Bohemian culture and tea a perfect combination.

Bohemian culture and tea, a perfect combination.

Bohemian culture refers to an unconventional way of life, often filled with musical, artistic, or literary activities. Being bohemian is a state of mind where one does what one really wants, living one's life as one sees fit, trying to be as little as possible influenced by the world and external trends. An essential aspect of the bohemian culture is to be conscious and concerned about the environment and one's health. It is therefore in a natural way that tea is consumed a lot in the bohemian culture because it is a natural product that has a low impact on the environment.

Tea, the beverage of choice for bohemians

Tea the beverage of choice for bohemians

The bohemians tend to pay attention to their food and their health, favoring natural consumer products whose production does not affect the environment.

It is therefore quite natural that Bohemians often turn to tea as an energizing, invigorating and healing drink. Indeed, many teas are composed of natural products that have undergone very little processing and whose production has a very low impact on the environment.

Furthermore tea is a healing agent, each variety of tea has different positive health effects, and historically, tea has been used to cure health problems. As bohemian, we prefer not to use chemicals or pills for our health problems if we can have the same positive effect with a natural product such as tea.

Tea, a natural product with a miraculous health effect.

Tea a natural product with a miraculous health effect

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and its popularity seems to be growing due to its major health benefits.

As you already know, tea can improve your skin and help you stay in shape, but did you know that it also does amazing things for your overall health? The benefits are endless!

Tea has been around for centuries. During that time, Asians, Native Americans, and tribes in ancient Africa drank it for everything from weight control to treating major illnesses, healing organs, and curing the common cold.

Modern scientific research has given us a better understanding of how tea can help improve your health by continually providing you with annual research and proven studies.

All over the world, tea is consumed daily and often by a majority of people, and is even seen as one of Asia's cultural drinks. It is customary for a host to offer tea to guests shortly after their arrival. Tea is consumed both at home and away, often in cafes or tea shops around the world.

Choose organic tea to be in tune with bohemian culture

Indeed to be in harmony with the boho culture, it is important to select teas, not only natural, but also that have been produced in an ethical and environmentally conscious way.

Teas found in supermarkets are often not natural, and their mass production makes them polluting products, and whose quality remains to be desired.

At Vie De bohème we want the best of tea to be in harmony with our way of thinking free and protecting the environment and to avoid as much as possible the use of drugs. That's why we have selected for you an exceptional tea producer who offers only organic teas , whose quality has been tested by our expert taste buds. Le temps du thé is a family business that has selected for you the best organic tea grand cru and offers you this organic tea at the best price.

We particularly love their organic matcha tea as well as their selections of organic Oolong tea. But be very careful bohemian friend, one sip of their tea could get you hooked. Never again will you buy tea in a supermarket.