How to brighten up a black dress for a wedding?

Would you like to wear a black dress for a wedding, but are afraid it will look too sad? Are you looking for tips on how to create an outfit with a black dress that is suitable for a festive occasion? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm always looking for ideas to personalize my outfits and give them a little something extra that will make a difference. 

The black dress is a timeless basic that can be worn in all circumstances: however, for a wedding or any other occasion, you may want tomake it a little more festive and joyful. That's why today I'm sharing some tips on how to do just that. 

To brighten up a black dress worn to a wedding, you can pair it with colorful shades. If you choose a vibrant color (bright red, orange... or white.), wear it preferably as an encore on several garments and accessories. If you opt for neutral colors such as brown, gray ..., you can create a nice chic gradient by wearing your black dress with a darker accessory and other lighter. Also think about the contrasts created by bi-material or openwork garments, which can give style to a dark dress and make it the centerpiece of an elegant outfit! Finally, don't forget to wear pretty jewelry, whose metallic hue will bring bright highlights to your ensemble!

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • What black dress styles to choose to go to a wedding,
  • With what colors to pair it with to brighten it up,
  • What jacket to wear with it to contrast,
  • How to accessorize it with a bag, jewelry, shoes, ...
  • And plenty of examples of original outfits with a black dress for this event! 

3 perfect black dress designs for a wedding

The black dress is a classic and timeless garment, which most of us have in our wardrobe. Traditionally, it is true that it is not necessarily the first choice for a wedding, because traditionally we wear bright and cheerful colors for this type of event. Yet, it is quite possible to choosea black dress that does not look too solemn, that matches your style and can be put on the occasion of a wedding. Find out how in the following lines! 

An openwork dress

If the wedding you're going to is in the summer, you're going to be able to take advantage of the nice weather to put on a dress that lets your skin show. Thus, a black halter dress or with sheer lace details will be perfect for a wedding, because the contrast you get between the fabric and your skin will bring a touch of cheerfulness. Some worked inserts, especially at the neckline, will also give your dress a dressy feel that is perfect for such festivities.  

A textured or shiny dress

Another option available to you is to choose atwo-material dress. In fact, combining two different types of fabrics will give the illusion that your dress is two-tone and bring sophistication to it. This effect can also be achieved with sequins or a shiny material that would be openwork. So the idea is to choose a different model from a simple plain black dress to get an original and elegant outfit! 

A bohemian dress

When we think of boho fashion, black is not necessarily the first color that comes to mind. Yet, there are some very pretty designs of bohemian dresses in black. This style, which highlights loose, flattering cuts, is often found on long, flowing dresses, which are worn in spring and summer. 

In this case, black is not at all synonymous with sadness, but well and truly elegant simplicity. In fact, it can be adorned withfloral patterns, which will bring cheerfulness to your outfit. Some bohemian chic dresses also feature light and chic materials such as lace or even naked back cuts, which, as we have seen, are perfect to wear at a wedding. 

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What colors to pair with a black dress to brighten it up? 

Once you've chosen your dress, it's entirely possible to create a bright, chic outfit and pair it with accessories, shoes or a jacket whose color contrasts with black. Here are some examples of shade combinations: it's up to you to adopt the one that best suits your taste and style!

Gay tones to enhance it

It's often said that black goes with everything, and it's pretty much true! To keep your outfit from looking sad, you can totally pair it with vibrant shades such as:

  • the bright red,
  • petroleum blue,
  • the orange,
  • bright yellow,
  • pink.

Please choose just one bright, luminous shade that you will wear once or more in your outfit. For example, if you opt for a bright red clutch, you can create an understated reminder with a hair accessory or piece of jewelry in the same shade!  

White to create a chic contrast

The combination of black and white usually results in a very elegant look, reminiscent of high fashion dresses. Since your dress is black, you can afford a little white without embarrassing the bride. It will brighten your complexion while brightening up your outfit. 

If you prefer, you can also choose natural shades, such as camel, cognac, ecru... The contrast will be less marked and you will get a more discreet outfit. In this case, don't hesitate to create a degree or combine small pastel details to bring a little cheerfulness and softness to the whole!!

Metallic shades for their festive side

Sequined clothes and metallic shades have a wonderful power: they capture and reflect the light! So it's a perfect solution to dress up an understated black dress, with elegance.

There are two main families of metallic tones:

  • the warm tones: gold, rose gold, copper...
  • the cool tones: silver, white metallic or glittery...

To know which ones will enhance you the most, just look carefully at some characteristics of your physique:

🔸 If you tend to bronze easily, have dark, tanned skin, you have what is called the warm tone. So favor gold or copper jewelry. 

🔸 Warm tones will also look great on redheads and women with red highlights in their chestnut hair. 

🔸 If you're platinum blonde, have white skin, and tend to blush rather than tan when out in the sun, opt for cool tones instead. 

🔸 Lastly, if you have very dark skin, you can wear all the light metallic shades, gold as well as silver, which will highlight you beautifully. 

What jacket to wear with a dressy black dress? 

The choice of your vest or jacket is strategic when wearing a dressy outfit with a black dress. This garment will serve to enhance your dress, and if the latter is classic, to define your style.

For example, if you like bohemian fashion or want to give a casual chic side to your outfit, you can match your dress with a jeans jacket, customized or not.

A light-colored blazer will be perfect for those who want to wear an elegant and dressy outfit. For the more romantic, a wool pastel cardigan will bring softness to your ensemble. 

5 accessory ideas to spruce up your black dress!

As I've mentioned before in this guide, accessories are indispensable to brighten up a black dress. It is by choosing them carefully that you are going to be able to find a style that highlights you and makes you unique.

Thin tights or stockings

If you are attending a wedding that takes place in winter or mid-season, opt for patterned sheer tights or stockings, which will add drama to your outfit. 

Simple dot tights will thus be perfect for revealing your legs in a sexy way while remaining very chic!

Oversized or colorful jewelry

To give your outfit some character, don't hesitate to wear jewelry with it. Some types of imposing jewelry can be quite enough to brighten up a dark outfit. It can be a pretty, colorful brooch, a saltire necklace or even several bracelets worn as a set. 

👉 For a chic and dressy outfit, you can opt for a matching set. It can be a necklace and a bracelet or a necklace and a pair of earrings. 

A flower crown or hat

A quirky hairstyle is a simple and elegant way to look good for an event. You can opt for a simple hat or a flower crown, which will bring freshness and cheerfulness to your outfit. This one can be made of fresh flowers by a florist craftsman or it can be made of synthetic flowers, which have the advantage of lasting over time. 

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A pretty clutch bag

Chic and refined, the clutch bag is ideal for putting your small belongings during a wedding. Choose it colored or adorned with a pretty pattern, in contrast with your dress. This will catch the eye and add character to your dress style. 

Don't forget to match it to your style:

🔸A clutch withfloral embroidery, fringe or even beads will be perfect to accompany a bohemian dress. 

🔸For a classic, dressy outfit, you can opt for a simple leather or fabric(with or without lace), ivory, white or even black tone-on-tone

A fancy belt

Wearing a belt over your dress will not only highlight your curves, but also add a chic detail to your outfit. Do not hesitate to choose a rather wide model, which marks your waist well. If you wear colored shoes, I suggest creating an encore by choosing a belt of the same hue

Our final tip: Assume your original look! 

It's true that when you announce that you plan to wear a black dress to a wedding, it may surprise those around you! Yet, depending on the model chosen and the way you wear it, you can get a very chic result, which is not sad! For this, it is essential to have confidence and choose an outfit in which you feel beautiful and comfortable. This will make you look radical and the color of your dress won't matter as much as the joie de vivre that will emanate from you! 

Some brides actually dare the black dress, for an original and elegant result, which brings a breath of freshness and modernity in the world of wedding conventions! 

I hope this article has given you plenty of ideas on how to match your black dress and create a sublime outfit, that will show you off at this festive event! To find out how to wear shoes with your black dress, check out our dedicated guide to this topic, published earlier on our blog!