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The short bohemian dress, a must for the summer

When we think of a short dress, we immediately think of the sun and the vacations. It is undeniably the garment of the summer season.

The mini bohemian dress, whether it is loose, vaporous, has long or short sleeves, it will make you crack this summer.

The bohemian dress offers a wide variety of styles, cuts and patterns. The most famous of the bohemian style are the flowery print dresses, lace and embroidery.

Regarding the size of a short dress, it always ends above the knee. We will qualify a dress of taille mini when it ends above the middle of the thigh.

Concerning the choice of the material of your short boho dress. The natural materials are often preferred for sensitive skin such as cotton, linen or chiffon

Regarding the colors, the advantage of a boho dress is that there are no restrictions. For a hippie chic style, colors found in nature are recommended as orange, red, blue or brown. For a bohemian chic style, prefer light colors, pastel or white with floral patterns.

Choose a short boho dress for a wedding.

The short bohemian chic dress is very popular for weddings because it is light, feminine and elegant.

For a wedding avoided the mini dresses, choose a short dress that arrives just above the knee for a chic side without being in the too sexy.

For a bohemian wedding that puts the package on the floral decorations, then choose a short dress has printed floral. You can also choose a dress of clear color as the pink powdered, the light blue, the pastel colors or the white combined has some floral embroideries.

If you want a more luxurious and chic side, choose a short dress with lace

How to wear a short bohemian dress in winter?

In winter the wearing of a short dress can be a challenge. In truth it is enough to add one or two pairs of thick tights in order to keep your legs well with the heat. 

Choose also a short dress has long sleeves to protect your arms. To associate with a pair of booties in fake leather or suede to complete your bohemian wardrobe.