Customize your decor with bohemian pillows!

Do you have a bohemian lifestyle or style? Would you like your decor to reflect your state of mind? Does the hippie chic style inspire you? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a bohemian fashion enthusiast, I've also been interested in decorating to fit that lifestyle, so I can design my home to feel good and match my tastes. 

Today, I'm sharing with youa simple trick to give your home a boho chic feel: bohemian pillows! With a few cushions, you'll transform a classic living room or bedroom into a place that feels like you. 

Placing several cushions in a variety of patterns on a bed or living room can make the place feel cozy and comfortable in an instant. Combined with other furnishing fabrics (drapes, plaids, rugs), houseplants and dimmed lights, they can create a bohemian interior. Synonymous with freedom and a return to nature, this lifestyle is perfect for people who appreciate authenticity. Bohemian pillows can thus be the starting point of a personalized decor for your bedroom, living room or even your converted van. 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • What characterizes this style of pillows,
  • How to integrate them into your decor,
  • Tricks to give your home a boho chic look, 
  • A tutorial to learn how toembroider your cushions yourself,
  • Lots of ideas for using cushions to bring comfort to a bohemian life (in van, for example). 

bohemian deco cushions

How to recognize bohemian cushions? 

As I've mentioned before on this blog, the bohemian chic style is not just a clothing trend. It also corresponds to a whole lifestyle, which leaves a lot of room for interior design. Like bohemian fashion, the decorating favorsnatural materials and hues

bohemian chic home decor embroidered cushions

So, cushions, which bring comfort and softness in every room of the house are a simple way to reveal your personality through your home decor. Bohemian cushions are characterized by: 

  • bright colors,
  • traditional fabrics (linen, cotton, etc),
  • various and colorful patterns reminiscent of the hippie aesthetic,
  • various textures... 

👉 To give the impression of a real cocoon, I advise you to multiply the cushions by varying the colors and patterns, whether on your bed, in your living room or even elsewhere, in a fitted van for example. 

Does this type of cushion fit you? 

Are you interested in bohemian decor? If so, adding pillows in this style to your home is a good way to start, especially if : 

  • You're looking for a simple and economical solution to decorate your living room,
  • You want some pillows to hold your back when you're reading or watching TV in bed, 
  • You love colorful and personalized decor,
  • You'd like your home to reflect your style and lifestyle close to nature 🌿... 

van aménagé bohème déco

👉 Want to create a welcoming decor for an outdoor event, such as a country wedding or a bohemian-themed event? By placing plenty of rugs and bohemian pillows on the ground, you'll create a little comfort paradise for your guests! 

With what decor to pair them with for a bohemian living room or bedroom? 

Customizing a home is not done in a day: it's about furnishing a place that looks like you and that you'll feel good in. You are sensitive to the boho fashion and the values of nature and freedom that it puts forward? Then I propose you to discover, in the lines that will follow, how to create a personalized interior decor, from boho cushions and other decorative objects. 

hippie chic home

Colorful plaids and blankets

As I may have mentioned, cushions bring immediate comfort to a room. However, in order to be comfortable in your home and enjoy real restful moments, it is important to never get cold. For this, you can also place plaids on your sofa and throws in your bedroom. Combined with the pillows, they will immediately give your room a welcome look. 

plaids blankets boho chic


When I get home from a day of working outside, the first thing I do is put my shoes down so I can relax. If this is your situation as well, feel free to place many colorful rugs on the floor, especially in rooms where they are less likely to get dirty: living room, bedroom, etc. We often think that one is enough, but the bohemian trend relies on combinations of patterns and colors: several small, varied, but matching rugs will thus create a very pretty visual effect. 

👉 Discover our collection of boho chic inspired rugs on our site dedicated to the boho chic lifestyle! 

Wall hangings

Like rugs, plaids and pillows, colorful hangings bring color and softness to a room. They also recall the lifestyle of hippies, who in the 1970s also decorated their homes or converted vans with drapes. The patterns that made them up served as inspiration during their psychedelic travels and could be made using the tie and dye. 

psychedelic hippie wall hanging


Highly trending in recent years, houseplants allow you to bring nature into your home and enjoy its benefits. Their green color is soothing and they help create a pleasant atmosphere. You can place several of them, in different sizes, near your couch, so you can enjoy them when you are settled against your cushions. There's nothing like it for relaxing! 

indoor plants garlands deco trend

Subdued lights

The way the lights are placed conditions a lot the feeling you have when you enter a house. Thus, a very bright ceiling light as the only source of light can be glaring, and, in the long run, quite unpleasant when you want to rest in peace. To get the most out of your relaxing moments (naps, evenings in front of the TV, etc.), I recommend using hangings and indirect lights to decorate your home, to create a cosy and warm atmosphere

👉 If you find prettywooden branches during your walks in the forest (or even driftwood at the beach), don't hesitate to collect them to wrap your garlands around. The result, very bohemian, will be both practical and beautiful in your home. 

Historical handcrafted trinkets

It is often said that the way a person decorates and furnishes their home is a window into their personality and history. I tend to agree with this statement, and I encourage you todecorate your home with items that are meaningful to you, that have a story. This can be memories of travel,objects inherited from your family, crafts or art... The main thing is that you can feel at home when you look around. 

deco back from beach home atmosphere

Where to find bohemian pillows? 

These types of cushions, rather original, can not necessarily be found everywhere. It is sometimes possible to find them in home decor stores, but you may find always the same models

To personalize your decor, I thus recommend garage sales and flea markets, which allow you to hunt for unique objects. However, if you don't feel like waiting, if you prefer new cushions or if you're simply looking for inspiration, I suggest you visit our online store right now to discover our bohemian cushions. We offer unique designs, which will be perfect to give a hippie chic decorating touch to your home. 

bohemian chic cushions store:

How to embroider your own bohemian cushion

Do you feel like trying your hand at embroidery to personalize your cushions or plaids, hippie-style? Here's a little video tutorial 🎬 that covers the techniques used to make the main stitches:


To make this DIY, I recommend using embroidery cotton and cushions in a gridded fabric, which can be found in haberdashery or directly in a home decor store. Determine in advance the design you want to embroider, print it out or draw it to scale, so you can find your way around this pattern to embroider. 😉

Vanlife trend: boho cushions to personalize your van

In full bloom right now, nomadic lifestyles are all about the bohemian spirit of travel and freedom. These lifestyle changes are leading many people to furnish a motorhome, tiny house or even a converted van themselves. Characterized by their minimalism, these mobile homes can however be customized with useful objects such as cushions, whose patterns and colors will participate in beautifying the living environment of these contemporary hippies! 

vanlife cushions furnish van tiny house

I hope this article has inspired you to decorate your living space with bohemian cushions, and make it a welcoming place, where you feel good. 🏡

Are you enjoying the bohemian fashion? Feel free to stop by and check out our specialized website, which offers several collections of clothes in this style, for all tastes and all body types, and at an affordable budget!"😀