How to wear an oversized sweater ? Discover the oversize trend!

Wondering how to dress up in an oversized sweater? Does this trendy sweater suit your figure? What size should you choose so that it shows you off? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I love sharing with you my best tips for wearing an original and trendy garment. 

The oversized sweater, known as oversize, ubiquitous on the catwalks and in the street in recent years, is no exception to this! So today, I'm offering you a complete guide to make this iconic garment your own and sublimate your figure in a very feminine way. 

The oversized sweater is rather easy to adopt and enhances most morphologies: just choose a well-cut model and wear it with rather narrow clothes, which let guess your shapes and glimpse your skin. You'll get a very feminine and chic result. Worn with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots, it will be perfect for all your daily activities. It can also be the centerpiece of a bohemian style outfit, worn as a dress or with light pants. Don't hesitate to make it your own to be warm while being dressed in style! 

Want more details? Read on to find out:

  • Where the oversize trend comes from and if it fits everyone,
  • Tricks on how to choose an oversized sweater that really fits you,
  • With what clothes to pair it with,
  • Lots of tips on how to wear it in style no matter what your body type is,
  • And plenty of example outfits in photos to inspire you! 

What is the "oversize" trend and which body types does it sublimate? 

While the fashion of the last two decades emphasized close-fitting clothes, the last few years have seen a renaissance of comfortable and loose-fitting clothes. They are now ubiquitous in the shows of the greatest designers, but also in ready-to-wear stores. 

This trend has a name: the "oversize", which literally means "oversized" in English. It's all about giving freedom back to bodies, while recalling the style of the 1990s. Whether it's flare jeans or very baggy sweaters, these garments create a decidedly contemporary style that can be very elegant and feminine if chosen well. 

How do you choose an oversized sweater that shows you off? 

The oversized trend can flatter any body type, as long as you opt for well-cut clothes, which will enhance your figure. 

Thus, we may tend to think that if we choose to wear an oversized sweater, we just have to choose a garment that is way too big for us: this is not necessarily the case, especially if you are petite. In this case, I recommend instead to go for clothes that are cut to be worn loose and that you will therefore choose at your size. This will create an oversized effect without making it look like you swiped your big brother's or husband's sweater! 

If you're more of a curvy person, take a look at the collections planned especially for luscious or curvy physiques. These clothes are meant to enhance your curves without expanding your figure. 

Finally, if you have a lanky physique and are tall enough, you can afford to take a sweater that is too big, but limit yourself to only two sizes above yours, so that you don't swim in it and it doesn't hinder your movements. Also make sure it's not too long when you wear it: the trend is more towards high-waisted pants and fairly short tops! 

Our best tips for wearing an oversized sweater in a feminine and stylish way

Adopting oversized fashion is a small revolution in a wardrobe! To make sure you're wearing chic and elegant outfits, I'm sharing some simple tips to help you dress up every day. 

Wear one oversized garment at a time! 

Oversized outfits that you see on the runways are sometimes composed of several oversized garments. However, for practical and aesthetic reasons, it is initially simpler to opt for a single loose garment. This piece will then becomethe trendy element of your outfit, making it unique and syle. 

Pair it with a tight bottom

If you're not too used to very baggy clothes yet, I recommend wearing close-fitting pants or skirt with your oversized sweater. This will suggest your figure and give your outfit a feminine yet casual feel. 

Wear heels

Finally, continuing the previous tip, wearing heels will help to lengthen your legs and slim down your figure, while giving you a great posture. 

👉 If you are not very comfortable with heels, you can wear shoes that come up on your ankles or wedges. 

Let your skin show!"

You're worried that your oversized sweater will be too covering and your outfit will look like you're hiding under several layers of fabric. To avoid this, simply reveal your skin slightly, either : 

  • By uncovering one shoulder, to create a nice asymmetry,
  • By opting for a nice V-neckline,
  • Or putting on an oversized sweater with a trendy crop-top cut, which will let your belly show. 

👉 If none of these options are possible, you can simply raise your sleeves to your elbows or choose a bottom that lets your legs show, to give a dynamic and casual side to your look!

Give it a shape

Some sweaters can be really oversized and you may feel like they don't really show you off. To avoid this, just wear them in a way that suggests the curves of your body.

With a belt

You can opt for awide belt, matching your sweater. Wear this one at your waist to show off your hips. 

👉Eager to add a little originality to your outfit? Wear a Japanese obi-style belt with an oversized sweater and classic jeans to create a unique look! 

By tucking it in the front

This trick works especially if you're petite: just give your sweater some relief by tucking it into your pants or skirt very slightly at your belly. To get a stylish result, only tuck in the waist of a fist, making sure to blouse the sweater over it

Play with contrasting colors and materials

To create a cool, modern look that makes a strong visual impact, don't be afraid to pair clothes that stand out from each other. This can be a contrast:

  • of shades, mixingdark and light tones,
  • of materials and fabrics, combining a wool sweater with leather effect pants, for example. 

Accessorize your outfit

Accessories and jewelry are great for finalizing a look. With an oversized sweater, don't hesitate to wear a nice necklace that's a bit large, such as a saloon. It can be adorned with a colored pendant to match your eye color, to create an encore. 

You can also wear a hat with this type of outfit. Finally, when it comes to the bag, don't hesitate to play on the contrasts there too by opting for asmall bag or a discreet satchel that you will wear on your shoulder. 

Some outfit ideas with an oversized sweater

To finish this article, I'll give you some examples of trendy outfits, which you can take inspiration from no matter what your style is. 

Casual chic, with skinny jeans and booties

Adopt the oversized sweater in your daily wardrobe, wearing it with skinny jeans and leather booties with small heels. This simple, casual look is perfect for going to work or for a day out with friends

Easy to wear, it allows you to go without your coat for a nice winter day by layering under your sweater. 

Sexy, with a leather skirt and heeled boots

Are you worried that wearing a sweater that's too big will detract from your sensuality? Pairing it with a leather skirt and heeled boots will create a look that is bothglamorous and stylish, showcasing your femininity. 

If you have slippers that you don't dare to wear in your closet, now is the time to bring them out! 

Working girl, with a pencil skirt and pumps

The oversized sweater can also be a perfect fashion piece to personalize a somewhat strict outfit. Paired with a pencil skirt and chic shoes, it will make you look like a true fashionista who takes care to create unique outfits that are both casual and stylish. 

Bohemian, with light jeans and wedge sandals

Ample and comfortable are two adjectives that quite characterize the bohemian chic fashion. This trend, which combines the originality of hippie chic style with the elegance of high fashion features oversized clothing. 

If you have a little bohemian side, you can adopt the oversized sweater with pale blue or white jeans, in mid-season. In summer, you can wear it with jean shorts, for a casual and feminine outfit! 

This type of sweater can also go very well with a long pleated skirt, especially if you are rather tall. 

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Casual and elegant, with an oversized sweater dress

If you have a long oversized sweater, you can totally consider wearing it as a dress. This way you get a rather bohemian outfit, which will be perfect for summer and warm spring and fall days. 

To add some flair to the ensemble, don't forget to wear somepretty accessories, which will help you make a style statement. 

👉 If you want to wear this type of outfit in winter, go for thin, sheer tights, to let your legs show through and give a sensual side to the ensemble. 

I hope this comprehensive guide has answered your questions about the oversize trend, and inspired you to create a style that suits you with these types of sweaters! Don't hesitate to try on your favorite clothes directly, to find what will make you look good and feel confident! 😉

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