How to dress for a Bohemian Chic Wedding

How to dress for a Bohemian Chic Wedding ?

Bohemian-style weddings are becoming increasingly popular and it's not hard to see why. With a casual vibe and rustic charm, these weddings are a chance to celebrate the happy occasion in a free spirit. But how do you dress for a bohemian wedding? How do you make sure you have enough hippy chic style while still keeping your wedding guests in an elegant outfit? Fear not, we're here to help!

Bohemian wedding, an informal wedding.

Bohemian wedding an informal wedding

Our first piece of advice is that most bohemian-themed weddings are pretty free and informal, unless they are strictly stated on the wedding invitation. As with most weddings, the bride and groom just want you to help them celebrate their special day and have a good time. No drama. However, if you're like us, looking good helps you feel good, so we know you'll be thinking about what to wear.

Colors are your friends at a boho wedding

Patterned, printed or containing a mix of colors are perfectly suited to the hippie chic boho style, and you can innovate and let your imagination run wild with different shades and tone of color. We're particularly fond of pastel colors, lace fabrics and embroidery for an elegant bohemian look.

If you love the vintage feel, you can still rock the bohemian aesthetic by wearing a 70's inspired dress or jumpsuit with dazzlingly chic embellished details.

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Casual style for the ultimate in bohemian chic

Casual style for the ultimate in bohemian chic

A perfect style for boho weddings is simply to use loose fitting clothes. A bohemian style long dress will be perfect for this kind of occasion.

You can also be inspired by nature, with floral printed outfits, ruffled dresses, both short and long sleeves.

Fluid fabrics and unstructured dresses are also totally part of the bohemian style, and you can opt for anything from mini dresses to long outfits depending on the season.

At the fabric level, natural fabrics such as cotton or linen are preferred. Failing that, other more synthetic fabrics such as chiffon dresses can also have a bohemian feel.

It's all about feeling comfortable and wearing something that makes you feel good to celebrate this happy occasion.

Natural and floral accessories, perfect for the bohemian style.

Natural and floral accessories perfect for the bohemian style

Keep your accessories simple and your makeup natural to complete your boho outfit. You can put flowers in your hair or keep it straight. Wavy hair is ideal for those with length, and shorter hairstyles look totally boho with a simple tousled hairstyle. A pair of chic sandals is perfect for a summer boho wedding, but at other times of the year, you can swap them for boots and still look perfectly boho.