Styling Tips for Wearing an Oversize Shirt

Do you want to look stylish and trendy with an oversize shirt? Look no further! This article will provide all the tips and tricks for styling your oversized shirts. From choosing the right fit, accessorizing for a polished look, experimenting with different styles – this blog has it all! Read on to discover how easy it is to make any outfit stand out by wearing an oversized shirt.

Choose the Right Fit

Finding the right fit for an oversize shirt can be challenging. In this article, we will provide useful tips on how to style your look with proportions and balance in mind - read further to learn more!

Proportion and Balance

Choosing the right fit and style when wearing an oversize shirt is essential to looking fashionable. For a balanced look, your oversized top should be one or two sizes bigger than what you typically wear for shirts. If it's too voluminous, consider cinching in the waist of trousers with a belt so its easy-going vibe doesn't overpower everything else you're wearing; this will help make sure that each piece stands out while still creating proportion between pieces within the outfit. Make sure that if you are choosing an extra long silhouette on either hemline - whether attached by ribbons or side zippers – ensure they don’t clash with any other item of clothing underneath like fitted jeans or skinny pants as though won’t give off good balance overall & instead just create confusion!

Consider Your Proportions

Finding the right fit for an oversized shirt can be a difficult task. To ensure that you look your best, it is important to consider your individual proportions when choosing what type of oversize shirt works well with your figure and style preference. For those who are petite or have narrow shoulders, try adding defined structure by creating a front tuck in certain areas such as at the waistline or bust line. This will emphasize curves while keeping bulk away from upper arms and midsection area which may appear unflattering on smaller figures. It's also beneficial to opt for bold patterns like stripes along vertical lines instead of horizontal designs as this elongates one’s appearance; whereas if broader then choose large prints down centre – small ones make us look wider than we are! Additionally wearing leggings underneath loose fitting tops helps conceal any problem zones without compromising comfort levels - perfect fashion match overall !

Accessorize for a Polished Look

An oversized shirt is a classic wardrobe staple. But how can you style it, to look put-together and polished? Use the right accessories for an effortless stylish finish. In this article we discuss statement jewelry pieces and structured bags that are perfect accompaniments to your oversize shirt combo! Keep reading for advice on creating fashionable looks with unexpected elements!

Statement Jewelry

Accessorizing with statement jewelry is an easy way to add a polished look when wearing an oversize shirt. Bold earrings and chunky necklaces can balance out the volume of a larger top—just make sure not to wear too many accessories all at once and instead focus on one or two attention-grabbing pieces. Opt for gold, silver, pewter or rosegold metals blended with colorful stones that complement your outfit's other colors. Whether you're after something understated like classic pearl studs or go big bold in fuchsia tassel drop earrings there are countless choices available just begging to be matched up with your oversized tee!

Structured Bags

When wearing an oversize shirt, it can be difficult to create a polished look. One way of achieving this is through the use of accessories such as structured bags. These are great for redefining your silhouette and giving you more versatility with your outfit choices because they bring structure to otherwise shapeless garments like oversized shirts made from lightweight fabrics or florals prints. Look out for crossbody styles that will help keep lines defined when carrying heavier items while still looking effortlessly cool - perfect alongside maxi dresses, straight-leg trousers and so much more! And if you're feeling daring why not try clashing colours together? Bold shades on both the bag itself plus additional trims all make coordinated looks even edgier than before!

Experiment with Different Styles

An oversize shirt can be challenging to style and make it look stylish. However, with the right styling tips and tricks you can explore a wide range of styles that will help bring out your inner fashionista! Here are some DIY styling ideas to wear an oversize shirt in different ways.


Layering an oversize shirt is one of the most stylish styling tips for those who want to add a fashion-forward look. Start with wearing it as outerwear over skinny jeans or trousers, cinching in at your waist with a thin belt if necessary and tucking back half into high waisted items like palazzo pants also gives you sleek style stories. Alternatively try layering two shirts by slipping on different size sizes underneath each other — experimenting never ceases! Finishing off with uppers such as ankle boots create more structure so that the entire outfit looks complete - no matter how oversized anything else may be!

Another way to style an oversize shirt is by pairing it with a skirt.


Accessories like belts, headwraps and sunglasses can give off a cool vibe when paired with an oversized shirt. If the look is for daywear, then choose subtle accessories such as a thin belt or colorful scarf to add visual interest without making you appear too 'done up'. For night time events, jazz it up with chunky statement jewelry pieces in golds and silvers which will draw attention away from your overall silhouette. To finish it all off pair the look some heels to elevate yourself even further!