How to dress for a civil wedding? 👰

You're planning your civil wedding soon and wondering what outfit to wear? How might it be different from a church wedding? Or are you invited to this type of event and are looking for inspirations for your style on that day? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm particularly interested in wedding trends, as they are often beautiful pieces of clothing that are a change from the everyday and help create lasting memories in those who wear them. 

Today, I propose you to discover a selection of outfits, accompanied by tips, chosen especially to wear on the occasion of a secular ceremony, whether you are the queen or king of the day, or guest. 

For a civil wedding, you can afford a more casual outfit, which is a bit of a change from the stately wedding dresses and classic suits. For a woman, you might consider a plain jumpsuit, a short dress or even a bohemian dress. For a man, a light suit associated with original accessories (suspenders, bow tie, etc.) and trendy shoes will be perfect. Finally, if you are invited, dare an outfit that matches your style and highlights you! 

Want to know more? Read on to find out: 

  • Why it may be important to plan a particular outfit for your civil wedding
  • Any ideas for feminine outfits that change from the classic wedding dress,
  • Suggestions also for the future bride and groom,
  • But also tips and tricks for the guests... 
  • ... and plenty of examples of stylish party outfits for this type of event! 

Why wear different clothes between your religious and civil wedding?

Although they have the same purpose, the civil wedding and its religious counterpart do not take place in the same context. A civil union is thus generally less formal and solemn. On average, there are fewer guests at the town hall than at the church, and the two ceremonies do not necessarily take place on the same day, or in close proximity. 

civil wedding couple

Thus, it is entirely feasible to plan two different outfits, one for the church and one for the town hall. The second one will usually allow you a more free and less traditional dress code. This is the time to choose a wedding dress or suit that really fits your style! 

👉 Of course, if you've decided toonly have a civil wedding, or a PACS, the fashion tips I'm sharing in this article are for you too! 

What to wear to your own civil wedding if you're the lucky one? 👰

Are you getting married at City Hall and looking for the perfect outfit to look your best on this special occasion? I have selected for you some ideas, in line with the wedding trends of the last few years! Discover them in the following lines 😉

Change from the classic dress with a short dress! 

In the popular imagination, the wedding dress is usually a long white dress, which can be imposing. For a civil wedding, you can modernize it, by shortening it! 

short wedding dress

Choosing awhite midi waist dress, with a beautiful halter top and some refined lace details, is the assurance to highlight your figure, especially your legs and upper back, but also your hairstyle. 

The short dress is suitable for many body types, but will especially flatter small and medium sized women, as well as rounded women, or with drawn curves. 

For this trend, I recommend going for simplicity by wearing simple pumps and avoiding flashy accessories. 

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white dress civil wedding


State your character with the feminine jumpsuit or suit! 

Would you like your outfit to reflect your dynamism, while being very elegant and sophisticated? Then the feminine suit or jumpsuit are options you can consider! 

➡️ The difference between these two outfits is simple:

  • The suit is a two-piece, with pants and a jacket,
  • The jumpsuit is a one-piece fashion piece.

Whatever your choice, these garments have the advantage of slimming and elongating your figure. They are more suitable formedium to large sized women, with a somewhat lanky physique

women's wedding suit

To keep the sophisticated look of this outfit, I would advise you to keep it simple here too, with plain pumps and discreet accessories. 

Follow the bohemian chic trend

Don't feel like a white dress for your secular ceremony? In that case, you can opt for along, flowing bohemian-style dress, which is very trendy right now. Whether it's plain or features a print (which I recommend choosing simple and discreet), the bohemian dress is the perfect match for most body types. I recommend choosing it to match your hair color and eyes, and again, to make it stand out, wear with discreet and simple accessories. 

🌺 So, for example, you can plan to put on a pretty flower crown, which will frame your face. It's a very simple accessory to put on that will make you look very feminine. Are you tempted by this option? Take a look at our bobble wreath collection

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bohemian dress civil wedding town hall


What to wear to your civil wedding if you're the groom-to-be? 🤵

While the choice of wedding dress takes up a lot of attention when preparing for a wedding, the Mr.'s outfit is also an essential detail of your ceremony. That's why I decided for this article to provide you with some outfit ideas that are suitable for men as well. 

A bright and colorful suit to celebrate your joy

A wedding is a happy day! To show your happiness, there is nothing like wearing bright colors, which will make you look radiant and fulfilled. Thus, you can choose a linen suit, which is light, but still well tailored. 

light suit man wedding

👔 Less solemn, the secular ceremony is an opportunity, if you wish, to ditch the cravat or wear a pretty and original one. Choose the option that suits you best! 

A suit with a vest, trendy and classy

Would you like to dress up for the occasion? Very trendy, suits with vests will give you a sophisticated look and a worked look. Made popular by Netflix series such as Peaky Blinders, these rather classic outfits are coming back into style in recent years and are just right for a town hall wedding! Plus, they look great inany season

suit vest wedding

Do the original accessories! 

Don't want your wedding to be too stuffy? The secular ceremony is an opportunity to express your personality with accessories such as:

  • bretelles,
  • a butterfly bow tie,
  • shirts with colorful buttons,
  • an original jacket,
  • a shirt with a print,
  • a hat...

wedding tie straps man

👉 To avoid overdoing it, make sure you choose no more than two accessories from this list and that they match each other.😉

Casual and stylish shoes

Continuing with accessories, the choice of footwear is also broader for a civil wedding. You don't have to wear classic low leather shoes and you can, for this occasion, afford to choose less dressy shoes.

I do, however, recommend that you select shoes that match your style: for example, white sneakers (to be worn clean, without a stain!) will look great with a plain suit, while santiags type shoes, will go well with a denim jacket. 

men's wedding shoes

What to wear to a civil wedding if you are invited? 

A friend, colleague or family member has invited you to City Hall to celebrate their wedding and you're wondering what to wear for the occasion? In this last part, I offer you outfit ideas for the whole family, which will work perfectly for a secular ceremony. 

What do you need to know about fashion before going to a civil wedding? 

Before you choose your outfit, here are some quick tips that may help:

  • If you're going to the wedding as a couple, it can be nice to coordinate your clothes, especially in terms of styles and colors. This will look great in the photos! 
  • Don't forget to ask the bride and groom if there is a theme for their wedding: it can help you find a suitable outfit! 
  • Find out about the location of the festivities: some secular ceremonies take place on beaches, for example. It will be best to choose clothing accordingly, if this is the case. 
  • Finally, plan an outfit that is appropriate for the weather of the season in which the ceremony is held, so that there are no unpleasant surprises! 

What to wear if you're a man? 

For gentlemen, a somewhat dressy outfit will work just fine. You don't have to wear a suit and tie, but I recommend a well-tailored light-colored pant, with matching shoes as well as a shirt, accompanied by a suit jacket

male wedding guest outfit

👔 Regarding accessories, you can rely on the advice given in the previous paragraph, addressed to the groom. 

What outfit to wear if you are a woman? 

For this occasion, you are free to choose an outfit that flatters your figure and highlights you. If you wish, you can choose to rely mostly on one color, choosing a plain dress, or even a jumpsuit. This will bring elegance to your outfit, while keeping it simple. 

In any case, I recommend not wearing more than two different colors

female wedding guest outfit

👝 About accessories, you can plan on discreet jewelry (which will highlight your pretty hairstyle), but also a purse that will be both elegant and quite practical to store your smartphone and some small items. 

What clothes to pack for your kids? 

For the kids, I recommend choosing an outfit for them that is both chic and simple, with no more than two colors there either. Think about the fact that they're likely to end the day playing and horsing around: if the outfit you're planning for them isn't very suitable, provide a change for them to put on when the time comes. 

outfit child wedding

This article is coming to an end and I hope it has given you many ideas and inspiration for the upcoming civil wedding! Want to check out more articles dedicated to fashion? Check out our blog! 😉