Bohemian Decoration The COMPLETE guide for your whole house

Bohemian Decoration: The COMPLETE guide for your whole house.

The decoration of your home is something very important for you to feel comfortable at home, relaxed, and to recharge the batteries

We often underestimate the impact of the interior decoration on our health. A decoration which looks like you will positively influence your life, making you more joyful, more optimistic and reducing your stress. And what a pleasure it is to come home or to invite friends over when we are proud of our decor.

The bohemian style is about highlighting different colors, textures and materials within a room to give a warm, artistic and free atmosphere to your interior. In this guide we will show you in detail, and with illustrations the style of bohemian decoration room by room.

1. Bohemian

The bedroom is the most intimate place in your house, and also the place where you can do the most crazy to decorate it. Having a room in a style you like is not only a question of aesthetics. It will directly improve your sleep and reduce your stress. Feeling comfortable in your room is important for your sleep and for being in good shape all day long.


Wall decor for your bedroom

There are many ways to beautify your bedroom in the bohemian style. Let's start with the headboard. You can have an artistic or ethnic headboard instead of a simple wooden or upholstered headboard. Bohemian tapestries are a fashionable way to give the ultimate bohemian look. Attaching wall tapestries is ultra simple and will change the look of your room immediately. Use bohemian, tribal, ethnic tapestries or even with mandala prints for a unique style. Apart from the tapestries, you can simply decorate your walls with artificial plants, a bohemian painting, or a famous dream catcher to make your nights soft and your dreams wonderful. Get inspired by the decorations below, with a mandala tapestry or a dream catcher.

Wall decor for your bedroom

The bohemian decoration of your bed, pillow and bedspread.

For your bed, you just have to combine a ethnic bedspread with bohemian look cushions to give a perfect boho chic look to your bed. You can either go sober with a beige bedspread and colored pillows and cushions tribal style. Or more daring with a ultra colorful ethnic style bedspread and more sober beige pillows with borders that will soften all.

The bohemian decoration of your bed pillow and bedspread

2. Decoration of your Bohemian living room

All as for your room, it is not necessary to have a heap of accessory and boho element to obtain a bohemian living room. A few elements are enough to make a living room convivial, with an artistic spirit and which invites to travel. Discover with us how to transform your living room into a unique bohemian chic living room.

The Bohemian Carpet is the basis of your boho living room

If you want to give a hippie chic atmosphere and your living room, the carpet is without any doubt the most important piece. The style of your rug immediately sets the tone of the room. It's simple, choose a beautiful bohemian or ethnic rug, and that's 50% of the work that is done to give your living room a boho look.

Here is a collection of bohemian rugs with sober colors for a bohemian look more purified which tends towards the Scandinavian style.

The Bohemian Carpet is the basis of your boho living room

Some examples of boho chic interior with sober boho rugs. This gives a relaxing and uncluttered atmosphere, always reminding the bohemian culture.

The Bohemian Carpet is the basis of your boho living room

Let's see now a few examples of more colorful bohemian rugs. This style tends more towards the hippie chic style. Below are some colorful patterns you can look for your rug.

The Bohemian Carpet is the basis of your boho living room

This is what it looks like in real life. A beautiful colorful rug combined with other bohemian element for a look that invites to travel and relaxation

The Bohemian Carpet is the basis of your boho living room

At Vie de Bohème, while we love the ie de Bohème sobre look, we love the more colorful style even more. If you re interested,  you ll find a whole bunch of quality bohemian rugs on our site.

Accessories for a successful Bohemian Sofa

If you're looking to buy a new sofa, then the natural fabric sofas are ideal for a successful bohemian look. However, there is no need to buy a new one. A simple beige sofa cover or a few bohemian cushions will do the trick. We love cushions because it's economical and we find that it directly gives another atmosphere to your sofa. Take a look at these bohemian sofas and get inspired by the way they are decorated.

Accessories for a successful Bohemian Sofa

A Bohemian coffee table near the sofa

Choose a coffee table with a natural color and design. A wood base table is perfect to perfect the bohemian atmosphere of your living room. Alternatively, you can simply add a linen or cork fabric over the top to give your coffee table an instant hippie chic look. Check out our ideas for your coffee table.

A Bohemian coffee table near the sofa

Let's not forget about the bohemian wall decor

The final touch for your living room is the decoration of the walls. You don't have to repaint them completely, you can simply add some bohemian elements to finish the look of your living room. Some decorative accessories such as an ethnic wall basket or a bohemian painting will do the trick. As for your coffee table, favor natural accessories, for example cork decorations are very trendy.

Let's not forget about the bohemian wall decor

3. Bohemian bathroom

To have a boho style bathroom you should not hesitate to use plants (real or artificial), natural fabrics (Cotton, linen) and colored shower curtains ethnic style.

For a touch of nature, used plants that require a lot of water in your bathroom. The natural humidity of the room will allow the plants to flourish and give a natural, authentic and bohemian side to your bathroom.

Combine the plants with colorful ethnic or tribal style curtains and with a bohemian bathroom rug and you're done. You'll easily have a unique bohemian chic bathroom with a natural feel that will make you want to stay in the shower all morning.

Bohemian bathroom

4. Bohemian kitchen

A bohemian kitchen is a kitchen that provokes a feeling of relaxation, and that will push you to innovate in your kitchen with a very artistic decoration. The atmosphere of a boho chic kitchen is full of character and personality, with a warm atmosphere and freedom.

This type of design is about personalizing the interior with a mix of colors that can be surprising with the use of unusual textures and other elements.

The Bohemian culture is by nature, free and uninhibited, and it sends the message that you can move to the rhythm of the wind and the music without fear of following your instincts and your heart.

The decoration of your kitchen will help you to take pleasure in cooking and to innovate with bold and tasty flavor combinations. A bohemian style kitchen can easily become the focal point of a home. Here are some examples to inspire you and give you some ideas of e bohemian kitchen.

Bohemian kitchen

5.  The difference between bohemian style and bohemian chic style

You ve probably heard the term bohemian chic, but we noticed that most people don't know the difference between traditional bohemian style and bohemian chic style. Although the two have similarities, they are still different.

To make a long story short, the bohemian style emanates from the hippie culture of the 70s. That's why we can sometimes hear the word hippie chic instead of bohemian. The bohemian style is composed of natural element and is very colorful. For your house the bohemian style will be represented by multitude of colors, texture and different materials, what gives this atmosphere hippie bohemian which reminds the travel and gives a artist side to the room.

The bohemian chic style on the other hand, is a combination of the Scandinavian style and the bohemian style. A chic decoration is much more uncluttered, with softer and pale colors (modern Scandinavian look), combined with bohemian colored decor elements or more natural materials that contrast and give intensity to the room.

Look at the difference for yourself, on the left a traditional bohemian style, on the right a bohemian chic style that mixes the modern style with the boho style.

The difference between bohemian style and bohemian chic style