The Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Suit Jacket

Every man needs a suit jacket in their wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing for the office or attending an event, it is important to know how to style your look correctly. In this article we will provide you with our ultimate guide on styling your suit jackets and creating that perfect ensemble! Read further if you want all the tips and tricks needed for looking sharp every time.

Choosing the Right Fit

Choosing the right fit for a suit jacket is key to achieving that perfect look. This ultimate guide provides an in-depth analysis of measurements and cut, making it easy to pick the ideal style combination! Read on for help styling your next tailoring piece.


It all starts with the fit. The perfect suit jacket should feel like a second skin- snug in all of the right places and comfortable when you move around. To get this, enlist yourself to take measurements from shoulder breadth down till waist length; since it’s hard without any help something like an adjustable tape measure will come handy here - or ask that friend who always knows how sewing works! This gives your tailor insights on what alterations are needed for getting your desired look along with promising great comfort afterwards.

Cut & Silhouette

Getting the right fit for your suit jacket is essential. The key elements to consider are cut and silhouette, which determine how it fits on you. When opting for a tailored look, go for something slightly slim-fitting but not too snug; this will provide good body shape definition without looking overly structured or constricting in any way. Ensure that there is enough room around the shoulders as tightness here can make an otherwise stylish piece of clothing uncomfortable when worn over long periods of time. Consider also if double breasted jackets may be more suitable given their typically wider fit and added warmth - great choices during colder months!

Accessorizing Your Jacket

No matter the occasion, a suit jacket is an essential staple for dressing up any outfit. Accessorizing it with statement pieces or subtle touches will ensure that you look sharp and stylish. Here's our ultimate guide to styling your suit jacket!

Statement Pieces

When it comes to accessorizing your suit jacket and making a statement, opting for fashionable items such as scarves or pocket squares can work wonders. Scarves offer great versatility and the opportunity to present yourself in different looks that vary from casual yet stylish getups all the way up to exquisite occasions like weddings. Brightly coloured pocket squares are both fun and practical too - their addition works especially well when worn on neutral toned jackets

For those special moments you want people's eyes glued onto what matters most: YOU! So go ahead; Pop one of our chic lapel pins over your chest area where everyone will be sure to rid its glimpse gleaming off any colour combination you could think of.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches to your suit jacket take it from ordinary to extraordinary. A pocket square is a great way of adding just that little bit extra style, while also subtly complimenting the colour and pattern of the tie or shirt you're wearing : think classic white linen for traditional looks, bolder prints if you’re looking to make an impression. Leather gloves can provide warmth in winter months or really show off attention

  • grabbing details like cufflinks and watch straps. You could even add some personal flair with colourful lapel pins boasting fun images or interesting messages that reflect your unique personality! Don't forget: these small changes can have big impact on any outfit
  • so experiment until find what works best for you!

Creating a Stylish Look

Get ready to achieve your dapper look with our ultimate guide! Find out how you can select the perfect accessories and color combinations for styling your suit jacket, so that you are always looking sharp.


Accessories can be the best way to update your look, and a suit jacket is no exception. A few simple items such as belts, scarves and pocket squares will add dimension to your outfit while still making it professional or formal enough for any occasion. Choose classic colors like black or navy tones if you're looking for an understated but timeless approach that never goes out of style; alternatively boldly patterned ties, bold colored socks and statement lapel pins are great additions when you want something more creative yet still appropriate in dress codes with stricter requirements. Just make sure all accessories match throughout the entire ensemble!

Color Combinations

When adding a suit jacket to an outfit, it’s important coordinate this piece for the perfect look. To help create stylish ensembles you can pair your suit jackets with other garments in complementary hues. Choose light or dark shades that match each article of clothing (such as navy pants and a blue blazer). You may also try experimenting with unexpected yet attractive combinations such as pairing whites and pastels together―a beige linen jacket over white slacks is both eye-catching and classic. Try matching suits from different sets with unique pieces like brightly colored dress shirts, colorful scarves, patterned ties etc., which adds more visual interest to any ensemble without clashing against one another.