blue, or red if making gold accessories more visible is desired – these intense shades create strong contrast when paired together . For an unexpected twist , experiment with monochrome boutiques which are sure to draw attention in any setting. Additionally fitting neckwear into this equation adds another layer of sophistication overall helping redefine what could have been seen as too simple before.

Bold Shoes

When accessorizing your outfit with an oversized blazer, there’s a lot to consider. Balancing out the look is key and one way you can do that is by opting for statement-making shoes. Choose bold colors or prints like plaid or animal print when choosing your footwear so it stands out from beneath the drape of fabric created by the voluminous blazer silhouette. Finish off this stylish ensemble with sculptural earrings for added dimension and pizzazz - perfect for stepping up formality without losing any edgyness!