Discover all our ideas of hairstyles for a bohemian wedding 💇♀️👰

Do you want to style your hair for your bohemian chic wedding? Or for an event you're invited to or a bridesmaid? Are you looking for examples of simple and chic hairstyles, suitable for your hair length and face shape? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I always keep an eye on hair trends. These actually go hand in hand with your clothing style to enhance your figure. 

Today, I'm sharing with you everything I know about bohemian chic wedding hairstyles, to help you find the one that will make you look your best for the big day. 

A bohemian hairstyle is easily recognizable, whether it's romantic or naturally elegant. Even for a special occasion, such as a wedding, these hairstyles are not strict. It's all about giving the hair movement, letting loose strands and curls escape. You can have your hair done in a bun or a braid, depending on your taste and outfit. You can also leave your hair loose and adorn it with a boho accessory, like a flower crown. Whether you're the bride-to-be or a guest, think of your outfit and hairstyle as a whole, which should match and complement each other.

Want more details? Read on to find out:

  • What are the characteristics of a bohemian style hairstyle,
  • 3 types of buns to make you look great at a wedding,
  • Suggestions for braided hairstyles,
  • How to style your hair in a boho chic way if you have short or medium length hair,
  • How to wear flowers in your hair. 

What characterizes a bohemian hairstyle? 

Are you getting married or invited to a union? This is the perfect opportunity to wear a festive hairstyle, which is a change from the everyday. In the following lines, I propose you to discover THE trend of the moment, namely the bohemian style. 

Natural hair

Bohemian fashion is characterized by a great freedom: inspired by the style of the hippies, it is nevertheless intended to be feminine and elegant. This also applies to the hairstyles, which give pride of place to the natural movement of your hair. Many bohemians thus choose to wear their hair loose or semi-loose, dressed up in braids, for example. 

With style, there's no longer any need to be afraid of crazy little strands that bounce back! On the contrary, it's those pretty imperfections that will make your hairstyle so charming! 

Sophisticated accessories

For a change from the everyday for a holiday, you don't necessarily need to have an extremely complex hairstyle done. Simple accessories, chosen with care, can totally enhance your hair and make you look great! 

For example, it can be a comb, a barrette, a pretty diadem or even a flower crown

💍 Also consider jewelry, which, while not placed in the hair, accompany and enhance your hairstyle! Gold and rose gold hues particularly lend themselves to the bohemian style. 

What bohemian bun to wear for a wedding? 

Chic and seductive, the chignon is a perfect hairstyle for those who want to highlight their neck and back. The bride, being often seen from behind, especially during the ceremony, will appreciate all the interest that this type of hairstyle presents. If you are interested in this hairstyle, you will find a range of different types of bohemian buns in the lines that will follow. 

A low fuzzy bun, to highlight your halter dress

This type of bun is positioned at the back of the head, just above the nape of the neck. It requires you to have your hair a little long, at least from the shoulders. It will look great with a halter dress, especially if you have a rather long figure. It can be braided or not and should not be too strict. Some strands can escape from it creating waves, which will give you avery romantic look

👉 If you have a veil and want to hang it at the nape of your neck, this is the hairstyle for you! 

Do the high bun to clear your face

If you have hair that is a little too short to achieve a low hairstyle, you can choose a high bun. This will be secured on the top of your head, where a ponytail is normally tied. If you have reflections in your hair, this is an ideal hairstyle to highlight them. In fact, to achieve such a bun in the bohemian style, hairdressers often tend to slightly crepe and curl your hair, to give it volume. This makes for a balanced and very elegant hairstyle, which will enhance any face, even angular ones. 

Break up the symmetry of an outfit with a side bun

Are you looking for an original hairstyle, which is not too strict, but still maintains your hair? In that case, you can opt for a side bun. This one is positioned like the low bun, but it is shifted to one side rather than on your neck. In particular, it magnifies round and oval faces, which gain some relief thanks to its asymmetry.  

Some tips give your bun a bohemian chic look

Once you've chosen the type of bun, if you want to embrace the bohemian trend, it's essential to customize it. Indeed, a simple classic bun might be a bit too strict and look offbeat. To give it a boho feel, you can for example: 

  • Braid a few strands of your hair, which will be caught in the bun or wrapped around it to secure it,
  • Place fine accessories, such as small, thin pearls, around certain strands, 
  • Give it a blurred effect by not tightening it too much and skillfully letting some curls escape, or by letting them fall naturally,
  • Adorn it with flowers, to instantly create a very country look.  

How to braid your long hair in a bohemian way for a wedding? 

Would you like a very natural hairstyle, which hints at your wild character? In that case, braids are surely the right thing for you. They allow for a wide variety of hairstyles and are very feminine. 

A side braid, hippie style

Like the asymmetrical bun, the side braid is a change from the ordinary and highlights round and oval faces. Inspired by hippie hairstyles, it creates a very natural and romantic effect, which will make you look radiant. It is not very complex to make: depending on your hair skills, you can make it yourself or have a friend make it. However, if you want to attach flowers to it or make it start from the top, I suggest you ask a professional. 

A long braid down your back, the bohemian chic detail that enhances your figure

If you're wearing a nude back dress, a long braid down your back is a perfect option to enhance your outfit and figure. This is of course possible if you have long hair, or even very long. Like the side braid, this one can be adorned with flowers or beads, to give it a refined and elegant look. 

Highlight your face with a crown braid

The crown braid is a great hairstyle to wear, as it holds the hair well and allows for a lot of freedom of movement. It frames the face very tastefully, magnifying especially the rather angular physiques. It has the added bonus of being able to be done with medium-length hair, which can come in handy if you don't have the time or inclination to let your hair grow out. 

👉 However, since this is a complex hairstyle, I can only recommend having your hair stylist do it for you! 

A bohemian wedding hairstyle with short to medium length hair is possible! 

Would you like a bohemian chic style for your wedding, but have short hair? Or how about a bob? Although boho fashion usually features models with long hair, it's totally possible to adopt this style with short hair! 

Here are somehairstyle ideas, to be done by a hairstylist, who will know how to give your hair a very charming natural and unruly look : 

  • A wavy square, with a flower crown,
  • An asymmetrical braid on one side of your head,
  • An afro haircut, for those who have beautiful frizzy hair,
  • Hair left simply au naturel, slightly frizzy and with bohemian accessories and jewelry.

Floral ornaments, the secret of bohemian chic wedding hairstyles

Natural, festive and very elegant, flowers are ideal forsublimating your hair on a festive day and change from the everyday. Their colors and delicacy fit right in with the bohemian chic style, making floral sets thefinal touch to your outfit for a wedding in this trend. 

The floral comb

The comb is a simple little barrette with teeth, on which flowers can be attached by gluing them. This type of accessory can becreated by a florist, with natural or stabilized flowers, or purchased directly ready-made, from artificial flowers. 

It's perfect for adding a little floral flair to a wedding hairstyle, especially on a bun. 

To put it on, you'll need to make your hairstyle first. Then, you will just need to prick your flower comb in it, so that only the flowers are visible. 

The flower crown

Would you like your hairstyle to really change from the everyday and bring you a lot of elegance? Suitable for the shortest of hair as well as hairstyles on long hair, the flower crown is The star of bohemian chic hairstyles

With which hairstyle? 

The flower crown can be worn:

  • around a bun,
  • on your hair, short or long, loose,
  • on a braid...

It suitable for most hairstyles and hair types! Don't hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice on this! 

How to put it on? 

There are several styles of crowns. However, most of them are attached with a ribbon, which you tie behind your head, or sometimes on the side if it is a crown that you place on a bun. There are also elastic or rigid crowns that are mounted on a headband. 

Natural or artificial? 

The natural crown has the inimitable beauty of real flowers. However, it is fragile and only lasts a day, or even half a day in hot weather. There are, however, pretty artificial wreaths with well-mimicked flowers that you can wear for many occasions orkeep as a keepsake

👉 Looking for quality synthetic flower crowns? Check out our collection, with a wide variety of matching designs in bohemian chic fashion! 

Now you are in possession of manychic and feminine hairstyle ideas, to wear at a bohemian chic wedding.Don't hesitate to try out the one that suits you best! 

And if you are looking for dressy outfits in this trend, or even a bohemian chic wedding dress, I give you an appointment right now on our online store dedicated to the boho universe. You will find your happiness for sure! 😉