What color tights to wear with what color dress?

Wondering what shade of tights to wear with a blue, red, black or even yellow dress? Are you looking for practical tips on how to match your tights? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashionista, I leave no stone unturned when putting together my outfits. When I wear a dress in winter, I thus pay special attention to thechoice of my tights, so that they sublimate the rest of what I wear. 

Today, I'm sharing with you my best tips about tights, whether they are basic or very colorful! 

With a dress, focus on tights colors that are complementary and work well together, such as gray and mustard yellow, or navy blue and burgundy. If you want to stay classic or wear a dressy dress with discreet tights, choose slightly transparent black tights instead. Finally, consider creating a reminder of the color of your tights with hair accessories, a handbag or even a pretty jacket. 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • Where tights come from and what made them successful,
  • How to choose your tights color according to the color of your dress,
  • What color tights to wear with a skirt
  • All our tips for matching your tights with the rest of your outfit,
  • And lots of ideas for ultra-stylish outfits with colorful tights! 

Why and how have tights become a wardrobe essential? 

What woman today doesn't have tights in her wardrobe? Discover their success story in the lines that will follow! 

Tights, a revolutionary fashion accessory...

Contrary to what one might imagine, tights as we know them have only existed since the 1940s! Indeed, it was not until 1935 before Wallace Carothers, an American researcher at Harvard University, discovered the nylon fiber. In France, this revolutionary product arrived in the 1950s and quickly became indispensable. It is much cheaper than the silk and cotton stockings that existed before and allows you to customize your outfit. 

In the 1960s, with the advent of short skirts, a trend emerges: it is to wear a colorful skirt with matching tights, plain or patterned! It is worn as a real fashion accessory by the young women of the time. 

At the end of the 1970s, tights undergo a new revolution with the arrival of the grunge trend: then appear, under the influence of designers such as Vivienne Westwood, fishnet tights. 

... Which reinvents itself!

Today, the tights remain an essential of most wardrobes and styles. Without it, it would not be possible to wear skirts or dresses in winter! Faced with criticism about its fragility, more and more brands are offering stronger and adapted models for all morphologies! Thus, there is a wide variety of models to choose from to personalize your outfits 😉

What color tights to wear? 

Wondering what shade to choose to match themwith your favorite dresses? In the following lines, I'll share some simple tips on how to create chic and stylish outfits. 

What tights with a navy blue dress? 

Navy blue is a classic color, which is very easy to wear on a daily basis. If you are looking for a discreet outfit, you can opt for black tights. If your dress is plain, you can definitely consider wearing patternedstockings, which will add a little sophistication to your outfit. The possibilities are endless: flowers, polka dots, checks...

👉 If you want to slim down your legs, you can select tights with vertical stripes, which will shape them nicely. 

Do you want to bring some color and originality to a navy blue dress? In this case, you can choose colored tights:

  • inmustard yellow, which is the complementary color of dark blue and will go very well with it,
  • in burgundy red, to stay classic and elegant,
  • color cognac, if you wear brown natural leather shoes or accessories. 

What tights with a red dress? 

An outfit created from a red dress is a fashion must-have. To enhance it, you can opt for dark tights, black or gray. If your dress is burgundy, tightsnavy blue will also be just right. 

👉 Want to create a unique and original look with a bright red dress? Opt for turquoise blue tights and match them with patent pumps in the same red as your dress. This two-tone style will be perfect for those who like to try original and trendy outfits! 

What tights with a mustard yellow dress? 

Highly trending in recent years, mustard yellow is a perfect shade for those who feel like adding color to their wardrobe. Indeed, it is very easy to match and it looks good every day, while remaining chic. 

With a mustard yellow dress, you can wear navy blue tights, adding a touch of red to the rest of your outfit to complete the look. 

You can also opt for dark gray tights, which you'll pair with black shoes and accessories.

What tights with a black dress? 

Sometimes, simplicity is the most beautiful elegance. This is especially the case with black dresses that will usually be quite enhanced by tights of the same color. The detail to take into consideration is the opacity of your tights: with a black dress, favor tights that are a little transparent, that let guess your legs to avoid creating a tone on tone effect. You can wear them with colorful shoes, to brighten up the whole thing. 

👉 Feel like bringing some color to your outfit? In that case, I suggest you try red stickers, which will highlight your legs without clashing with the rest of your outfit! 

What color tights to wear with a skirt or shorts? 

When planning to wear a skirt or shorts, it is necessary to take into account the visual rendering of your entire outfit when choosing your tights. To keep it simple, you can choose tights that match your skirt, in a shade close to the top you will wear with. For example, if you are wearing a navy blue top, you can opt for tights that are the same shade. 

In any case, the ideal is to not wear more than three different shades in one outfit, so as not to give the impression of a mismatched outfit. 

Go for the monochromatic look with fancy tights! 

Do you love wearing dresses with tights and would like a little change from the classic shade combinations? For a bold and original look that shows off your fashion taste, you can opt for tights in the same color as your dress. You can even pair it with shoes in the same tones: heeled pumps or ankle boots will be perfect! If you don't have this type of shoes, you can also opt for black to create a nice contrast 😉

3 tips to match your tights

Whatever the shades of the rest of your outfit, it can be very simple to choose your tights when you know some simple rules. I'm sharing them with you in the following paragraphs! 

Choose according to your shoes

When choosing your tights to wear with a skirt or dress, it's essential to think not only about matching them to the shade and style of that garment, but also to your shoes. Indeed, depending on whether your shoes are innatural leather, inblack leather or in a less classic color, some tights will go better than others. 

For example, cognac tights often tend to look tonal with light brown shoes and are therefore a bit bland. 

Black opaque stickers are not ideal for wearing with open shoes or pumps of the same color: reserve them for outfits with boots, or with shoes whose hue will stand out. 

Opt for the right thickness

When buying your tights, be sure to look at the thickness on the label. It's listed with its unit of measurement: the den, or denier, which is an ancient unit of measurement. 

🔸 Below40 denier, tights are considered fine, and will therefore be slightly sheer. They're a little less warm and sturdy, but still give a hint of your legs, which brings a glamorous and sensual side. 

🔸Above 40 denier, these are thick, opaque tights. They are solid and will be just fine if you use them to do crafts. They are also more warm. These tights are suitable for creating a monochromatic look! 

Create colorful reminders with accessories

If you're wearing tights, especially if they're colorful, it can be a good idea to create a few understated reminders of their hue in your outfit. A simple trick is to wear barrettes, a headband or a chouchou of the same color. 

👉 Just opt for a handbag in the same shade for the finishing touch to a very stylish outfit! 

How to wear a dressy outfit with tights

Do you want to wear a dressy dress in winter, for a special occasion (wedding, christening) or going out? To stay in the tone and not make a taste mistake, I advise you to prefer transparent stickers without pattern. You can also choose stockings, which are both elegant and very sexy. Black is usually the most classic color, but also the most chic. 

I hope this article has given you the keys to dress up your tights, no matter the circumstances! They are a simple and effective way to bring originality to an outfit, so feel free to try the colors you like best! 

And if you are looking for original dresses and skirts, to have a stylish look all year round, with or without tights, I give you an appointment right now on our online store! You will find many models of bohemian style, but also more classic, for all tastes and all morphologies!