A Guide to Styling the Officer Jacket: Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Look

The Officer Jacket is a timeless classic that can be worn in any season. Whether you’re looking for an everyday casual look or something more formal, the Officer Jacket offers versatility and style. In this article we will explore how to accessorize your jacket with tips and tricks on styling it perfectly! Read further to discover ways of making sure your outfit stands out from the crowd.

Understanding the Officer Jacket

Do you want to know more about the Officer Jacket and how its classic look can be achieved easily? Read on for tips, techniques and tricks to perfect your officer jacket styling.

Key Features

The officer jacket is a timeless addition to any wardrobe, offering versatility and style. It’s often mistaken for the trench coat due to its military-inspired design with wide lapels and oversized pockets; however, it typically comes in two or three buttons instead of seven as featured on a traditional double breast overcoat. This tailored look gives structure while also allowing room around shoulders - perfect when you need that extra space during smart occasions such as weddings, business meetings or other special events. It can be further adapted using color options ranging from navy blue wool fabrics through pale pastel shades enhancing the classic silhouette even more making this garment stand out all year round no matter what occasion arises!

History and Origins

The officer jacket has a long and interesting history. It is believed to have been first worn by French military officers in the early 19th century, when cavalry men used it as one of their uniform components for riding duties. Later on, with its distinctive epaulettes and double-breasted design, the garment gained popularity among civilians in Europe who viewed it as an elegant way to be fashionable while remaining comfortable at the same time. Today’s officer jackets are available from leading fashion houses such as Gucci or Versace but still retain features influenced by those original militaria designs – providing us all with an iconic piece of style that we can incorporate into any outfit!

How to Accessorize an Officer Jacket

Elevate your style with the perfect accessorizing of an officer's jacket. Read on and learn useful tips and tricks to get that perfect look you’ve always wanted!

Statement Accessories

Statement accessories can be a great way to upgrade your officer jacket look. Colorful scarves and printed head wraps are simple yet effective options for making your outfit stand out. Choose vivid colors that contrast with the black of the coat, or even pair classic pieces like tweed flat caps with it for added sophistication. You should also consider choosing statement jewellery such as oversized earrings and chunky necklaces in metallic hues, which will give off an edgy vibe when paired together. When selecting gloves or hats, opt for leather finishes over fabrics if you’re looking to add some shine!

Finishing Touches

To add the final touches to your officer jacket look, accessorize it with belts, caps and bags. A slim brown leather belt pairs well with an olive or navy blue Officer Jacket for a subtle but elegant style. If you are looking for something more daring, try metallic hardware such as a gold or silver buckle on your belt to contrast against deeper tones of pink green and purple coats. To complete the smart casuals outfit go for flat-brimmed hats in dark colors like black which will draw attention towards key details including rivets that might be at chest height plus two small breast pockets above those can help bring balance into this frame of clothing by adding extra personality . The last step is choosing bags: keep it practical yet chic opt from vintage satchel models inspired ones!

Tips for Styling Your Look with an Officer Jacket

Nothing looks as classy and stylish at the same time like an officer jacket. If you’re considering updating your wardrobe with this timeless classic, keep reading for our guide on styling it to make sure you look spot-on perfect!

Color Combinations

One of the most important tips for styling your look with an Officer Jacket is to find color combinations that work. Let’s face it; black jackets are great but they can be a bit dull and one-dimensional. To spice up your outfit, consider mixing colors in unexpected ways such as pairing navy blue trousers with a burgundy jacket or olive cargo pants paired with army green colour officer coat! The possibilities are endless when you open yourself up to different options like these - so experiment until you discover what works best for you!


Once you’ve found the perfect officer jacket, it's time to finish your look. Accessorize with items that complement your chosen item of clothing such as belts and hats. Layer necklaces or statement earrings over an open

  • collar shirt for a polishevd daytime look paired with smart trousers in contrasting colors—think pink pants worn under a navy
  • blue office jacket! Make sure any jewelry isn't too busy so as not to take away from?your standout piece: The Officer Jacket Itself .In wintertime, try pairing beanies and scarfs when wearing darker colored coats like black or gray outside temperatures are lower —this combination often looks very sophisticated yet chic!.