Boho Lace Dress

The lace dress, symbol of the bohemian chic elegance.

The lace is a luxury product, especially when handmade. However, with the industrial era, the process of manufacture it is much simplified, making the lace accessible to the general public.

dress in lace bohemian wears very well in summer or at the time of evening chic or of ceremonies

We find it very often during bohemian or country wedding, worn as well by guests of the wedding, bridesmaids or bride.

Lace is often associated with the color white, but it can really give a bohemian chic feel to any dress piece and color.

Choose a short dress in lace with a pair of bootie for a sexy boho vibe that will make your soul mate fall in love with you.

You can also choose a long floral dress made up of lace combine with wedge booties to add drama and elegance to your outfit.

If lace dresses are not of your taste, we advise you to visit our collection of chic bohemian dresses.

Lace, the key element of the bohemian wedding dress

The lace wedding dress is a must-have for a bohemian wedding. The lace fabrics immediately give a unique, luxurious and romantic touch to any dress. It's no surprise that lace is found on most wedding dresses.

Choose a sublime white bohemian dress with bare backs with lace around the neckline for a guaranteed sublime effect.

Pair your wedding dress with heels for a sexy look or beaded sandals for a 100% bohemian chic style.