How to dress Bohemian Chic

How to dress Bohemian Chic?

Bohemian chic refers to a clothing style whose inspiration was drawn from the seventies. Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes, with floral or ethnic prints and warm colors, skilfully accessorized is the essence of the bohemian silhouette. This style is very feminine, fresh and poetic. It will be perfect for dreamy and free women, who appreciate pretty materials and light and colorful fabrics. Here is an overview of the different types of dress to discover how to dress bohemian chic.

The Bohemian Dress

Often, it is a long dress, evanescent, light and colorful.

  • Choose it in warm tones, brown and red are the favorite colors of the silhouettes boho chic. 
  • The blue, especially turquoise, which combines wonderfully with brown, is also very popular.

All shades of brown, from camel to caramel, through dark brown are perfect. Purple is also very trendy, especially when combined with other tones. White is a basic bohemian style. Thus, the skirts in white tones, off-white or cream or lace borders lace are the most beautiful effect. The latter brings a feminine and chic touch. The dresses are adorned with ethnic prints or floral patterns. The fabric is light, it sometimes plays with the transparency and the superimpositions of light underskirts. For a chic touch, the lace, but also the veil or sequins, and the embroidery make the dress inimitable. It is a piece to have in his dressing. The dress wants comfortable. It is thus wide even if the top is closer to the body, the skirt is flared and fluid. The top is round or low-cut, according to your preferences. Sometimes, a pretty lacing or tassels hanging on a link decorates a V-neck. The dress   adapts to all seasons, the models with long sleeves dress you all year round. The summer, shorter and lighter models, allow you to enjoy the sun. 

The Bohemian Skirt

Like the dress, the skirt is rather wide, fluid,  light and most often long. Floral prints or plain colors adorn light petticoats. The superimpositions can be with the appointment. Your skirt also adapts to the seasons, and will be shorter in summer.

Adorned with lace, a pretty leather belt, sequins, or more sober and plain, the skirt is worn with a blouse, a tunic, a pretty blouse white or a small jacket in faded denim. With the dress, they will be the key pieces of your dressing room bohemian chic. Pants are not banned from this style of dress. But prefer a faded jean, that you accessorize. It is the skirts and dresses that give charm to this style resolutely feminine . Whatever your morphology, the long bohemian skirt will highlight you.

The Blouse Bohemian

The bohemian blouse is absolutely essential! It is put with a skirt or a jean, or a jean short decorated with lace. It is a top so comfortable that we can not do without it. Feminine, the blouse is plain, floral or printed with ethnic patterns. It is often full of fantasy: decorated with embroidery, small pompoms, bangs, or lace. More sober, in white, for example, it is then issued from a mixture of materials, in veil or lace. Romantic, when it adorns a country side, or mysterious, when it is endowed with moiré colors, it is often worn quite short. The sleeves are left wide or tightened at the end, sometimes with frills. These sleeves can also be cut asymmetrically giving them an extra charm. The collar, V-shaped or round, sometimes has a link with small ornaments like tassels. This top, fluid and light, is a must-have for spring and fall. Small blouses with short sleeves will also accompany you this summer. The most of the blouse is that it suits all the silhouettes because the flared models hide the small curves.

The Bohemian Tunic

Long and comfortable, the bohemian chic is a feminine and trendy top. White models with openwork sleeves or plain ones with bangs are very popular But, the tunic is constantly reinvented to be closer to your desires. The colored, printed or tie and dye, simple or loaded with beads, embroidery or small charms models are declined to infinity. Worn generally wide, it is easily accessorized at the waist with a pretty belt. Ample and pleasant to wear , it harmonizes with all the silhouettes. It will be of the most beautiful effect on jeans or shorts, or on plain pants.

Les bijoux bohème

They are perfect to give style to all your outfits. If you have a rather classic style, they will bring him a touch of fantasy, but with an outfit bohemian, they will embellish it even more. 

  • The necklaces : the long necklaces embellished with large rows of colored pearls or the long chains decorated with feathers or small stones are to be privileged. Feathers and turquoise or brown stones are worn as pendants as well as jewelry more worked or openwork. The silver color is also trendy for chains and other ornaments ;
  • les bracelets : multi-ranks and multi-materials, they are very fashionable for several years. Mixed with pearls, ribbons, charms, cords, stones, shells, they are often worn in several copies and decorate with elegance your wrists;
  • les les  earrings : metal earrings, decorated with feathers or pretty stones, emphasize the contours of your face;
  • les rings : in metal, often of silver color and decorated with large stones, the ring is an accessory impossible to circumvent and always tendency.

Dressing bohemian chic, the little plus of an inimitable style

  • touch of white always goes well with a more colorful piece. For example, a white blouse or blouse and a multicolored skirt gives you an elegant side;
  • headband gives style to your silhouette and accentuates the bohemian side. You can also embellish your hair with a big flower mounted on a barrette for an assumed hippie side;
  • The bohemian  bag: brown with bangs, or embroidered, or even decorated with knitting patterns, it is a basic that makes its effect;
  • The boots ; leather boots, with nice cuts will go wonderfully with your dresses or long skirts;
  • The jean,  whether slim, or boyfriend, is an ideal companion for tops such as tunics or blouses;
  • The small jacket fitted in denim or boho chic fashion, with colored embroidery, or entirely printed with flowers can give a nice contrast with a long tunic.
  • The shorts, with lace ornaments, associated with a sleeveless blouse and flat sandals is the bohemian formula of the summer.

To dress bohemian chic, it is thus to give the beautiful part to the comfort and to the beautiful materials, but also to affirm its femininity with a touch of romanticism. Whether you choose to adopt this style in small touches to give character to your usual outfit, or you want to make it your new look, you will feel good in your clothes. Thanks to this article, you now know the essential pieces and accessories to add to your wardrobe and feel beautiful.