Boho Skirt

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The bohemian skirt, key piece of your bohemian wardrobe.

The skirt is a garment that adapts to all seasons.

In summer, let your gams enjoy the sun with a mini skirt or a mid-length skirt of bohemian style to combine with a pair of bohemian sandals.

Prefer warm colors like orange, red or blue, as well as floral patterns for a trendy hippie chic look in keeping with the summer season.


In winter, a nice long skirt will always make its effect. Choose a maxi skirt with tribal patterns for a hippie bohemian look. 

Prefer a pleated or straight skirt of plain color for a boho style of office.

Finally let yourself be seduced by a long skirt more sexy and feminine as a slit or asymmetrical skirt (short in front of and long in the back).

Choose a set skirt and bohemian top

Unlike dresses, the skirt has the advantage of being able to be associated with different tops offering a possibility of combination and very varied style.

Pair your short bohemian skirt with a white lace crop top for a romantic and sexy style. If this ensemble is too daring for you, snap up a midi-length dress with a boho blouse for a more elegant side or a T-shirt for a vintage rock look.

Pair your long skirt with a bohemian blouse for an authentic bohemian style. Prefer a blouse with a plain, straight or pleated dress for a more professional look. In summer, wear your high waist long skirt with a floral crop top for a sexy and romantic style.