How to Style New Balance Shoes for a Dressy Look

New Balance shoes are a great way to add style and comfort to your wardrobe. With the right styling, they can even be dressed up for more formal occasions! In this article, we'll show you how to create an elegant look with New Balance shoes that will turn heads at any event. Read on for tips on choosing the perfect pair of kicks as well as accessorizing them with color and texture - all while keeping it dressy!

Choosing the Right Style

For those who want a dressy look while wearing New Balance shoes, choosing the right style can be key. In this article we will discuss tips on color selection and design details to find the best fit for your desired aesthetic. Read further explore how you can transform any footwear into something special!

Color Selection

When styling New Balance shoes, it is important to select the right color. Darker colors such as black and navy can be easily dressed up for a dressy look while brighter tones like pink or yellow should be worn with casual outfits. For example, pair a white top and dark blue jeans with black New Balance trainers for an effortless smart-casual appearance. Alternatively, style athletic apparel such as joggers and hoodies with grey sneakers that have bold pops of contrasting neon colors on them too help create more interest in your outfit!

Design Details

New Balance shoes are a great option for a dressy look and can be styled to fit your personal style. To find the right design, consider features such as materials used in construction, colors and textures available, closures (ie: laces or pull on), sole structure details like cushioning or arch support designs. Also look into unique elements such as accents of metallic hardware or embellishments that add an elegant touch to footwear choices. The detailing is what gives those must have features so pay close attention when searching for the perfect shoe!

Accessorizing with Color and Texture

Discover how easy it is to style New Balance shoes for a dressy look. Learn creative ways of adding color and texture, without compromising on comfort!

Adding Color

New Balance shoes are very versatile in terms of their styling. For a dressier look, you can add pops of colour and texture with accessories. Start by choosing complementary colours to the shoe such as light pinks, pastel blues or mustard yellow – these all bring subtle yet powerful vibrancy against black trainers for example. Alternatively, go bolder using bright-neon shades like electric blue and hot pink which provide an eye catching contrast when teamed up with white sneakers too! Texture is then key - experiment different materials such as crocheted scarves or leather headband that give your outfit more depth while still keeping it stylishly understated.

Enhancing Texture

New Balance shoes can be dressed up for an occasion when paired with the right accessories. When styling New Balances to make them a bit more dressy, it’s essential to add texture and color by adding items such as hats, scarves or jewelry that compliment your outfit. By adding these textures you will give your sneakers extra depth and interest which is perfect for elevating a casual look without being overdone. You might choose cozy knit beanies in wintertime colors like deep navy blue shades or cool-toned grays; patterned lace bandanas in spring florals; statement necklaces of gold pendants on leather cords - all coordinating naturally with timeless classics from this popular label. Accessories are key elements here – they help enhance any style if employed correctly!

Finishing Touches for a Dressy Look

Transform your New Balance shoes with a few simple accessories and styling tips to transform them into the perfect dressy look. Read on, for useful advice from fashion experts, that'll make all heads turn at any event!


To complete the dressy look, opt for accessories that will elevate it further. For example, adding a pair of dangling earrings or embellished necklace gives the outfit an elegant feel. An over-the-shoulder bag to carry essentials is also ideal and blurring fashion boundaries even more! Depending on personal style preference too much accessorizing may take away from the overall effect so keep it simple with not more than 2 items present in one outfit. Moreover, picking out pieces in colors that complement each other can really add good ol’ oomph making any ensemble stronger as well deliver some added flavor when coordinating New Balance shoes accordingly; truly dressing them up nicely!

In conclusion, New Balance shoes can be dressed up to look more formal and polished.

Choose the Right Socks

Choosing the right socks can be key for creating a dressy look when styling New Balance shoes. Opt for longer, thicker sock materials that provide more coverage and cushioning comfort such as polyester or cotton blends with spandex elements to ensure feet remain in place during movement. Choose bold solid colors like navy blue or black, but also opt to go wild by adding patterns into the mix! Animal prints are perfect while stripes add an element of fun yet simplicity too - so long as they match your outfit palette appropriately it's a great way to make any ensemble stand out stylishly without being over-the-top flashy.