Boho Maxi Skirt

The long skirt, essential clothing of any fan of bohemian style.

Say no to the tight and uncomfortable skirts, place to the comfort and freedom, place to the long skirts bohemian style

The bohemian skirt is synonymous with clothing ample and relaxed. It remains nevertheless ultra feminine and you can always keep a sexy side with skirts asymmetrical or slit to let appear your legs.

One calls a long skirt when it finishes at the level of your calf. A maxi skirt long as it ends from your ankle.

The long skirt boho comes in different styles, colors, cuts and fabrics.

Regarding the fabric, prefer a natural fabric, especially if you wear it in summer because it lets better breathe the garment. For the winter some synthetic fabric can bring more heat.

Cotton, viscose, linen or silk chiffon are all fabrics that are frequently found in the composition of bohemian long skirts.

Concerning the colors of a bohemian skirt, avoid all the flashy and too pronounced colors. Choose natural colors.

?? For a hippie boho style, choose colors found in nature such as purple, green or brown with floral prints.

?? For a bohemian style, choose solid and vibrant colors such as dark blue, burgundy, green or red.

?? For a bohemian chic style, prefer colors sober (Powder pink, beige, ecru) or of white associated has lace or embroidery.

The cut of your long dress will give a new dimension and deepen the style of it. 

?? Choose a cut asymmetrical or split for a sexy side. ?? Choose a pleated skirt for a side romantic ?? Choose a straight and flowing skirt for an everyday bohemian outfit.

Which skirt for a bohemian wedding?

If you are invited has a bohemian wedding, two choices of clothing is offered to you. Either you decide to wear a bohemian chic dress, or you opt for a skirt and top set.

If you opt for the second solution avoid wearing a white skirt. The bride is probably already wearing a bohemian white maxi dress, so she'll want to be the only one in white.  

Conversely opt for pastel colors, the powder pink or the burgundy for example are very popular colors to attend a wedding.

It goes without saying that if the wedding has a color code, choose a long skirt of that color.

Also the floral patterns, the lace and the broderie anglaise are three elements very appreciated for the skirts to be worn for a wedding.

It is important to note that it is generally the skirt that draws the style of the outfit, the top as for him serves to reinforce the style of the skirt. 

Let us see therefore as of right now which top to choose for your skirt.  

Choosing a top for your maxi skirt?

Unlike a bohemian maxi dress which gives you a complete outfit with only one garment, the long skirt must be associated with a top.

Whether your skirt is long or maxi long, it's important to choose the right top that matches it and the style you want.

If you are looking for a bohemian style to go to work or for a normal day, choose a blouse or a bohemian blouse with floral prints. In summer 

or to obtain a more elegant style as to attend a wedding, choose a tunic in lace or with flowery embroideries.

During the period autumn winter, prefer a top has long sleeve. A blouse, a blouse or a bohemian sweater will suit you perfectly.

Which skirt to choose in large size?

At MBuze Bohème we try to propose sizes going above the size L in order to propose bohemian clothes to the greatest number.

The advantage of the long bohemian skirts is that they are loose and comfortable. It is therefore relatively simple to find a bohemian skirt to adapt to your curves (unlike for example the vintage style or the skirts are often tight).

If you are not sure of the size to choose, prefer skirts with adjustable waist (stretch).