Boho Sandals

The bohemian sandal, flagship shoe of the summer season.

For this summer, let your little feet breathe with a pair of sandal for a bohemian style.

Comfortable and trendy, it's the ideal barefoot when temperatures rise.

Choose a pair of white sandals with pearls for a bohemian chic side, ideal for a bohemian wedding. Pair them with a white bohemian dress for a country boho look.

If the flat sandals aren't comfortable enough for you, choose a pair of wedge sandals for more comfort or if you're going for a long walk. Pair with a chic hippie long skirt and a bohemian tunic for a successful style.

For a more chic side, a pair of bohemian heeled sandals paired with a long dress will make you ready for any posh party in a sexy bohemian style.

Whatever your preference, you will always find a pair of shoes to your taste. They come in all kinds and materials. Most often the sole will be in cork or rubber. Your pair of bohemian shoes can be adorned with accessories such as beads, tassels, small bangs, rhinestones, or tribal and original patterns.

? Fashion Faux pas : Avoid combining your pair of barefoot with jeans or pants. The outfit will not be harmonious. In this case, favor a pair of ankle boots for a bohemian style.