Styling Tips for Rocking the Oversized Tee Look

Oversized tees have become a fashion staple and are now seen everywhere from the runway to streetwear. But how do you make sure your oversized tee look is on-trend? In this article, we'll share some styling tips for rocking an oversized tee like a pro! Read further to find out more about choosing the right Tee, accessorizing it perfectly and finishing touches that will give you an effortless chic look.

Choosing the Right Tee

Oversized tees can be intimidating to wear, but they don't have to be. With the right tips and tricks for picking out fabric & fit , color & prints you'll easily rock this trend in no time! Read on for styling ideas about how to find your perfect oversized tee 1 .

Fabric & Fit

When it comes to rocking the oversized tee look, choosing the right fabric and fit are key. Cotton is an ideal choice as this material will follow your movements while keeping its shape over time. It should also be lightweight enough that you aren’t weighed down by too much extra fabric on warmer days or nights out dancing with friends! You want a balance between longline length but without going overboard – bottom hem of about mid-thigh width for size dependent body shapes is recommended when opting for tees that go longer than regular style t-shirts at waist height straight across. Cross body straps can help flatter larger chest sizes comfortably if needed too!

Color & Prints

When styling an oversized tee, the most important factor to consider is choosing one that suits your style. Depending on how you want to rock the look; a solid color in neutral tones would be best for creating a minimalistic yet chic vibe. On the other hand, if going all out is more of your thing then turn up with bold prints and exaggerated designs like polka dots or candy stripes! Bright colors work great as they add interest without being too over-the-top loudness. Keep it simple by matching similar shades from head to toe but never shy away from experimenting with different patterns either so don’t be afraid of using vibrant hues and unique details – this way you can really show off personal sense of fashion!

Accessorizing to Perfection

Are you looking for fashionable ways to style your oversized tees? Check out our guide on accessorizing to perfection with statement jewelry, hats and shoes! Get the insider tips now.

Statement Jewelry

When styling an oversized tee, you may think that minimalism rules the look. However, there’s no reason why you can't inject a bit of edge with statement jewelry pieces! Oversized tees are perfect for showing off your collection of bold accessories; pick out eye-catching earrings or necklaces and wear them as loud as possible to complete your laidback style. Chunky metal chain chokers provide light armor vibes against soft printed fabric while colored cling balls offer subtle femininity – making sure people won’t miss all the effortless fabulousness!

Hats and Shoes

Oversized tees provide the perfect opportunity to accessorize without having your outfit looking over-the-top. To finish off this laid back style, try pairing it with hats like a baseball cap or fedora which are ideal for achieving an edgy look that will have everyone wanting to imitate you. Shoes such as converse sneakers go great with oversized tees and add just enough of a touch of streetwear while ensuring comfortability throughout the day. Other footwear choices include platforms and fancy sandals but be careful not too make it wacky by mixing different trends – keep one trend per piece when styling yourself!

Finishing Touches for a Chic Look

Achieving a stylish, oversized tee look isn't as easy as it looks. Learn the right finishing touches to add that unique touch of chic and stand out from the crowd! Read on for tips on accessorising and finding statement footwear pieces to complete your outfit.


The oversized tee look is far from boring, especially if you add the right accessories. For this casual summer-inspired style, opt for a statement belt at your waist that will pull together any baggy top and create an hourglass figure. You can play with textures by adding a knitted cardigan or jumper to give it warmth without losing out on comfort — ideal when paired with jean shorts during cooler days around town! To complete the classic chic vibes of this outfit, high block heel sandals are essential; pick something in metallic bronze hues like golds and silvers which brings instant elegance to every ensemble. Last but not least grab your favorite handbag too as bags help bring extra texture – just remember don’t overload yourself because simplicity still wins sometimes!


When it comes to bottoms, you can go for your classic jeans or add some drama with cargo pants. As far as footwear is concerned, chunky sneakers are always the right choice – they look cool and will keep up comfy all day long. If Sneakers aren't an option try ankle boots or sandals that work well when teamed with a more dressed-up ensemble such as oversized tee dress complete with on-trend jewelry pieces like layered necklaces and studded hoop earrings.. A pair of heels looks awesome too especially if worn in bold colors adding pizzazz to the outfit!