Styling Tips for Wearing a Camel Duffle Coat

Are you looking for ways to style a camel duffle coat? This article provides styling tips and advice on how to choose the right fit, accessorize with your look, as well as provide ideas for different occasions. Whether it's casual or formal wear - learn all about wearing a camel duffle coat here!

Choosing the Right Fit

Winter's here and so is the perfect time to break out your favourite camel duffle coat. To make sure you look stylish while keeping warm, we have some top tips on how to pick the right fit for yourself - continue reading to learn more!

Measurement Considerations

When selecting the right camel duffle coat for your style, it is essential that you consider both measurements and fit. To determine what size to get, start by measuring your chest circumference from highest point of shoulder to opposite side. The most important measurement when deciding on a coat’s fit will be length; so measure yourself from center back neckline seam down outer sleeve ending at wrist with arm slightly bent. It's also good practice to try multiple sizes in store before making a final decision as each designer offers their own sizing variability & every body type fits differently Remember: never compromise comfort or mobility over tightness or looseness - as this could affect its practicality if too snug or too baggy.

Selecting the Right Style

When selecting a camel duffle coat, the fit should be your priority. A slim-fitting style that hits just above the knee is ideal; however, if you are tall or broad shoulders then go for an oversized version to ensure it flatters your figure rather than looking frumpy and baggy. Due to their lengthier design compared with other winter coats (such as parkas), longer lines can be used to create shapely silhouettes so bear this in mind when trying on different sizes! The key here is finding one which rings true of classic elegance but will also keep you warm during colder months – something exceptional yet timeless like Yves Saint Laurent’s signature piece from 1975 has been known to do wonders in both categories!

Accessorizing with a Camel Duffle Coat

Accessorizing your casual winter wardrobe with a camel duffle coat can be fun and stylish. Read on to discover the essential accessories that will really make this contemporary classic come alive!


Scarves are a great accessory to complete your look when wearing a camel duffle coat. Whether it’s plain, patterned or printed you can add colour and style with scarves. Lightweight options such as chiffon work well for the warmer months if needed in addition to heavier knit styles like wool which fit perfectly into winter wardrobes. Try layering multiple thin knits together for unique looks; these will also combat harsh cold weather too! Snoods and pashminas offer an alternative way of styling up this classic piece whilst keeping warm on breezy days at the same time !


With a camel duffle coat, the accessories you choose can really elevate your look. For this warmer-toned style of winter outerwear, try topping off any outfit with something woolen in grey or brown to match. Choose between wide brimmed hats like fedoras and Panama's for a contemporary smart casual look or try berets if you’re aiming more towards an old school chic vibe - either way they will both do wonders when wanting to show off that perfect blend of fashionably comfortable winter styling! Consider pairing it up with beanie caps as well depending on how much warmth is actually needed since there are so many materials available today such as fleece or merino wool which offer unique amounts heat retention while still not sacrificing great aesthetic value.

Styling Tips for Different Occasions

Stay warm yet stylish this winter season with the versatile camel duffle coat. Check out our styling tips for different occasions to make sure you achieve that perfect balance of comfort and chicness!

Business Wear

A camel duffle coat is an excellent choice for professional occasions. To start, consider pairing the coat with pieces that are tailored and structured like a wool pencil skirt or slim-fit trousers in either black or grey colors to create a sophisticated look. Add some interest by choosing blouses made from materials such as crepe de chine, silk blend, charmeuse satin as these provide just enough texture to spice up your workwear wardrobe without taking away any formal appeal of your outfit. Accessorize with sleek earrings – choose studs if it’s more comfortable - and slip on matching heeled mules or loafers both to add height while alluringly defining long legs at the same time! A small leather handbag will round off this classic business attire excellently!

Casual Outings

A camel duffle coat is a classic wardrobe staple that can make any look appear instantly polished and chic. For casual outings such as weekend brunches, you can keep it comfortable yet stylish by teaming the coat with basic jeans or leggings topped off with sneakers. A slogan T-shirt in pale shades creates an interesting contrast to the warmth of the Camel colour while keeping things cool and trendy at once! To add a touch of elegance try adding muted gold accessories like watches along with your favourite bag for an extra fashionable flair not only during outdoor activities but also indoors when simply lounging around.