How to Choose the Right Glasses for a Square Face

Finding the perfect pair of glasses can be a daunting task, especially when you have a square face. To help make this process easier and ensure that your new frames flatter your features, read on to learn how to choose the right glasses for a square face! From understanding what shape best suits you through to considering other factors such as colour and size - we’ve got all bases covered so keep reading if you want some expert advice.

Understand Your Face Shape

Wearing the right glasses can make a world of difference not just to your vision, but also in terms of how you look. This article will explore some tips on finding frames that best suit people with square face shapes - get ready for an educated shopping spree!

Analyzing Your Facial Features

Choosing glasses that are a perfect match for your face shape is the key to looking chic. Understanding what type of frame you need can be confusing at first, especially if you have a square-shaped face. To find the ideal pair, start by analyzing all your facial features – from forehead width and cheekbone structure to jawline length and overall proportion of each feature in relation to another - carefully visualizing an outline around them so it resembles more like a circle or oval rather than straight lines accentuating angles. Wear accessories such as earrings or jewelry on certain occasions; they could help get sense which direction would compliment best with most items already part of wardrobe essentials before purchasing new ones when shopping for eyeglasses frames!

Determining the Right Fit

Having a square face can be challenging when it comes to finding the perfect pair of glasses. The key is understanding that for this shape, you'll want a frame with rounded corners and curves rather than angular edges which will follow your natural facial structure more prominently and create contrast between created shapes. Additionally, look for frames wide enough not just to balance out your jawline but also allow focus on other parts of our beautiful features like eyes or cheekbones! Generally speaking cat eye styles usually do well as they offer excellent shape proportionality making them very flattering in most cases.

Choose the Right Frame Style

Finding the perfect glasses isn’t easy, but if you have a square face shape it can be even more challenging. Read on to learn how to choose the ideal frame style for your unique features and look amazing with your new specs!

Soften the Angles

A square face is characterized by a wide forehead, and strong jawline. To soften the angles of your sharp features and make them look more balanced it's important to choose glasses that also have soft shapes. Choose frames with rounded edges or ones in an oval shape instead of those featuring harsh lines or rectangle designs as these will only act to emphasise your angular facial structure. Aviator-style sunnies are another great way to add some softer contours while still adding a bolder style element - perfect for making a statement without clashing harshly with sharper bones!

Accentuate Your Features

The most important step in finding the right pair of glasses for a square face is choosing an appropriately styled frame. If you have a strong jaw line, consider pairing it with light-colored frames like tortoise shell or pastel shades to create contrast and accentuate your features. Alternately, using thin wireframes can also help soften angular edges while more curved lenses will appear balanced against square faces as well. Avoid bright colors because they emphasize broader shapes on thicker cheeks which may make them look even wider than they are! Finally, rounder corner styles that draw attention away from the corners of ones eyes effectively balance out sharp cheekbones so try different options until you find one that looks best on YOU!

Consider Other Factors

Dressing to suit a square face can be tricky but choosing the right glasses doesn't need to add extra difficulty. For those with a squared-off jawline, understanding how eye colour and hair colour affect frame choices will help them find perfect frames for their unique look. Read on for more advice!

Eye Colour

In addition to the frame shape, your eye colour is another important factor when choosing glasses that suit a square face. Depending on how light or dark your eyes are, certain colours will work better than others—it's all about finding balance with eyeglasses on a strong jawline and forehead. Generally speaking, darker frames add structure to lighter skin tones while more contrasted hues like blues can bring out the richness of brown eyes; for hazel-green eyes pastels look great! If you're adventurous go for brighter pops colours such as red or yellow - these trendy shades show off individual style in an unexpected way.

Hair Colour

When picking out the perfect glasses for a square face, hair colour is an important consideration. For instance, if you have dark locks it’s best to select light shades in order to soften your features and balance any harsh angles that may present themselves with the frame shape of classic rectangular frames. On the other hand, those with lighter tones look great when wearing slightly thicker rimmed eyeglasses as this will create depth around their facial structure which tends be lacking because of its natural severity found on strong jaw lines associated typically with why understanding ones's own unique profile can helpful influence what spectacle style suits them visual design both practically but also cosmetically.