Can you wear a jumpsuit when you're curvy?

Do you have generous curves and wonder if a jumpsuit would look good on you? Would you like to know what type of jumpsuit enhances curvy women? How to create with an ultra stylish outfit? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, it seems essential to me that all women, regardless of their body type, should be able to find a unique look that suits them and makes them look great! 

That's why today I'm sharing with youall my tips about jumpsuits in this special plus size guide! 

If you're curvy, you can totally wear a jumpsuit. You can choose a loose fitting one, which will enhance your curves. Black is a safe bet, but don't hesitate to opt for a color that will highlight you and make you look good. There are also many models with patterns and prints, for even more originality! Finally, the V-neckline is ideal for curvy physiques and will know how to suggest your forms without revealing them. 

Want more details? Read on to find out: 

  • Theadvantages of a jumpsuit when you're curvy and what to look out for,
  • How to choose a perfect model to make you look your best,
  • Tips on how to figure out what to pair with your jumpsuit to create unique outfits, 
  • Two alternatives to the combi that also show off generous curves,
  • And plenty ofstylish outfit examples, to help you find out who you really like!

Why wearing a jumpsuit when you're curvy is a good idea? 

Often presented on long models, the jumpsuit sometimes seems to be reserved for the type of morphologies that we meet on the catwalks. However, it is nothing of the sort! Your curves should absolutely not prevent you from wearing a jumpsuit: on the contrary, this garment can enhance them! Whether you have wide hips, a little belly or a luscious physique, a well-tailored jumpsuit can quickly become your best ally! Indeed, it combines many advantages:

  • It holds in place, unlike some pants or skirts that can slip.
  • It is comfortable and easy to wear: no need to create a matching outfit! 
  • It can be chic, to create a unique look for yourself for a special event or casual, to enjoy an original and trendy style every day!

What could be the disadvantages of such an outfit? 

The combi has no real flaws, if it's chosen well. That's why I encourage you to find a cut that flatters you and that you feel comfortable in. Sometimes the styles you find in stores can be too close to the body and unflattering

To avoid disappointment, I can only recommend opting for a jumpsuit that you'll find in a curvy or plus-size range. These models are cut especially for people with generous shapes are intended to fit your curves and sublimate them. 

What jumpsuit should you choose when you are curvy? 

Are you looking for the perfect jumpsuit? Here are some tips on how to find one you'll wear for years to come and become a wardrobe staple

A loose, flowing jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are usually something you wear in the summer or mid-season: they feel light and comfortable. So to highlight your curves and suggest them with refinement, I recommenda loose-fitting model, which can be slightly slit at the waist

You can opt for a very simple or more worked cut: some flounces at the bust, for example, will be perfect to highlight your cleavage. In terms of sleeves, you can choose them short or ¾, loose or balloon shapes, that is, narrower at the end. Preferably avoid long sleeves, which may tauten your figure a bit. 

👉 Finally, when choosing your combi, pay special attention to your neckline, especially if it is a garment you want to wear every day to work and move. Do not choose a neckline too deep in this case. Regarding the shape, also know that a V-neckline will always be suitable to highlight your face if you have some curves. 

A colorful combi

To enjoy the beautiful days and adopt a style that looks like you and reflects your joy of living, do not hesitate to opt for a colorful combi! This one can be plain, for those who are looking for a more classic haute-couture side, or patterned, to change a bit from the ordinary and assert your taste! There are many print options: floral, geometric, polka dots, stripes, animal... Choose the ones that make you feel comfortable! 

A black jumpsuit

The black jumpsuit is a sure bet, especially for those who are looking for a elegant, timeless and timeless style. Whether it's for a special event or to wear when it's a little colder, this jumpsuit can be worn plain or embellished with chic lace or tulle details. 

Like all black clothing, it will have the effect of visually mitigating your curves a bit and this can give you confidence if you're not used to wearing this type of clothing.😉

How to wear a jumpsuit when you're curvy? 

Possessing a curvy physique doesn't mean giving up on fashion! The jumpsuit is an outfit that can flatter all women. In the following lines, I will share with you some ideas to make this garment very trendy for you!"

Choose shades that make you look good

Unknown to the general public, color matching plays an important role in fashion. It is the discipline of characterizing colors and therefore, by extension, determining which ones make you look good. Since it is an all-in-one garment, choosing the color of your suit is essential. Let's find out together how to define the colors that sublimate you:

🔸 You have golden blonde to light brown hair, your fair skin tans a bit. 

➡️ The colors that will make you stand out will be shades of brown (beige, gold, camel, curry), pale green and pale pink. 

🔸 Your skin does not tan and your hair is very light. 

➡️ Dare to use pastel colors: powder pink, yellow, pale blue and green...

🔸 You have red hair or auburn highlights in your hair. You may or may not have freckles. You may also have golden skin and warm brown hair, perhaps with Mediterranean origins. 

➡️ Warm tones are for you: orange, camel, cognac, bronze... as well as dark colors like burgundy and khaki. 

🔸 Your skin is pretty white and doesn't tan much. You have dark brown or black hair, but it can take on some highlights in the summer. Your eyes are generally dark. 

➡️ The different shades of blue (raw, dark, etc.) make you stand out. This is also the case with someshades of red such as coral and burgundy, but also fushia pink and purple. 

Wear heels to elongate your figure

A cute pair of heels is ideal with a jumpsuit. It helps to lengthen your legs and immediately gives your outfit a dressy feel. It can be:

  • from compound sandals or strappy ones that come up on your ankle, for a summery and bohemian look,
  • from colored pumps, to put with a party outfit,
  • from boots to be warm when it's cold and make you look good! 

👉 You can opt for shoes in the same shade as your combi, especially if it's black or white, to create a tone on tone effect. Otherwise, a nice natural color such as brown, beige or ecru will be perfect to go with a colorful outfit! 

Vary accessories to brighten up your outfit

Ideal for creating a couture look, the jumpsuit is a versatile piece of clothing that can be adapted to many occasions, depending on how it is worn. So choose your accessories carefully:

🔸 For a chic event, a pocket and a pretty fabric belt will be perfect. Paired with a blazer, they will sublimate your outfit! 

🔸 To wear on a daily basis, don't hesitate to opt for aleather beltwide, which will emphasize your waist and pretty discreet jewelry. 

🔸 To give your outfit a vacation feel, you can dare a hat, abag and a denim jacket! 

Two trendy alternatives to the jumpsuit! 

Do you love jumpsuits and want to vary your wardrobe a bit? Here are two suggestions that should please you too and match your style! 

The bohemian maxi dress

Fluid and loose like the jumpsuit, the bohemian dress fits and suggests your shapes while remaining comfortable. It is ideal in summer, but can also be worn in winter. It is ideal for women who are looking for an easy to wear, feminine and bright outfit. 

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Romantic long skirt

Long skirts are especially suitable for women with a curvy body type because they enhance your figure and make you look taller. As with bohemian dresses, there are many shades and patterns to choose from, allowing you to create a unique look of your own. 

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I hope this article has helped you findoutfit ideas to sublimate your curves, specifically with jumpsuits! And if you're also looking for tips on how to choose a swimsuit that really shows you off, I suggest you read our full article on this topic right now!