matching your shoes to a floral dress

Everything you need to know about matching your shoes to a floral dress! 👗👡

Do you have a gorgeous floral dress, but don't know what shoes to wear with it? Looking for ideas for bohemian dresses to wear in summer, winter or mid-season? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I have to admit that I have a soft spot for floral prints. Both feminine and colorful, these can brighten up an outfit in any season. 

Today, I'm sharing with you what shoes to wear with a floral dress, depending on the season and the style you want to adopt. 

Because floral print usually has a lot of details, I suggest that to create a visual harmony, you pair it with plain shoes, without patterns. For a bohemian look, leather as well as natural materials such as rope, straw, linen or even cotton will be perfectly suitable. The color of your shoes must be in agreement with the color of your dress: it can be a natural color (that of the material), but also a color in recall of the flowery details of your dress. Finally, your shoes must be adapted to the season: in summer, wear sandals or pumps if it is a dressy event. In winter, a floral dress will go well with plain ankle boots, boots or waders, chosen in harmony with the color of your tights or stockings. 

Want more details? Read on to find out:

  • Flowery outfit ideas for summer, beach and vacation
  • Shoes to wear with a floral dress in winter
  • With what material to match a floral print
  • Whether to wear sneakers with floral patterns
  • Inspiring proposals to complete your bohemian wardrobe

summer floral dresses

Summer shoes to match your floral dress 🌞

The favorite time for floral dresses is of course the summer season! To start off this article, I'll give you some ideas of perfect shoes to go with a floral dress. 

For a rather chic style or an evening outfit 👠

Are you planning to wear a floral dress for a wedding, party or cocktail party? Then you'll need the right shoes for the occasion. Depending on your taste, you may want to consider:

  • Stilettos,
  • with closed or open toes.

➡ Stilettos are very chic stiletto heels, which are perfectly suited to enhance your figure at a festive event. 

  • Fine-strap heeled sandals for a beautiful summer day, salome-style,

➡ The salomé sandals have a vertical strap on the top of the foot that connects to a horizontal link that goes around your ankle and tightens the shoe. These shoes are visually lighter than pumps, but give the same sleek silhouette! 

floral evening dress

👉 To give your outfit a bohemian edge, you can wear sandals that tie over your ankles. This stylish detail will elongate your legs and slim them down. It's also perfect if you're not too fond of wearing high heels, but want a feminine and dressy outfit. 

To wear on vacation 👡

To be stylish even when you get back from the beach, there's nothing like wearing pretty sandals paired with a flowing dress. Natural materials work well with a floral print and this type of atmosphere. For example, it can be: 

  • compound sandals with a rope sole,
  • woven straw effect mules,
  • lightweight sandals with thin leather straps, e.g. spartan

➡ Spartans are sandals with many straps that cross over the foot. They are reminiscent of the shoes worn by gladiators in ancient times. 

  • sandals with straps in ecru, brick or even ochre fabric...

👉 A little tip to highlight your skin tone: the more tanned your feet are, the more light colors will stand out. The reverse also applies! Don't hesitate to match your dress and shoes with your tan, to accentuate the vacation effect! 

Flowery dress shoes

Shoes to match with an everyday outfit

Do you need shoes that you could wear on nice days, for work or everyday outings? In that case, you can choose pretty leather nude shoes, simple as that. 

⚠️ For an ethnic look, you can choose sandals with patterns, bangs, etc... but be careful not to overload your look! Floral print is very beautiful, but it brings many shapes and colors: so simple shoes will elegantly bring out your dress and any jewelry and accessories. 

Shoeing in mid-season with a bohemian dress 🌷🍂

Spring and fall are seasons for which dressing and shoeing can be complicated. Indeed, it can be very cold in the morning when you leave home, and rather warm in the afternoon. The adapted shoes will be therefore more closed shoes (or semi-closed), of type:

  • ballerinas 🥿, "babies" type, compensated or not,

➡ Babies are small, quite covering ballerinas that can be openwork or not. 

  • sneakers,
  • boots,
  • open-toed boots,
  • western boots,

➡ Reminiscent of santiags, these shoes are, however, more discreet and lower-profile. Their toe is mostly rounded. 

  • open-toe derby or richelieu,

➡ These are small, low-top dress shoes that tie with laces. These two types of shoes look very similar and can be easily confused. 

Since the bohemian fashion echoes a natural and country style, in the following lines I propose you to find out which colors of shoes you can wear rather in spring, and which ones belong to the fall fashion. 

shoes fall dress flowers

🎨 In any case, and to match the colors, make sure the shoe color you choose is a repeat of your floral dress patterns. For a rather subdued look, you can choose a color that is not very present on your dress. On the contrary, for an assertive style, don't hesitate to highlight a color that suits your complexion, and is widely represented on your dress, shoes and accessories! 

In spring, pair your floral dress with cheerful, pastel colors

On sunny days, I'd recommend wearing light, bright shades instead - of course matching your floral dress - such as:

  • white,
  • lemon yellow,
  • pastel pink,
  • light leather shades,
  • the more subdued nude color,
  • the apple green,
  • sky blue,
  • water green,
  • shades of light orange...

In autumn, rely on fall colors for a seasonal floral look

As the days start to get shorter, you can match your outfit with fall tones by wearing natural materials and colors that evoke the season, such as:

  • brick red,
  • burgundy,
  • brown leather,
  • black,
  • mustard yellow,
  • ocre,
  • shades of khaki green...

fall colors dresses

Can you wear sneakers with a floral dress? 👟

Although it's recent in the scale of fashion history, it's totally possible to wear sneakers with a dress. It's even pretty trendy! 

So, they're just right for creating a casual and trendy look from a floral dress. 

However, to sublimate your outfit, I advise you to opt instead for low-top sneakers or even heeled wedge sneakers. Indeed, high-top sneakers might look too imposing, especially with a long dress. 

floral dress sneakers

👉 Want more details on what shoes to wear with a maxi dress? Check out our full article dedicated to the question! 

Shoes to keep warm in winter with a floral dress ❄️

To finish this article, here are some shoe ideas to wear with a floral dress in winter:

  • cavalier boots 👢,
  • waders,
  • high boots,
  • boots...

flowery dress boots

🧦 🧤 Whether you're wearing stickers or stocks, consider choosing them to match your shoes and dress. I also recommend you to choose plain shoes instead -colored or not in this season, which you can match with accessories such as gloves, a hat or a scarf. 

I hope this article has helped you find the perfect pair of shoes to wear with a floral dress, for any occasion and in any weather. For more info, feel free to watch this video dedicated to the topic of dresses and shoes, thanks to which you can glean plenty of useful info:

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