Styling Tips for Wearing a Navy Blue Dress in the Winter

Are you looking to make a statement in your navy blue dress this winter? With the right styling tips, it can be done! In this article, we'll share some of our best tricks for creating an eye-catching look with a navy blue dress. From choosing complementary accessories to layering up for extra warmth and more - read on to find out how you can rock that winter style.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Styling a navy blue dress for winter can be daunting. To make sure you look fashionable, stylish and comfortable in a cool climate incorporate the right accessories to ensure your outfit stands out! In this article we will explore how statement jewellery and complementary colours can help elevate any navy blue winter ensemble. Keep reading for our top styling tips!

Statement Jewellery

When it comes to styling a navy blue dress, the right accessories can make your outfit stand out. Jewellery is often an overlooked addition that significantly adds pizzazz and turns any simple piece of clothing into a showstopper look. Therefore, statement jewellery pieces are ideal for winter party wear! Teaming up sparkly silver or gold earrings with necklaces studded in diamonds will glamorise any ensemble instantly - when paired with subtle makeup looks featuring dark eyeshadow hues this weekend wardrobe essential works its magic every time!

Complementary Colours

If you are wearing a navy blue dress in the winter, it's important to choose accessories that complement its dark hue. Consider adding an elegant and vibrant green scarf or shrug for maximum impact - this will add warmth without detracting from your look. If you want something more subtle than go with neutral colours like cream, beige or grey as these shades offer a timeless classic finish to any outfit. To give yourself some extra sparkle try jewel-toned pieces such as gold earrings, drop pendant necklace and cuffs which also harmoniously match the colour of your dress too!

Layering for Extra Warmth

Navy blue dress is a timeless classic for the winter season. To provide extra warmth and elevate your style, here are some essential tips on layering when wearing navy dresses in cold weather. Read on to discover easy styling tricks that will take you from drab to fab!

Adding a Cardigan

Adding a cardigan to your navy blue dress is one of the simplest ways that you can add some extra warmth during those colder winter months. Choose something thick and cosy or knitwear fabric in colours like cream, grey or even green for an added splash of colour – make sure it sits just above the waistline so as not to swamp your figure! You could also try pairing with tights/leggings; this will give you more coverage whilst keeping yourself warm throughout most days. Finish off by adding ankle boots - these are great for transitioning from day-to-nightin style without compromising on comfort and practicality either.

Adding an Oversized Scarf

Layering your navy blue dress in winter with an oversized scarf is a great way to look stylish while keeping warm at the same time. Scarves add texture, color and interest all while providing extra protection from the cold weather elements such as wind or freezing temperatures. Choosing one that provides warmth like wool or cashmere can be worth it for those cooler days but lightweight and soft materials are also one of good choice if you prefer something softer against your skin. Additionally, opting for bright colors like pink or yellow will give you a pop of color even when wearing darker shades such as navy blue during winter months; thus adding visually pleasing contrast by complementing each other’s hue without going overboard on brightness levels – making sure no detail goes unnoticed!

Creating a Winter-Ready Look

Navy blue is a timeless colour when it comes to fashion and wintertime outfits. Learn how to create an eye-catching look with navy this season, by layering strategically and accessorizing for warmth!

Layering Up

In winter, layering is the best way to prepare for any activity and wearing a navy blue dress. Start by pairing an opaque turtleneck or tight black crew-neck beneath your frock to keep you from catching a chill in chilly weather. Next, throw on some cozy chunky knitwear such as cardigans and oversized sweaters overtop — they look especially stylish with navy! For quick trips outside during winter months, accessorize further using shawls and ponchos of various colors if it's not too cold out; otherwise wear darker colored coats like grey woolen ones that won’t overshadow your outfit while still keeping you warm enough against the elements outdoors.

Finish off the look with some stylish winter boots and a pair of gloves, plus an eye-catching hat or scarf to make sure you’re ready for whatever weather comes your way.

Accessorizing with Warmth

When it comes to styling a navy blue dress for winter, accessories can be key. A warm scarf or necktie in shades of crimson red add a touch of sophistication and act as an ideal way to ward off the chill on colder days. Leather gloves are another great option; they not only keep you cozy but also frame your look with timeless style that will never go out of fashion. Furthermore, if temperatures really start dropping low then opt for fur muffs which happen bring comfort and chicness into play at the same time when paired right with your outfit!