How to wear a kimono?

Are you looking for inspiration to create a stylish outfit with a kimono? Tips on how to choose a kimono that makes you look good and incorporate it into your wardrobe? 

You've come to the right place. 

As an avid bohemian fashionista, I consider kimonos to be iconic pieces in my wardrobe. In fact, they allow you to customize an outfit in an instant and give it a lot of flair! 

Today, I'm sharing with you everything I know about this lightweight and practical jacket, so it won't have any secrets for you! 

Trendy and feminine, the kimono is a lightweight jacket that can be worn on a daily basis, to enhance any outfit. It will look great with a plain top, skinny jeans and heels. You can sublimate your kimono by wearing with bohemian style accessories. Also make sure to choose your clothes carefully, to create colorful reminders between them and choose tones that make you look good. Finally, if you want to put a kimono with a dressy outfit, it is possible, opting for a nice plain jumpsuit or a stylish black dress.

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • Where the kimono comes from and what exactly it is,
  • Tips on how to choose a jacket that suits your taste and body type
  • What type of top and pants to wear on a daily basis with a kimono,
  • How to match a kimono to create adressy and original outfit,
  • And many examples of outfits with this must-have fashion piece!

What is a kimono jacket? 

Reappeared a few years ago in the catwalks, the kimono is a garment whose definition is not necessarily obvious. In order to know what we are talking about, I therefore propose a small overview of what a kimono can be. 

What country's traditional dress is a kimono? 

The word Kimono comes from Japanese. It is a contraction of the words:

  • Kiru, which means "to carry on, to be dressed in",
  • Mono, which has the meaning: "object, thing". 

A Kimono, then, is literally "an object to be dressed in". However, this term does not refer to all Japanese clothing, but indeed a traditional garment worn since the 14ᵉ century

It is a very long jacket, covering the body from shoulders to ankles and can be decorated with beautiful colorful patterns. Inmedieval Japan, exceptional kimonos were worn by geishas, who were ladies in waiting, educated in the arts and conversation. 

Still today, Japanese people wear kimonos, especially for traditional holidays, the new year or some important anniversaries. It is a precious garment that is passed on within a family and cared for. 

What is the trendy kimono jacket? 

Although it is directly inspired by it, the kimono that we see in today's fashion is not the same as the traditional Japanese kimono. It is a simple jacket, usually falling to mid-thigh, that is worn open. It is rather lightweight and often features beautiful prints

It is a very polyvalent piece that can be worn in spring and summer as a light jacket. Depending on the pattern you choose and how you match it, it can allow you to add a lot of flair to a simple outfit, giving it ahigh fashion feel. 

👉 Japanese kimonos have also inspired great designers to create original designs. For example,Christian Louboutin designed shoes based on the prints of a kimono. Other major fashion houses are also known to have reinvented the kimono in recent years: these include Balenciaga, Yves Saint-Laurent, or Alexander Mac Queen.  

How to choose your kimono properly? 

Would you like to adopt the kimono trend? Whether it's to add flair to your everyday outfits or for a special occasion, here are some tips to help you choose a kimono that shows you off.

Based on your body type

As it is a long jacket, the kimono naturally shows off women of average to tall build. If you are petite, you can of course wear one, but choose it not too long. It can also be short in the front and long in the back, to create a nice asymmetry that will sublimate you. 

Finally, if you're looking to mitigate some curves, the kimono can be a good option for you as it hides your upper thighs and buttocks but remains open in the front, thus highlighting your cleavage. 

Based on your skin tone, eye color

To create a nice harmony in your outfit, you can choose a kimono that has details that remind the color of your eyes

Also, if you have dull skin tone, feel free to wear a light kimono as a contrast. If you have pale skin and are prone to redness, I recommend avoiding warm colors and favoring them with pastel shades such as pale blue or celadon green. 

Based on your wardrobe

Who hasn't regretted buying an item of clothing because they couldn't match it to their wardrobe? To avoid this type of mishap, here's a simple little tip: when shopping for a new piece, make sure it can match at least three outfits you wear on a daily basis. This tip applies to the kimono, of course: this way, you'll be sure to wear it often and enjoy it!

Trust yourself! 

Finally, and this is essential, trust your instincts when buying a kimono. Since it is an original garment, which gives character to your outfit, there is no question of choosing one by default. Take the time to choose and be patient: wait until you have a real crush on a kimono model! 

How to properly match your kimono? 

With its cut and wide variety of patterns, this type of jacket will naturally dress up aclassic outfit, whether it's for going to work, going out with friends or even for a special occasion. Here are some tips on how to incorporate it into your wardrobe! 

Choose a plain top as a color booster

This is especially true for patterned kimonos, with prints. To show them off, opt for a simple top with a color similar to the one that appears on your kimono patterns. To avoid tone on tone, I recommend you choose the most discreet color on your kimono

👉 Most t-shirts look great with kimonos. If you're looking for an outfit that's a little more elegant, a cute blouse can also do the trick. In the mood for a trendy look? Opt for a crop-top

Opt for jeans! 

Slim, slim and skinny jeans look great with kimonos. In fact, they contrast with the loose side of this jacket: it slims and lengthens your figure! 

In summer, for a casual bohemian chic style, you can also wear a nice denim shorts

👉 Alternatively, you can pair your kimono with a small plain dress (skater type), for a chic yet feminine look that's a little dressier! 😉

Wear it with heels

Like skinny jeans, heels help elongate your legs while sublimating them. In summer, you can put your kimono with wedge sandals, which will give your look a boho feel. In winter, you can put it with cute booties tightened around the ankle

Build on boho accessories! 

Whatever your style, accessories help to enhance your clothes and show your personality. They are an understated and stylish way to affirm your taste and what makes you unique. 

Kimonos go especially well with a casual, ethnic, hippie chic inspired style. Here are a few examples of accessories in this trend that will help you elevate your outfit:

  • golden bracelets, to be worn mismatched and in small sets of at least 3 to 5,
  • a long necklace, sautoir type, with a pendant,
  • a fringed bag,
  • a bohemian-inspiredbesace made of natural leather,

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  • a hat,
  • aflower wreath...

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How to wear a chic outfit with a kimono? 

Until now, the tips given in this guide were mostly applicable to outfits that you wear on a daily basis, whether they are dressy or more casual. However, you can totally put on a kimono for a wedding, christening or any other festive occasion

To create a standout look, I recommend wearing your kimono with a plain satin jumpsuit. Choose it elegant and perfectly in your size. With it, you can wear escarpins, in a different color to your jumpsuit, but present on your kimono. This will give you a real star look! 

👉 If it's not too much your style, you can replace the jumpsuit with long flowing pants (cigarette pants type) or a simple black dress. 

Finally, to finalize your outfit, embrace a stylish make-up and accessories that match each other and the rest of what you're wearing.

I hope this article has inspired you to adopt the kimono in your wardrobe, to create unique and original outfits, just like your clothing style!

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