Flower Crown / Wreath

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Discover the flower crowns of Vie de Bohème.

Crack for our flower crowns for hair, ideal to attend a event like a wedding. Our flower crowns are perfect for events or ceremonies of bohemian style or hippie chic style. Look your most resplendent with our wedding flower crowns bohemian.

All of our wreaths are made from artificial materials, but great care is given to ensure that the look is natural.

Both for adult, child, little girl, baby, all our flower headbands are adjustable size.

The flower crown is an essential hair accessory to brighten up your outfit. Whether you have long, short or curly hair, our crowns will fit you perfectly.

You too can adopt the bohemian style and add a romantic touch to your outfit with our flower crowns.

Why wear a flower crown to a bohemian wedding?

Wearing a flower crown makes your wedding even more special. Floral hair elements are even more important for a bohemian wedding, because the bohemian style emanates from the hippie culture of the 70s. Flowers are a central element of this culture and symbolize peace and harmony.

Flowers are paramount to a wedding. Not only are they a decorative element, but they also have a deep meaning. The choice of flowers and their colors must be made by the bride according to her desires, but also to the meaning of it.

What color should I choose for my crown?

The white flowers symbolize purity, innocence and peace. This color is usually worn by the bride

Orange flowers symbolize enthusiasm and stimulate communication. They are perfect worn on the head of the guests or as a decoration on every table.

The red flowers symbolize passion. The bride can have a red flower among the white ones to symbolize their love. The groom may wear a small red flower on the jacket button to match the bride.

The yellow flowers symbolize friendship. They are usually worn on the hair of the wedding guests.

We recommend that you call us directly or see your florist to choose the right flower arrangement for your crown.

For what other occasions can I wear a floral headband?

There are many occasions that lend themselves to wearing a floral headband. The most common are:

  • For a wedding. The floral arrangement can be worn by the bride and guests.
  • For a ceremony such as a baptism or communion.
  • For a bachelorette party
  • For a theme party, as a piece of costume for example.

Artificial, fresh or stabilized flowers. What to choose ?

Artificial flowers have a very long life, are not expensive. If the quality is good, then it will be even difficult to distinguish fake flowers from real ones.

The fresh flowers are the most natural and their perfumes will bewitch you. However they are more expensive and fade very quickly. Count a maximum life of half a day if you wear them on your hair.

The stabilized flowers are a good compromise between artificial flowers and fresh flowers. They keep for several years and look very similar to natural flowers. However they are very expensive and fragile, so you will have to take care of them.

Which flowers to choose for the floral composition of your tiara?

The floral composition of your crown has its importance according to the event for which it will be worn. There are also flowers to avoid and we will see all that now.

For a bohemian wedding, a christening or a communion, prefer light and pastel flowers. For a bride, small white flowers are often chosen such as Gypsophila, the rice flower or the limonium. For the guests, flowers with soft colors or pastel are preferred like the heather, the rose or the hydrangea.

For any other event, big flowers more colored will go wonderfully. The most used flower is the rose because it comes in several colors, is rather large and is a symbol of beauty.

To avoid absolutely are the flowers of mourning as carnations and chrysanthemums.