The Perfect Shoes to Wear with 7/8 Pants: A Guide

7/8 pants are a great way to add an edgy vibe to your look. But what shoes should you pair with them? This guide will help you find the perfect footwear for any occasion and provide styling tips on how best to wear 7/8 trousers. Read on if you want some fashion advice that'll make sure all eyes are firmly fixed on your outfit!

What are 7/8 Pants?

Do you want to know what 7/8 pants are and why they’re essential for creating the perfect look? In this article, we'll unravel all their secrets so that you can find out how best to pair them up with comfortable shoes. Read on to discover more!


7/8 Pants, or cropped trousers as they are sometimes known, are those that have 7-eighths of the regular pant length. They end just above your ankle giving a classic look for spring and summer seasons. Generally tailored with cuffs to get their trademark shape (longer at front then tapered off from knee down), 7/8 pants tend to elongate your legs helping you make more stylish statement than full-length jeans could ever achieve!


7/8 pants are comfortable and trendy. In this type of pant, the trouser length is 7/8th of its inseam size as compared to a regular pair which has full-length trousers. 7/8s provide coverage that’s between knee-covering and ankle grazing; it works wonders for those who feel swimsuit bottoms show too much skin but don't prefer cargos or other long options either! Apart from being super stylish, these pants give a flattering look both when worn with heels & flats alike giving you more fashion power all year round!

Finding the Perfect Shoes for Your Outfit

Are you looking for a stylish yet comfortable shoe to wear with your 7/8 pants? Finding the right one can be tricky but fret not, here is an helpful guide on finding the perfect shoes that give maximum comfort and style.

Comfort and Style

When it comes to finding the right shoes for your 7/8 pants, comfort and style should be top priorities. Here are some tips on how you can find footwear that will perfectly match your favored look while ensuring maximum comfort at all times. Firstly make sure you pick a pair of shoes with good arch support; this is essential if you plan to wear them day-in and day-out. Then consider the material — leather or synthetics may provide optimum breathability in warm months whereas heavy canvas could keep warmth when temperatures drop low outside during wintertime. Finally, opt for color coordination between shoe shades and fabric patterns; however feel free to mix-andmatch different textures! With these features taken into account, now hit thé stores -or browse online shops– in search of those ideal shoes able bring out both chicness as well as convenience from morning till night time!.

Variety of Options

When it comes to finding the perfect shoes for your 7/8 pants, you are spoilt for choice! From strappy sandals and ankle boots to flat mules and sneakers in classic shades like black or brown - there is no shortage of style options available. If getting a little bit more daring with your fashion sense appeals, why not opt some statement kicks such as brightly coloured slides or funky patterned slip ons? For those who prefer something a tad dressier than casual footwear styles but do not want something too over the top : fashionable loafers can be just what you need. All in all, when it comes choosing which type of shoe best complements your outfit featuring 7/8 length trousers these days; one thing's clear: You have plenty choices!

Styling Tips to Make a Statement

Making a statement with your outfit can be tricky but you’d be surprised how much of an impact the right shoes have. Follow these simple tips and find out what perfect pair to wear with 7/8 pants!

Statement Accessories

When wearing 7/8 pants it's important to choose the right shoes that will make your outfit shine. To really stand out, try styling statement accessories like ankle boots or fashionable sneakers with contrasting colors and textures. You can also add glamorous jewelry pieces such as big hoop earrings, layered necklaces and sleek wristwatches for a more refined look. Featuring chic accents from head-to-toe is essential in making sure you have the perfect ensemble whenever sporting these stylish trousers!

Making an Impact

When it comes to styling 7/8 length pants, shoes play a vital role in completing the look. To make an impact with your outfit and create a stylish ensemble, comfort must be prioritized without sacrificing on style. The key is to choose comfortable yet fashionable shoes that will elevate any basic or statement7 / 8 trousers depending on the occasion. Choose from block heeled sandals for summer and wintery ankle boots paired slightly folded down slim-fitting jeans when chilly months roll around for maximum effect! Slip into ballet flats combined with cropped culottes for an elegant lunch date look and sneakers whenever you are running errands but still desire some aesthetic appeal too!