Can you wear a white dress to a wedding

Can you wear a white dress to a wedding?

Often, for a wedding, white is the color worn by the bride. Often, we wonder if we, as guests, have the right to wear white.

A dress rule dating from the XIXth century

The wearing of white by the bride is a dress rule that was only established during the XIXth century. Indeed, long before, brides often wore red, sign of love and passion. However, since the white was allotted to the lady celebrating her marriage, it was then totally prohibited for the guests, and in particular the women, to wear a white dress. Why this prohibition? Simply because the bride had to be the queen of the day and that another woman had to come and steal the show by her beauty or her brightness. Indeed, white is a pure and luminous color which is very easily noticed in a crowd. Also, this right was granted only to the one who was going to say yes to her future promised. So the guests had to wear other colors, but often quite sober as black or gray, to look pale in front of the newlyweds whose big event was celebrated.

A dress rule dating from the XIXth century

A slightly outdated dress rule

In 2020, some dress rules seem to be a bit outdated, and the one not to wear white at a wedding is one of them. Indeed, it is not rare anymore to see several guests wearing a white dress or a white outfit without stealing the show from the main couple of this memorable day. Just look at the celebrities' side with, among others, the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, where all the guests had to be dressed in white or black. Without forgetting the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, where the maid of honor, and sister of the bride, also wore a beautiful white dress. It would seem that these last years, the white is the color phare of the marriages important. It must be said that this color reflects purity and elegance in the natural and there is nothing more beautiful and more symbolic to wear for an event such as marriage.

A slightly outdated dress rule

Ask the bride's opinion

Even ifit is possible to wear white to a wedding, it is still preferable to ask the bride's opinion. Indeed, some people rather conservative like to respect the old rules. Also, not to take the risk to offend her, it is preferable to obtain her authorization before presenting you in your pretty all white dress, which risks to create you some problems. This will be even easier if it is someone very close to you, like your sister, your cousin or your best friend. Of course, if you are invited to a big and traditional wedding, it is more than advisable to skip the white and leave this privilege to the future bride. Be careful also not to wear beige or ecru in these circumstances because, these are colors that are closely related to white. Moreover, it is not rare to see some wedding dresses combining white with one of these colors to make them even more unique.

In what circumstances should you wear white?

To avoid a real faux pas, some circumstances will allow you to wear white without any fear. That can be for example for a civil marriage and in small committee. Or if the bride does not wear white and decided to break all the dress codes in force for this important day. But also if your dress is partially white (either the skirt or the bustier), which will fatally attract less attention. If your dress is not really a wedding dress and if it is embellished with accessories of stronger colors.

In conclusion, wearing white to a wedding is no longer forbidden at all in 2020. However, you will have to always make sure to respect the bride,but also her requirements and her customs. The goal being indeed not to steal the show during this day so important for her. So always make sure you get the right information before considering wearing white for such an important event. This will save you a lot of trouble and you will be able to enjoy the moment to the fullest! If you are looking for the perfect white dress to wear to your friend's wedding, we recommend our white bohemian dresses.