Fatma's Hand, a bohemian decorative element that will protect you from the evil eye!

Fatma's hand, much more than a fashionable boho design

The fatma's hand has a very particular design that immediately gives a feeling of exoticism and serenity to a room. Moreover the hands of fatma can be of all colors, some are of bright colors, other rather pastel and some black and white. This makes it a design element that is easy to adapt and embellishes a room with a unique style that goes extremely well with the boho style. That's why we like to often integrate it in bohemian decorations.  

However the hand of Fatma (also called hand of Hamsa) is not a simple decoration, it is an ancient symbol in the Buddhist culture. This symbol which protects people from the evil eye and brings happiness, luck, good health and fortune.

Meaning of Fatma's Hand

The symbols are an effective way to transcend a cultural, spiritual or religious meaning. In fact, symbols were among the earliest forms of human communication. Long before we wrote and spoke, we drew symbols to interact with each other.

The symbol of the fatma hand is an open hand, often with a eye in the middle of the palm. This ancient symbol is popularly used in bohemian culture in jewelry, art and decoration to represent protection. However, there are other meanings and many regions that use the Fatma symbol.

The Fatma symbol Fatma also represents the hand of God, believed to promote health, happiness, luck and fortune. Values that are also strongly shared in Bohemian culture.

There is also the ancient belief that wearing a Fatma symbol intercepts negative or evil energy. The spirituality as well as the waves and negative energies are also elements of the bohemian culture and the hippie culture. We find for example the famous dream catcher which are used by the bohemians to drive away the bad dreams.

A Bohemian decoration and a spiritual protection

We understand very well now why the hand of fatma is so much used in the bohemian culture. Not only is it a decorative element that embellishes a room with a bohemian chic style, but it is also a symbol that protects the room and you while promoting your health, happiness, luck and fortune. If you want to know more about how to decorate your home in a bohemian style, check out our complete guide to bohemian decorating.

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