5 Stylish Ways to Accessorize a Formal Black Dress

A formal black dress is a timeless and classic wardrobe staple. But why not add some stylish flair to your look? Read on for 5 simple ways to accessorize a formal black dress, from statement jewelry pieces to shoes and bags that will turn heads!

Statement Jewelry

Looking to stand out with a formal black dress? Accessorize it with some stylish statement jewelry - perfect for making an impact! Read on and learn the 5 ways you can add sparkle, boldness and beauty.

Bold and Beautiful

Statement jewelry is an essential fashion element to take any outfit from bland and boring to stunningly chic. When it comes to accessorizing a formal black dress, embracing bold pieces of statement jewelry will make you stand out in the crowd. Look for items that have sparkle or intricate detailing — these are sure-fire winners when paired with your little black (LBD) cocktail look! Shop around for necklaces with colorful stones set against velvet ribbons; earrings made up of faceted crystals mixed with dramatic dangles; bracelet strands adorned by oversized fretwork findings... The greater variety may create just enough visual interest and drama yet still remain understated at its core. Choose wisely according individual taste but also keep season trends at forefront as well – think textured pendants over basic baubles if opting into edgier vibe during fall/winter periods - for summertime simple seed beads in unexpected color combinations can be attractively structured version yet super stylish one too!

Statement jewelry is a great way to take your look from boring and bland to chic and stylish.

Make a Statement

A formal black dress can often be a blank canvas begging to be accessorized. The perfect way to add some personality and glamour is by wearing statement jewelry - big, bold pieces that show the world who you are. A colorful necklace or pair of earrings will offset an all-black look, while providing another opportunity for self expression through your style choices. Go ahead and make a strong impression without saying anything at all!

Belts and Scarves

When wearing a formal black dress, accessorizing can make all the difference. Here we'll show you five stylish ways to complete your look with belts and scarves! Read on for some fashion inspiration that will have heads turning in admiration.


Belts are one of the most effective and simple ways to accessorize a black formal dress. Choosing the right belt for your ensemble can be tricky, as aesthetics play an important role in creating a cohesive look. You should opt for thinner belts with metallic accents like silver or gold that add subtle flair without overpoweringthe rest ofyour clothing items. Depending on where you’re going, consider wearing ornately detailed buckles when attending more upscale events such as weddings or galas if it complements your outfit neatly!


Scarves can be a great way to accessorize your formal black dress. A thin, flowy scarf will look especially elegant paired with the sharp lines of a classic sheath or wrap-dress. Scarves also come in many different prints and fabrics like chiffon for lighter occasions, silk for more vibrant looks; even leather options offer added edge! Wear it draped around one arm as an accent piece - you’ll stand out from the crowd without looking over-the-top stylishly. An oversized pashmina is perfect if you are heading out on cooler days – very chic yet still comfortable and cosy enough when needed!

Shoes and Bags

Accessorize a classic black dress with the perfect shoes and iconic statement bags to make it look fashionable. Read on for five unique, stylish ways to accessorize your formal black dress.

Perfectly Paired Shoes

When it comes to finding the best way of accessorizing a formal black dress, shoes and bags are essential pieces. Opt for classic pointed pumps or stilettos which match with your outfit effortlessly—especially if you’re wearing an all-black look. You can also choose other details like buckles or straps for extra style points! When picking out a handbag, opt for sleek materials such as leather that fit in size with what kind of event you’re attending; avoid carrying clutch bags on evenings out when they don't make much sense fashion wise while still aiding practicality needs–but anything goes if it looks great on you - go ahead and pull off new trends!

Stylish Statement Bags

Formal black dresses are perfect for any special occasion, including weddings and work events. To accessorize them in a stylish manner it is important to combine the right accessories with your dress. For example, consider pairing the look with statement bags that will bring life to an otherwise plain outfit. Choose leather or beaded versions which come in various shapes such as boxy styles, bucket designs or circle cross-bodies depending on what type of event you’re attending - if it's extra fancy then opt for some intricate detailing like trims and fringe! Complete this look by adding matching shoes from pumps to sandals; metallic tones go really well here but simple black heels can also do wonders too.