The hippies and the origin of the flower dress in the bohemian fashion

Originally the flowers were the symbol of the hippies in the late 70's and were worn on the head as a crown or printed on their clothes. Since the hippie fashion is transformed and evolved into something more modern, feminine and elegant, the bohemian chic fashion was born.

Today flowers still have an important place in the bohemian fashion. The floral dresses are must-haves of this style. On long or short dresses, flowing or pleated, flowers are everywhere on boho dresses.

We find floral designs either printed directly on the fabric, or embroidered anglaise.

Dresses with floral prints for a bohemian and country look

The bohemian long dress can be worn all year round.

Prefer a beautiful black long dress with small golden flowers that will be really pretty for a chic evening.

Choose a long dress with flowers in nature colors (orange, brown, blue, red) for a more city side.

Finally a gorgeous white maxi dress with long sleeves and embroidered flowers for a ceremony or a bohemian wedding.

In summer, prefer a mid-length cotton dress or a short one with floral prints for a hippie chic and sexy side.

For your footwear, slip on a pair of bohemian flat sandals or a pair of bohemian booties to perfect your bohemian chic style. For a more hippie vibe, slip on a pair of suede boots.

You're now all set to make room for floral dresses in your wardrobe.