Boho Boots

A pair of booties for a bohemian chic style.

The pair of booties is often worn in winter season, and combines very well with pants or jeans for a bohemian style. Add to that a flowery blouse has long sleeve, and you are ready for the fall winter season.

When it is very cold, you can put on a pair of moon boots or a pair of bohemian boots with fur to keep your feet warm.

However, the bohemian bootie can also be worn when the weather is warming up. It is often worn in the summer during a chic evening or to go out in the evening.

We advise you to choose a boot made from natural materials such as suede or leather. This will ensure a shoe that lasts over time and will give a hippie vintage look to your outfit.

If you like maxi dresses, then choose a pair of booties with a heel to give you extra height and slim down your figure.

If you want a more original bohemian style, lean towards a pair of shoes boho colorful.

If it's the hippie style you're going for, then a pair of Indian booties with feathers and bangs will give you the boho look you're after.