Styling Tips for Wearing a Lacoste Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a timeless wardrobe essential, and the Lacoste polo shirt is an iconic classic. In this article we'll look at some styling tips to help you make the most of your Lacoste Polo Shirt - from choosing the right fit to accessorizing with other items in your closet. Read on for more advice on how to rock that perfect preppy style!

Choosing the Right Fit

Polos from Lacoste look fashionable and stylish, which is why having the right fit for you matters. In this article we discuss useful tips on how to pick the perfect style for a comfortable feel when wearing Lacoste polo shirts. Read further to know more!

Measure for Comfort

When selecting the right Lacoste polo shirt, it is important to ensure you have chosen your size correctly. Before adding a style of this classic wardrobe staple to your cart, take measurements and compare them with sizing charts. Pay attention not only to chest width but also sleeve length; some shirts feature slim-fit options that create more closely fitted looks around the waist and arms than do traditional styles. To enjoy maximum comfort when wearing multiple layers during colder weather or enjoying outdoor activities on warm days alike, look for pieces crafted from lightweight cotton blends easily able allow air circulation while trapping body heat close at hand as needed too.

Pick the Right Style

When selecting a Lacoste polo shirt, the fit is key. A regular fit offers room that can be tucked in or left untucked with slim fitted options emphasizing body shape and providing an extra layer of sophistication to any look. Make sure this timeless piece creates lines around your silhouette by sizing up if it feels too snug so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style! No matter which pattern, colour or fabric you choose as well – always check whether there are pleats at the shoulders and flattering tailoring along all seams - then go out looking faultless head-to-toe!

Accessorizing with a Lacoste Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are one garment that provides a classic and timeless look for any occasion. If you're looking to jazz up your wardrobe, upgrading it with accessories styled around Lacoste polos is the way forward. Here we'll uncover how best to accessorize your favorite jersey!

Matching Accessories

Wearing a muted, plain Lacoste polo shirt offers minimal styling options as they generally sit close to the body. However, one can upgrade their look by accessorizing with matching and complementary accessories such as socks (if shorts or rolled up pants are being worn), belts and hats that coordinate perfectly together. Wrist wear is also an option since now-a-days wearing colorful bracelets have become trendy even for men. If possible opt for leather watches which will work great if teamed along with Aviator glasses then it makes everything complete in your getup! Lastly adding sneakers of different shades completes the sporty yet stylish outfit making sure you keep updated whether its casual friday night out or sunday brunch party!

Statement Pieces

Adding accessories to a Lacoste polo shirt can elevate its look. Make sure the pieces don’t overpower the classic style of the top by choosing small and simple details that stand out without being overwhelming. Statement necklaces such as charms, longer chains or lariats will create an eye-catching effect when worn with a Polo shirt. Chunky bangles paired with slim leather bands add visual interest for both day and night looks. Opt for metallic tones like gold or silver if wearing your Polo tucked into skinny jeans; otherwise choose color coordinated jewelry in earthy hues like green, navy blue, grey or tan - perfect colors to match almost any version of this iconic item!

Making the Most of Your Look

Polo shirts often make a statement about style and attitude. With the right combination of color, fit, textures and accessories you can achieve an effortless look with your Lacoste polo shirt by following these easy styling tips! Read on to find out more tricks for making the most of your favorite outfit piece.


Accessorizing with a wide range of fashionable pieces is the perfect way to complete any outfit. A Lacoste polo shirt looks particularly stylish when paired with items that complement it and balance out its sophisticated yet casual vibe. For an impressive look, pair your Polo shirt with smart trousers or shorts along with matching shoes like boat-shoes or dressy loafers. Add some leather accessories such as chunky bracelets, small purses in neutral tones for extra finesse.. Make sure your watch has a vintage feel for ultimate style points! A hat can give you that swagger if chosen wisely too - choose either a baker boy cap made from wool tweed material or bucket hats designed by top brands like Oakley Sunglasses – they are ideal companions to teaming up best selling history shirts such as lacoste polos.

Experimenting with Color

Lacoste polo shirts are classic apparel items that look great when done right. But with a limitless array of colors to choose from, it can be difficult to know which hue best suits you and your personal style. A great place to start is by experimenting! Try going for something unexpected such as combining bright neon green or pink tones and pairing them with neutral colored bottoms like khaki shorts. You could also introduce two different shades into one outfit – for example navy blue on top, white striped sleeves at the elbow then baby blue around the collar area – these contrasting colorways lend themselves towards an exciting vibe in fashion forward looks. Have fun creating outfits using various Lacoste Polo Shirt hues so that you stay up-to date trendsetter who isn’t afraid of making a bold statement!