How to wear a bohemian dress in winter?

How to wear a bohemian dress in winter? ❄️

Do you love the bohemian style and wish you could wear these clothes all year round? Would you like examples of outfits withbohemian dresses that you can wear in winter? Any fashion tips for adapting your look to cooler temperatures? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, bohemian style is one of my favorites. However, when I'm looking for boho clothes, I always find short, lightweight dresses for summer much easier. Have you found, too, that it's sometimes complicated to find bohemian fashion tips for fall and winter

That's why, today, I'm sharing with you lots of tips and examples of looks with bohemian dresses, which you can wear when it's cooler. 

Whatever boho outfit you choose in the fall or winter, it's the perfect opportunity to play on the contrasts between different materials and textures. To do this, don't hesitate to wear with your dress other clothes that will make you look good and warm such as an oversized wool sweater or cardigan, but also boots or waders. Go 100% hippie chic by layering your clothes and adorning yourself with fringed or embroidered accessories. Finally, to stay warm while looking stylish, don't hesitate to wear a hat, wool tights or even a long scarf. 

Want to know more? Read on to find out:

  • Fashion tips to embrace bohemian style in winter,
  • Many examples of easy-to-wear outfits,
  • How to get warm with a bohemian dress,
  • Examples of winter shoes that go with this style,
  • A selection of accessories to complete your winter boho look! 

outfit bohemian winter

What is the winter bohemian look? 

Often considered a summer trend, the bohemian style can nevertheless be found forall seasons. Of course, when the weather is cold, it's not possible to settle for a little light dress and sandals. For those times of the year when the weather is acting up, you can totally dress bohemian by overlapping several layers of clothing, sometimes leaving some layers hanging out and playing withthe different textiles and prints

bohemian fall winter outfit

In addition, the boho trend gives pride of place to natural materials: cotton, linen, leather, but also wool, for example, which has a strong insulating power, ideal for the winter. 

To sum up, dressing bohemian in winter leaves you with even more possibilities to mix your clothes and wear a style that suits you. 

Do the monochromatic look with different textures

Are you a fan of bohemian fashion? In that case, prints and patterns probably hold no secrets for you anymore! Yet, in winter, this trend can also be adopted with a monochrome style, choosing clothes with original textures or even embroidery. 

boho dress winter

Don't be afraid to combine dresses with jackets you wouldn't necessarily pair them with, by playing with contrasts. Velvet or leather, for example, often allow you to showcase silkier and brighter fabrics.  

👉 Winter is also the season for cool colors such as blue, gray, purple or even green. It's time to incorporate them into your bohemian wardrobe by playing with gradients! 

The cardigan or chunky sweater: the must-have bohemian piece for winter

Are you worried about getting cold with a simple maxi dress? Know that sweaters and cardigans help give a cozy edge to your bohemian look. To stay on trend and be warm, I recommend you choose models that are quitelong and thick, with coarse knits

We often think that loose clothing tends to weigh down our figure and widen our waistline. This is not the case! In fact, it is rather the opposite which occurs. With loose, long clothes,your figure will look slimmer and slender

sweater cardigan jacket boheme

Besides, being comfortable in your clothes will make you look like a natural and spontaneous, confident person 😉

👉 Looking for bohemian sweaters and jackets to cope with the cooling temperatures? Check out our fall/winter collection on our online store specializing in boho and hippie chic fashion. 

Warm up your legs with tall boots or thigh-high boots

Even if you choose them thick, tights aren't always enough to keep you warm when wearing a dress. To increase the surface area of your body covered by clothes, you can also bet on boots, or even better, thigh-high boots. These very high shoes will cover a large part of your legs, while giving you avery feminine look. They will allow you to sublimate both a short dress and a long dress! 

thigh-high boots boho look

👉 If you're looking to elongate and slim down your figure, I'd recommend choosingheeled boots instead. However, flats will also work just fine if you can't wear heels or need comfortable shoes on a daily basis, for work for example. 

Fringe: the winter boho chic detail

As you probably already know, the bohemian style is characterized by many creative and original details. These can include natural and colorful embroidered patterns, or even beads. These small marks of personalization are a way to make your clothes your own and to show, through them, the person you are. 

hippie chic bangs

So, it was the hippies in the 1970s who began to reinvent everyday clothing in this way, to show their individuality and beliefs. The sign "peace and love", for example, is part of their recurring motifs! 

Inspired by the customs of the American Indians and rehabilitating them, the hippies have also brought bangs up to date, which can be found in the bohemian fashion of today. They are now even invited on the catwalks, this season, as we saw at Prada, Boss and Christian Dior! 

So it's now or never to adopt fringe in your wardrobe, to go with a dress or any other bohemian outfit, accompanying it with your choice of:

  • with a fringed jacket,
  • from fringed boots,
  • of a bag with this type of detail...

Build on accessories to express your bohemian spirit! 

Are you wondering how to accessorize your bohemian dress? Because if you like this trend, chances are you also like to wear lots of accessories to personalize your look

Yet, I often find that in the winter, it is less common to wear accessories. Sometimes this can be for a practical reason: large rings, for example, often get stuck in clothing when you put them on... which happens many times a day in the winter. As with clothing, I recommend instead combining small accessories and banking on seasonally appropriate pieces, such as the ones I'm going to share with you in the following lines. 

The hat

To look good, there is nothing like choosing a beautiful hat, which will sublimate your winter bohemian dress! Instead, to stay in the boho style, I recommend wearing natural colors, from light camel brown to dark brown, choosing your headpiece to match the rest of your outfit. 

hat boho style

👉 For even more warmth, pair your hat with a chunky scarf in oversized knit 😉

The little leather bag

Super practical on a daily basis, the small leather bag will be your best friend if you wear a bohemian maxi dress! Indeed, in winter, it is often necessary to always have on you plenty of small items such as lip balm, hand cream, your gloves, your laptop, etc. 

So, in the absence of pockets on your dress, a small bag will be ideal for all of them storing and having easy access to them. As mentioned before, you can choose it in the boho style, with bangs, embroidery or beads...

boho bag

This article is coming to an end and I hope you've found many tips on how to wear a bohemian dress in winter without getting cold, but also how to accessorize it in a way that will sublimate your style

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