The Perfect Guide to Wearing a Blazer to a Wedding

Are you looking to make a statement at the next wedding? Look no further than this perfect guide on wearing a blazer. Learn how to choose the right one, style it in an eye-catching way and complete your look with accessories and shoes. Read on for tips that will ensure all eyes are glued onto you!

Choosing the Right Blazer for a Wedding

Selecting the right blazer for a wedding can be tricky. Read this article to learn how you can easily choose one that works with your style and color palette, ensuring you make a great impression at any celebratory occasion.

Style Considerations

Choosing the right blazer to wear on a wedding day is an important decision. There are lots of factors to consider, such as selecting one that compliments your outfit and wardrobe type. Sticking with traditional colors like navy, black or grey will ensure you look stylish and appropriate for any occasion. Additionally, texture plays a big role in choosing the perfect blazer – go for lightweight fabrics such as cotton-linen blend which will keep you cool while looking smart all night long! Finally it's important to accessorise properly; cufflinks add an extra touch of sophistication whereas simpler lapels can be dressed up accordingly using tone accessories if desired . All these considerations will help make sure that you show up at the ceremony looking sharp and confident - ready take part in celebrating this special event!

Fabric and Color Options

Choosing the right blazer for a wedding is essential. To get it just right, you need to consider fabric and color options that suits your style preferences as well as the occasion itself. Opting for breathable fabrics such as linen or chambray will keep you cool in warm weather weddings while bolder textures like corduroy would be great choices during colder temperatures when layering may be necessary. As far of colour goes, neutrals are ideal; navy blue looks especially classic suited up with crisp white trousers (or shorts if permitted). If prints are more your jam then play around with floral textiles but don’t forget about keeping consistency - stay within one shade family For ultimate versatility!

Styling Tips to Make Your Look Stand Out

When attending a wedding, sporting the right attire can be just as important as enjoying yourself. Want to make sure your look stands out? Read our guide for styling tips on how to wear a blazer and accessorise with impact while making sartorial statements using colour!

Accessorising For Impact

A blazer is an essential piece to nail your wedding guest look. To truly stand out, accessorising with the right pieces can be key – and it comes down to getting creative! Choose interesting pocket squares instead of plain fabric colours if you’re wearing a suit jacket; add unique cufflinks or thread statement buttons on any classic design for contrast. If you want more impactful styling, switch up the fit - try downsizing slightly for a modern silhouette or opt for oversized cuts as part of contemporary-dressy outfit combinations that break away from traditional evening wear looks. With all eye will surely turn towards them when they see how perfect your Blazer-driven Look has been put together .

Making a Statement with Colour

The perfect wedding guest look should be fashionable yet never too flashy or distracting. A great way to stand out at a big event like this is with an eye catching coloured blazer, in shades such as navy blue and olive green that are trending right now. To complete the outfit, pair it with a white dress shirt and proudly styled trousers for effortless chic appeal. If you’re feeling adventurous then try popping on some statement accessories - headbands pearl earrings boastful bow ties will give your ensemble plenty of personality without taking away from its smart finish! Make sure not forget finishing touches like shoes: leather loafers slip on trainers oxford brogues all go perfectly when styling up your must have wedding attire!

Finishing Touches: Accessories and Shoes

A blazer can bring the perfect finishing touches to your wedding outfit. So why not learn how certain accessories and shoes will help you put together a stylish look for the special day? Read this guide to discover all there is about wearing a blazer with panache!


When it comes to accessorizing, the focus should be on simple and minimalistic pieces. A pair of earrings or a classic staple piece like a necklace can really pull your look together - nothing too over-the-top as not to detract from everything else you are wearing! Pair this with some dressy heels that match the colour palette of your outfit such as reds if you have more vibrant tones in mind. For something more traditional then black shoes will finish off any blazer ensemble nicely without being boring either! Finally don’t forget those small touches; sunglasses for sunny days and subtle handbags when necessary give an illusionary flair yet still remaining tasteful overall impression !


When it comes to selecting the perfect shoes for your wedding blazer look, you should think about comfort and elegance. A pair of polished oxfords or loafers will go with almost any style of suit whether its a pastel summer jacket, charcoal herringbone tweed piece or midnight-blue velvet option. Ensure that they are in excellent condition; this means freshly dry cleaned laces and gleaming patent leathers! If the weather is nice why not opt for sleek boat shoe? It’ll add an extra bit of fun flair when paired off against chinos trousers especially if worn sockless showing some ankle on show (a definite no-no at black tie event). Lastly pick something comfortable as walking around all day during a big celebration can take longer than expected so be sure to wear properly fitting footwear that won't cause discomfort later on into evening festivities.