How to dress for a beach wedding? [For the bride and groom and guests].

You want to get married by the sea and are wondering how to dress for the occasion? Are you invited to such an event and wondering about the dress code

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast and event professional, I get to help couples on a daily basis with their wedding planning. In recent years, seaside weddings are ultra trendy and seduce many of them! 

Today, I propose you to discover what outfit to adopt for these festivities, whether you are the bride-to-be, her future husband or guest to celebrate this union. 

For a beach wedding, a flowing bohemian maxi dress or a short dress with lace details will work perfectly. You can wear them with thin strappy flats, jewelry and a pretty hairstyle, with a flower crown for example. For a man, a light-colored suit, worn without the jacket, will fit right in with the seaside wedding world. Finally, if you are a bridesmaid or a guest, it's time to take out a pretty bohemian dress or a jumpsuit in pastel colors or with a pretty print in light tones! 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • What to expect when invited to a waterfront wedding,
  • How to choose your wedding gown, from trendy examples,
  • Groom's dress ideas, more or less casual,
  • Examples of guest dresses and suits perfectly suited for this type of event,
  • And finally tips to accessorize your outfit to have a unique and original look! 

How does a seaside wedding work? 

Highly trending in recent years, beach weddings are unforgettable celebrations that take place in an enchanting setting. The ceremony is usually celebrated on the beach: an aisle is recreated with chairs lined up on each side and the couple usually walks towards an archway placed facing the sea. Most of the time, this is a civil ceremony, although some priests sometimes agree to travel to the beach for a blessing. 

After the ceremony, guests are traditionally invited to a nearby beachfront villa or bar/restaurant. The evening continues in this space, right by the sea, and which often allows immediate access to the beach. 

What dress should you wear to get married at the beach? 

Beach weddings - or beach weddings - are often more casual than traditional ceremonies. It's all about taking a vacation break and making the most of it. Therefore, most of the time, the dress code is less strict, leaving room for bohemian and romantic trends

A long bohemian wedding dress

For the queen of the day, a long dress that is both light and flowing, is a natural choice. It is a comfortable dress, which gives a sense of freedom that fits right in with the context of a beach wedding. Choosing a white dress is perfect for the beach, as this very bright color will look beautiful against the ocean and sand.

A dress with openwork lace detailing

Your dress can be quite simple or have more elaborate, lacy elements. It can be sheer sleeves, a yoke on the back or even the entire dress. Lace is a romantic fabric, which evokes the light outfits that can be worn at the beach in summer. It participates in the bohemian atmosphere, with its vintage side and reminds us of the nature weddings of our grandparents.

A short and light dress

Finally, to emphasize the fact that your wedding is a time of vacation, where one relaxes, you can choose a short dress. Its casual feel will bring a breath of freedom to your ceremony. For your guests, the message is clear: this wedding is a moment of joy, celebration and lightness. The short dress will allow you to be free in your movements and even dance the night away! 

Where to find a perfect bohemian chic dress for a beach wedding? 

This type of dress is sometimesdifficult to get in traditional bridal shops. Since these are less strict outfits than classic wedding dresses, you don't necessarily need a custom-made design. Therefore, you can turn to internet stores, taking care to take your measurements to choose a dress that is in your size! 

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What shoes to wear with your dress? 

What a pleasure, when you arrive at the beach, to be able to put your shoes down and walk barefoot! This same spirit of freedom is at the heart of the beach wedding universe. Some can be done barefoot, but you can also opt for lightweight shoes, in keeping with your wedding aesthetic. So opt for flat or heeled sandals with thin straps and light colors. They can also have gold or silver details to reflect the sunlight! 

👉 In any case, I wouldn't recommend pumps and stilettos, which might sink into the sand and hinder your movements on the big day! 

Waterfront wedding: what outfit for the groom? 

Like his bride-to-be, the groom can also adopt a casual outfit to match the festivities. Here are a few tips on how to find that special gem! 

A light suit

Dark suits, navy blue, black or charcoal, which are traditionally worn for dressy events, are not necessarily what's best suited for a waterfront wedding. Indeed, these outfits can look a bit strict and severe, in a holiday-like atmosphere. So I recommend instead opting fora light colored suit in shades of gray or beige, which goes well with the tones of your ceremony decor. You can even dare, if you wish, to wear an all-white suit! 

A chic yet casual outfit

For those who wouldn't necessarily want to get married in a classic three-piece suit, this type of wedding is ideal. In fact, given the context, you can choose not to wear your suit jacket and replace it with a vest or a simple shirt.

👉 You can also dare an original suit color, like chambray blue or pastel pink! 

What shoes and accessories to go with your suit? 

When it comes to shoes, you can choose to opt for Richelieu or Derby light colored ones. You can also, if you feel like it, wearcanvas shoes, matching the rest of your outfit. 

Finally, when it comes to accessories, it's time to opt for a novelty tie or bow tie. You can also consider wearing braces instead, which will serve as a support for your floral boutonniere! 

How to dress when you're invited to a beach wedding? 

You've received an invitation to a waterfront wedding and are wondering what clothes to choose for the occasion? As in the paragraphs for the bride and groom, I can only advise you to opt for an outfit that is both chic and casual.  

Some outfit ideas for ladies

Bohemian maxi dresses are perfect for this type of occasion: their length gives them a dressy feel, while their cut and the patterns that can be featured on the fabric usually work quite well with a beach wedding. If you're unsure about the color, I'd advise you in any case to opt for pastel shades, which will go well with the setting of the wedding you're going to. 

If you want, you can also opt for a shorter dress with a nice cut, or a long skirt. If you're not too fond of having bare legs, a fluid jumpsuit will work perfectly, as will a pair of short pants worn with a pretty, wrought tunic. 

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👡 When it comes to shoes, my recommendations are the same as for the bride. Opt for flats or wide heels with thin straps, and that leave you free to dance and celebrate the festivities! 

How to choose your outfit for a seaside wedding when you are a man? 

Since this type of wedding often takes place in the heart of summer, you might get hot with a classic dark suit. Instead, opt for a linen, light-colored model. You can also choose a simple dress pant, which you'll complement with a shirt, belt or suspenders and a pair of low-top shoes in the same tones. It's time to dare a casual outfit! 

What about the kids? 

At a beach wedding, children will easily be tempted to play on the beach and go swimming. So their outfit should be simple, comfortable, but also easy to put on and take off to put on a swimsuit! 

For a little girl, alight white dress will be just fine, while for a little boy, you can settle for a clear fabric shorts paired with a short-sleeved shirt. 😉

What accessories to celebrate a beach wedding? 

To finish this article, I offer you a small selection of accessories that can be worn by the bride, her bridesmaids or the guests, to give the impression of a real party day and celebrate this magical event properly! 

Original jewelry

A seaside wedding is an ideal event to wear pretty colored jewelry. They will reflect the sunlight and enhance your skin tone. For this event that takes place in a more informal setting than traditional unions, you can opt fordesigner costume jewelry. It's the perfect opportunity to make a statement about your taste and show off what makes you unique. 

A shawl to cover your shoulders

If it's a bit windy on the day or just to keep warm when it starts to get dark, you can pack a small, lightweight shawl in your luggage. This one should match the rest of your outfit and will come in handy if needed! 

Bohemian and natural hairstyles, with a flower crown

Finally, this beach ceremony is an opportunity to adopt a simple yet elegant makeup and hairstyle. For your hair, you can wear a pretty hat, which fits right in with the bohemian style. 

Also consider flower crowns, which can be attached to your hair, hat or even a bridal veil! These will add a nice touch of color to your outfit. 

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I hope this article has helped you to find the perfect outfit to get married by the sea or to attend your loved ones' wedding. Feel free to discover many other articles on the wedding theme on our bohemian blog!