Fall Fashion: Styling Tips for Wearing a Plaid Shirt

Are you looking to give your wardrobe a stylish update this fall? A plaid shirt is the perfect way to add some colour and texture into your look. In this article, we will explore how best to style a plaid shirt for maximum impact! Read on for tips on choosing the right one, accessorizing it with other pieces in your closet and creating fashionable outfits featuring it.

Choosing the Right Plaid Shirt

It's that time of the year when plaid is back in style! Learn how to choose a flattering and stylish plaid shirt for Autumn with our new article on fashion tips. Read ahead and find out what works best for you this Fall season.

Fabric and Fit

When choosing a plaid shirt for fall, two factors must be considered - fabric and fit. Firstly, the quality of the material will have an impact on your overall look; it is important to select fabrics that are highly durable with colorful prints or patterns in vibrant shades such as reds, greens or blues. Second but no less importantly is getting a proper fitting piece; if you go too large then it may come off baggy while going too small can make you feel uncomfortable wearing them all day long. Thus finding one which falls comfortably between these extremes should always be preferred option when selecting your perfect plaid shirts for casual autumn occasions.

Color Options

When it comes to wearing a plaid shirt, the color is arguably one of the most important elements. To rock this style trend you will want to select colors that are complementary and vibing with your wardrobe. The classic basic choice would be black and white or grey scale, as these neutrals offer an easy way for any outfit transition from day-to-night look without fail. For brighter pieces in shades like red, yellow or other eye catching hues can jazz up just about anything within seconds! When considering which piece best matches your individual personality think bolder outwear options like orange and denim blue too - they’ll surely make people stand out on those colder months when layering becomes necessary!

Accessorizing Your Look with a Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts are classic wardrobe staples and they can take any outfit to the next level. To make sure you look your best this fall, read on for tips on how accessorize a plaid shirt perfectly.


Color Coordination

A plaid shirt is a great addition to any fall wardrobe! To make sure your outfit looks complete, it’s important to consider how you are going to accessorize. When wearing this classic print opt for colors that complement and coordinate with the various tones in the pattern of your top. Matching neutral colors like beige or black work well but accessories can also include more vibrant shades such as mustard yellow, burnt orange, forest green; all which will pair nicely against red/ burgundy shirts. Depending on where you plan wear your ensemble an eye-catching belt bag may provide subtle edginess or spice up evening look when worn out at dinner date . With today's trends so versatile don't forget there isn’t only one way style a plaid shirt - unleash creative ideas experiment different methods each time enjoy fashion brought by these blend checks tartan prints !

Statement Jewelry

When it comes to making a statement with plaid, accessories are key. Consider adding several pieces of bold jewelry like oversized hoop earrings or layered necklaces for an extra pop. For example, if you’re wearing your favorite red and black buffalo check shirt dress - pair it with edgy leather chokers and silver bracelets for added texture. Or hip up the look further by styling thick gold bangles around longer sleeves or scarves to create another layer in your ensemble – stylishly tying everything together! Statement rings can add volume as well as subtle flair when paired carefully with other elements such as hats or beanies; incorporate some belt buckles into the mix too- classic colors that contrast wonderfully against any traditional neutral patterned top will pass muster on more dressed down days out but can be spruced up effortlessly after dark hours arrive .

Mixing and Matching Outfits Featuring a Plaid Shirt

Turn heads this fall when you create stylish and unique looks with a plaid shirt. Read on to discover easy tips for mixing and matching outfits featuring one, as we take an in-depth look at creating contrast and accessorizing for style!

Creating Contrast

Plaid shirts are one of the key pieces in any fall wardrobe and can be styled to create standout looks. To make an outfit with a plaid shirt pop, mix it up by creating contrasts between colours and patterns. For example, pair your red-plaid shirt with navy blue bottoms for maximum contrast effect; this look is also easy to accessorize as you have plenty of options for footwear thanks to having two base shades in play. Alternatively, consider matching similar tones together like white pants or skirts – both warm whites and cool off-whites will bring out individual elements from within different coloured plaids - that way a pale yellow patterned shirt won't blend into their surrounding too much!

Accessorizing for Style

When wearing a plaid shirt this fall, be sure to accessorize accordingly. If the plaid print is lightweight and subtle like gingham or madras patterns, it can easily mix with heavier items for better balance in an outfit like dark-wash jeans paired with leather boots. For more drama, add bright pops of color such as scarves or sweaters in contrasting hues that will draw attention up towards your face when worn overtop the patterned shirt. Accessories are also great additions to adding structure—belts cinching shirts into tights and layering necklaces with varying lengths help create shapely silhouettes while remaining light at heart too! Finally don't forget hats — they always round out looks especially by providing seasonal flair while shielding eyes from rain showers; choose beanies during winter months then opt for Panama styles come springtime!