How to Choose the Perfect Trench Coat for Short Figures

Do you have a petite figure and want to look stylish in your trench coat? Choosing the right style of trench coat for short figures can be tricky, but with some helpful tips it’s easy. Read on to find out how to pick the perfect one that will flatter your body shape and make you feel confident!

Understand Your Body Shape

The trench coat is a timeless wardrobe staple. However, if you’re petite or short in stature it can be hard to find one that fits perfectly and accentuates your figure. Take the guesswork out of choosing a perfect trench by following these tips for understanding what body shape you have!

Identifying Your Figure

Choosing the perfect trench coat for short figures doesn’t have to be tricky. Begin by determining your body shape: are you petite, curvaceous or straight up and down? Identifying which is most relevant will help you achieve a flattering look with your outerwear. For example, if you're on the shorter side but curvy opt for an A line coat - it would create balance between fullness of hips and shoulders; while someone who has slender build could add volume using oversized puff sleeve coats that break wind chill without swamping their frame in too much fabric. Experimenting different lengths can also give interesting silhouettes around small framework so pay special attention when trying them out.

Finally, make sure to choose a trench coat with the right fit.

Identify the Right Style

There is no one-size-fits all advice when it comes to picking the right trench coat for short figures. When selecting a style, focusing on finding an appropriate silhouette or fit becomes essential in creating flattering proportions which can help balance out shorter body types. Straight and double breasted coats are usually better suited as they both require less fabric around the waistline than say belted ones; this allows for more vertical length making you appear taller. Blazers offer another great option especially if cropped properly above hip level - ensure your upper half isn’t overwhelmed with too much extra material from oversized silhouettes that end up dragging down small frames and opt instead for tailored cuts such as lapels made narrower at chest area so it doesn't overpower shoulders either!

Choose the Right Style and Length of Trench Coat

Choosing the perfect trench coat for your body shape can be a challenge. This article will provide simple tips to help you pick out stylish and flattering trench coats, regardless of if have petite or short frames. Read on to discover how to achieve chic style with confidence!

Style Considerations

When it comes to choosing the perfect trench coat for short figures, attention should be paid to both style and length. Opting for a single-breasted design is typically best since this will create an appearance of height. In addition, staying away from large buttons or exaggerated details can help detract from one’s size while still looking stylish and put together. Finally, look for shorter designs that end at mid thigh as opposed to below knee; though depending on personal preference longer styles may work well in certain situations too such as when layered with skinny jeans or skirts paired with boots reaching higher up towards the knees..

Length Selection

When choosing a trench coat for short figures, the length of the coat is especially important. Too long and you will look shorter, too short and it won't protect from harsh elements like rain or wind. A safe option is to go with coats that ends around at least knee-level as this can create an elongating effect without being overwhelming in size. Avoid styles such as oversized cotton jackets or longer wool duster coats unless they are cinched slightly at the waistline so that your figure isn’t swallowed up by excess fabric which would make height appear even more diminutive than usual.

Accessorize to Enhance your Look

Choosing the right trench coat to flatter short figures can be a challenge, but with key styling tips and tricks you'll leave looking stylish. Read on for advice on how to accessorize your look correctly - learn which items will make an impact!

Add Height with Heels

If you’re a petite woman, the right accessories can make all the difference to finish off your look. Specifically when it comes to choosing shoes for short women with trench coats. Reach up high and choose heels! They will elongate your figure by adding height while complimenting an already-lovely ensemble. If skyhigh stilettos are not in line with current trends or personal tastes, don't worry - there's plenty of other options available like wedges or block heel sandals that easily pair well together without sacrificing style points on trendiness either way. Stick get taller this season find what makes you feel most confident and own it along with fabulous shoe variety that suits any kind of taste preferences – from classic comfort loafers to modern chunky sneakers mixed into one chic trendsetter package!

Accessories for a Stylish Finish

When it comes to accessorizing, adding the right pieces is a must for short figures. A stylish belt that falls at or below your hipbone will help create an elongating effect on shorter legs and can be paired with either heeled or flat shoes depending on comfort preferences. Additionally, keep any patterns toned down - while accessories such as animal print bags may seem striking they draw attention away from balanced silhouettes by creating extra ‘bulk’ around smaller frames. Another fool-proof option is sticking to neutral colours like black, tan and navy - all of which are great shades when wearing trench coats too! Opting more classic finishing touches helps to bring out well defined features without detracting focus elsewhere – finally completing an elegant look whilst also keeping proportions in check!