Styling Tips for Wearing a Blue and White Striped Dress

Are you looking for a stylish way to wear your blue and white striped dress? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be discussing styling tips that can help you create the perfect look with this versatile piece. From choosing accessories to creating different styles, get ready to take notes on how best accessorize an outfit featuring a striped dress. Read on for more details!

Choosing Accessories to Compliment Your Look

Looking to style a blue and white striped dress? Adding the right accessories can take your look up another level. Read on to find out how statement jewelry, pops of color, and other pieces add that extra oomph!

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is the perfect way to finish off any striped dress look. Taking a classic chain necklace, choosing something with irregular shapes and styles will help make your outfit stand out more than ever before. Going for bold colors in bracelets or wearing large drop earrings can also add some extra flair that you may be looking for. Remember though too much of it may detract from the main focal point - which should be your dress! So when styling an accessory to complete this look, opt for one showstopper piece rather then trying many all at once which could overpower everything else around it.

Pops of Color

Adding a few pops of colour can help to tie together your look and add some visual interest. A bright yellow clutch is the perfect accompaniment for a blue striped dress or if you want something more subtle, go for accents like jewelry in soft green, pink or light purple shades that contrast against the boldness of stripes. You could also experiment with statement earrings featuring brighter tones such as mustard yellows, burnt oranges and pastel blues – these pieces will really make sure all eyes are on you! Mix things up further by including footwear styles which embrace this trend – think monochrome sandals with buckles adorned in metallic hues such as golds, silvers and coppers. Alternatively opt for heeled pumps decorated with colourful bows too accessorise your ensemble thoughtfully; adding texture whilst maintaining an overall classic style inspired by traditional preppy looks dating back centuries ago.

Creating Different Styles with a Striped Dress

Are you looking for ways to add some variety into your wardrobe? If so, creating different looks with a striped dress is definitely the way to go. In this article we will be exploring styling tips and ideas for wearing a blue and white striped dress – read on to find out more!

Monochromatic Look

To create monochromatic look with a blue and white striped dress, the trick is to pick out details from either the navy or sky-blue stripes in your ensemble. Whether you’re dressing up for work or just want to head out casual on an evening date night, coordinate accessories like jewelry and handbags that match both colors without creating too much contrast against the background of your outfit. A pair of classic pumps (heeled/flat shoes) along with earrings will give it all elegance while adding some modern twist – try opting silver accents this season!

For a more laid-back look, you can pair the dress with white sneakers and add some fun sunglasses.

Mixing & Matching Prints

If you are looking to make your blue and white striped dress stand out even more, consider mixing in different prints. Adding a polka dot or floral scarf is an easy way to create unique styles with the same outfit. Coordinate other accessories like jewelry, handbags and hats that complement each print type for interesting combinations of patterns. Whether at work or going out on the town, this look can be styled up easily with extra layers like jackets or cardigans when needed for layering options as temperatures fluctuate throughout the day/night time hours.

Tips for Accessorizing the Outfit

Looking great in a blue and white striped dress doesn't have to be hard. With these few tips, you can easily accessorize your outfit without any hassle. Keep reading to learn more about the statement jewelry, shoes and bags that will help elevate your stripes!

Statement Jewelry

When it comes to styling a blue and white striped dress, statement jewelry can be the ideal accessory. A pair of chunky hoop earrings will instantly upgrade any outfit while adding some extra flair with color-coordinated beads is another great choice. For an eclectic twist on traditional style, consider wearing mixed metal accessories such as golden hoops paired with silver charms or mismatched gemstone rings in contrasting colors like turquoise and green jade. When choosing necklace options for this look, try layering slender gold pendants into bold statements pieces featuring rubies or pearls if you want your ensemble to really stand out from the crowd!

Shoes and Bags

The classic blue and white striped dress provides an excellent starting point for any stylish outfit. To make this look even more eye-catching, add the perfect accessories - beginning with a pair of shoes that complement or contrast your dress. Consider wearing fun printed flats, bright patent leather pumps, chunky wedges or heeled sandals to give your ensemble some extra panache! When it comes to handbags and purses, opt for softer hues in bold shapes such as circular straw bags if you're going casual; otherwise focus on structured styles like boxy shoulder bags when dressing up. Small details can go a long way with blue and white stripes so try adding unique jewelry pieces like mismatched earrings both in coordinating shades of blues to complete your overall style statement.