The Perfect Match: How to Style Shorts with a Polo Shirt

Summer is here and it's time to show off your style! With the right combination of shorts and polo shirt, you can create a look that will turn heads. In this blog article, we'll explore how to choose the perfect pair of shorts for any occasion as well as finding an ideal polo shirt match. So read on if you want some tips on creating winning combinations with these classic wardrobe staples!

Choosing the Right Shorts

Choosing the right shorts to go with a polo shirt can make all difference in your look. Learn various tips on how you match the fabric, fit and style when considering pairing up these two pieces of clothing here!


Choosing the right shorts requires consideration of comfort and fit. Shorts are commonly made from denim or cotton fabric. Denim is typically heavier, while cotton is lightweight and breathable which makes it well-suited for summer months or activities like jogging in warmer climates. However, depending on your lifestyle preference either can be a great choice to complement a polo shirt with style and sophistication. Consider also whether you prefer pleats or flat fronts as well as cutoffs versus full lengths when selecting an appropriate pair of shorts that match perfectly with your Polo Shirt!

Finding Your Ideal Polo Shirt

Want to complete your summer wardrobe with the perfect combo of a polo shirt and shorts? Read on for advice on fabrics, fits, colors and more.

Fabric & Fit

The perfect pairing of shorts and a polo shirt begins with choosing an appropriate fabric and fit. Natural-fibers such as cotton or linen are popularly used for summery looks, while synthetic materials like polyester may be better suited to more athletic attires. For a tailored silhouette that won't look bulky, opt for slim cuts on both the top and bottom garments - this will help maintain the classic style whilst ensuring maximum comfort in warmer temperatures. Lastly, consider color coordinated options for easy outfit coordination with minimal effort!

Color Combinations

When it comes to styling shorts with a polo shirt, the key is in finding complementary colours. A classic combination – and one that looks great on almost anyone - is white collar and cuffs against blue or navy fabric; while neutral tones of beige paired off with light blues are also universally flattering options. You can create more daring combinations by opting for eye-catching hues such as golg olive green complemented with salmon pink, bright royal blue contrasted against mustard yellow or deep burgundy matched up nicely alongside charcoal grey. Whatever you pick out should depend largely upon your individual taste but bear in mind when combining different shades together look to complementary palettes like warm versus cool rather than clashing brights which may come across too chaotic!

Putting Together a Winning Combination

Discover the perfect combination of style and comfort as we explore how to put together a winning look with shorts and polo shirt. Uncover tips for color coordination, accessorizing, plus get some inspiration from celebrity looks!

Color Coordination

One of the easiest—and most stylish—ways to style shorts with a polo shirt is by coordinating colors. Decide on one color and look for variations in shades or tones so you can create an interesting outfit without going overboard. For example, pick up a pink chambray ombre short and pair it with light salmon pink pique cotton sleeveless top ensemble finished off with white sneaker wedges that enhance your entire wardrobe combination perfectly. Another great way to pull together warm-weather looks is by blending classic neutrals like gray trousers, navy blue skirts and cream blouses before adding splashes of vibrant metallics accents as trimming details along cuffs and neckline rims too!

Accessorizing for the Win

Shorts and polo shirts are the quintessential summer outfit combination. To achieve maximum style, it's all about accessorizing! Choose a pair of shorts in an appropriate length - mid-thigh is usually advisable for men – that fit well with your body shape. Then choose a slim fitting cap to add texture or print contrast if you've gone for patterned shorts. Keep any additional accessories such as watches subtle so they don't overpower your look; alternatively go bold on one accessory only such as brightly colored sneakers to draw attention towards them instead of away from the ensemble overall . Finally, finish off by pairing up this stand out combo with light wash fitted jeans , smart loafers or sandals depending on whether its day time dressing  or nightime fun you're after!