Boho Rug

You want to give a blow of young has your decoration of interiors and have a weakness for the style bohemian?  

You are in the good place, we are specialized in the bohemian fashion and have a broad selection of tapis of quality to the style bohemian chic.

When one decorative item can change everything: The bohemian chic rug

If we had to choose only one decorative item that impacts the most on the style of a room, it's without a doubt its rug. You can therefore imagine that the choice of this one is very important.

The bohemian style emanates from the hippie culture of the 70s. A original bohemian carpet therefore takes the color code of this generation and natural materials such as cotton, fair, wool or linen. The boho carpets generally have bright colors and flowery patterns and are close to the ethnic or Berber style.

On the other hand when we talk about bohemian chic style, we refer to the evolution of the original bohemian style to colors that are found in nature and are more sober, while concerning the natural materials. The bohemian chic style is much closer to the Scandinavian style carpets.

To choose your carpet, it is essential to adapt it to the room you want to decorate. The dimensions of the carpet, the patterns, the colors and the material of the carpet will depend on the style you want to give to your house, but also to the room for which it will be intended.

A different carpet for each room of your house. 


Prefer a soft carpet with long fluffy strands for the comfort of your feet at the exit of the bed. Match your carpet with the decoration of your room. Take into account the color of your walls, the decoration used, the style of furniture and your bed. Generally for a bedroom choose a carpet that is wider than your bed.

Living room

For your living room choose a carpet that is resistant to the weight of the furniture and to frequent use such as wool, acrylic or jute. In general the carpet will be placed at the foot of your sofa or under your coffee table.

If you have a fireplace, then choose a wool or acrylic carpet for their anti-flammable properties and to give warmth to the room.


For your bathroom prefer a carpet of absorbent material like cotton (natural) or polypropylene (synthetic). The standard dimensions are 40x60 cm.

Hallway carpet

Choose a long rectangular carpet, and about half the width of your hallway. Choose materials that will resist the frequent coming and going like wool, polypropylene or cotton. It goes without saying that you should adapt the colors, patterns and style of the carpet to your decor.

Entrance carpet

You should choose a material that lasts over time, and rough enough to wipe your feet. We recommend bamboo or coconut fiber mats for their rigidity and durability. The standard size for an entrance mat is 60 cm by 40 cm or 90x40 cm (larger version).

Dining Room

Choose a material that is stain resistant, easy to clean and moisture resistant. Cotton or polypropylene will do. For the style you can choose more vivid and natural colors that remind the fruits and vegetables.