Boho Leggings

On what occasion to wear boho leggings ?

There is no specific occasion to wear boho leggings. However, they can be worn as part of a casual or lounge outfit. For example, they can be worn with a loose-fitting top and sandals. Boho leggings can also be worn during physical activities, such as yoga or running.

What top to wear with a bohemian legging ?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it really depends on personal preference and what type of look you are going for. Some options that could work include a loose-fitting top, such as a tank or blouse, or a flowing cardigan. You could also try wearing a T-shirt or tank with interesting details, like lace or embroidery. Whatever you choose, be sure to keep the overall vibe of your outfit boho-inspired.

What shoes to wear with a hippie legging ?

Many people would say to wear sandals or go barefoot. Alternatively, some people might suggest wearing Birkenstocks or another type of comfortable sandal. Another option might be to wear Toms shoes, which are also very comfortable and come in many different styles.