How to choose a wedding dress

How to choose a wedding dress ?

That's it, you said "yes"! Eyes full of glitter, ou already imagine yourself in your princess dress, walking down the aisle among your guests. It's a dream that will soon become a reality. In the meantime, the preparation of a wedding is not improvised and you have a lot of work to do. Among the points not to be neglected, the choice of your wedding dress is particularly crucial. All the guests will have their eyes on you and on the making of your dress, don't leave any detail to chance. Here are some advices to help you in this difficult choice, follow the guide to know how to choose your wedding dress.

A wedding dress in your budget.

You are certainly tempted to organize a tour of bridal stores, to be sure not to miss the dress of your dreams, which can be hidden in the back of any dressmaker's workshop.

Abandon this idea: you will exhaust yourself running in all the directions On the contrary, target from the start, take stock of your desires, but also your budget. Once the envelope is determined, forbid yourself to take a look at dresses that are out of budget, you may regret not being able to offer you a favorite. Define a framework and stick to it, otherwise you risk inflicting yourself unnecessary disappointments. Moreover, even if your budget is tight, the stores redouble their ingenuity to propose you  dresses in your prices which are in the air of time. If you want to be tempted by a bohemian wedding dress , there is no doubt that you will find your happiness, as the trend is marked. Moreover we propose a collection dedicated to the bohemian wedding dresses here. 

Make a selection of stores, of creators who propose the styles which you like in the fixed budget and take one afternoon to opérer une première sélection. Find a few dresses, take a picture of them if possible, and write down the references. Let a few days go by and look at the chosen models again: there may be details that you have missed, doubts that persist or, on the contrary, attractions that will be confirmed. It is always good to put some distance between the first impression and the second one, a second sorting will naturally take place and the selection will be narrowed down, making you get a little closer to  the realization of your dream.

Surround yourself with the right people to help you choose your wedding dress.

Surround yourself with the right people to help you choose your wedding dress.

You can already see yourself and your group of girlfriends in the wedding dress store, staring at each exit of the fitting room. I'll stop you: it's not a good idea. Each one of you will give a little advice, full of good will. One half will love this dress bohemian country that you just put on, while the other half will prefer the lace that was on the previous one. You'll never get out of it, you'll make it very difficult to choose. It is impossible to make the unanimity. The day of the tests, surround yourself with your witnesses and possibly a friend who knows the fashion  and whose opinion will be precious. Don't plan more, you risk getting lost in an accumulation of suggestions. Moreover, it won't necessarily be seen as a good idea if you show up with your whole troop. You expose yourself to the exasperation of the advisors, who will be less able to give you their useful recommendations. Don't waste the moment, you won't live it twice. Know also how to be listening to the saleswomen : they are much more used to than you and are trained to suggest the dresses that will fit you best. Even if you love that dress with its sculptural sleeves and refined beading, be reasonable and listen to them: if they say it doesn't make you look good, you may waddle in front of the mirror to find a suitable position, but the idea of this dress must be abandoned. You will be the star of the day, it is not question to appear in a dress, certainly splendid, but which widens your size or flattens your chest. Trust them, it is their profession. 

A dress made for you 

A dress made for you

There is inevitably, somewhere in a store, a hanger that carries the dress of your dreams and that will make people look at you on the big day. Several criteria must be gathered to reach this ideal. First of all, you will not be able to wear just any dress: nature has endowed you with a morphology that accepts certain cuts or not. By the way, we have written an article dedicated to the different morphologies and the adapted wedding dresses here. Whether you are very thin or with curves,  tall or short,  no anatomy can afford to wear everything depending on the width of your shoulders, you may be able to wear a wedding dress. According to the width of your shoulders, your size, certain cuts are to be banished and others are, on the contrary, recommended. Which part of your body do you like the most? It is this one that you will have to put forward, without falling into the vulgarity: we expect from a bride that she remains chic and refined.

Also, do not bet on a diet: it is easier to recover a dress slightly too big than to widen a model because you did not manage to lose your few hoped kilos Take the dress in the right size on the day of the fitting . A seamstress can always make up for it if it turns out to be a little big later.

You've already decided on a few models, the fitting is convincing, but something is bothering you. Even if you can't put into words the detail or impression that bothers you, don't insist. As good as the dress may look on you, remember that you will be wearing it for hours. You must absolutely feel comfortable in it, at the risk of spending your day trying to hide the element that troubles you. Don't think about anything else but enjoying the moment, the goal is well there.

Be also careful with accessories: a dress already well covered with pearls or lace will only allow few additional fantasies. Moreover, the current trend is rather to minimalism and fears the overload. The eyes of the guests,  and especially of your future husband, must be called by a single ornament or a main element.

The perfect agreement 

You decided to get married under the country theme or bohemian chic. No doubt that you will find a lot of inspirations in terms of decoration or reception place on the specialized social networks. You already imagine the atmosphere of the wine of honor, your imagination has planned the details that would adorn the table of guests during the meal. It's perfect, but remember to include your dress in the decor: it must be in perfect adequacy with the landscape you have planned to create. If you show up in a rhinestone and sequined dress in a country scene, there will be a gap that will be hard to make up for.

Chances are, you have chosen not to reveal your choice to your future husband before the big day. This is a very nice tradition, but you'll have to be cunning to get your outfits to match your wedding day . It will be really good to agree beforehand on what you like or not, on what you absolutely want or, on the contrary, not at all. Thus, you will have each of the reference marks in the final decision to take. You can also decide to choose your dress and her costume in the same boutique and take advantage of the recommendations of a consultant who will see both outfits. This way, you are sure to reach the perfect match.