How to dress for a wedding when you're curvy?

You are invited to a wedding and you don't know how to dress for the occasion? Are you looking for dressy outfit ideas to sublimate your curves? 

I'll help you out. 

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm often disappointed that fashion guides and articles regularly forget to offer outfits and tips tailored to curvy women

That's why today I decided to share with you all my tips and dressy outfit inspirations for a wedding, especially for curvy figures! 

Whatever your body type, there are plenty of party outfit options to celebrate a wedding or any other happy event. If you're more of a curvy person, I recommend highlighting your figure with a dress or jumpsuit that will enhance your curves by suggesting them rather than hiding them. Loose-fitting cuts are not necessarily the most suitable. Colorful clothes and dresses with a marked waist will be your main allies. Do not hesitate to choose pretty prints or even original accessories, to be comfortable in your outfit. 

Want to know more? Continue reading to find out: 

  • How to know your body type to choose clothes that will enhance,
  • Tips especially adapted to your body type,
  • Dressy dress ideas that will sublimate your curves,
  • Tricks for dressing when you're curvy for a special occasion,
  • And lots of inspiring outfit ideas thanks to the many illustrations in this article! 

Show off or tone down the curves? Be proud of your curves! 

When I search the internet and read articles in fashion magazines, I often make the same observation: most of these publications unfortunately still encourage curvy women to dissimulate their curves. There is often talk of hiding one's curves, which are perceived as imperfections. 

curvy woman wedding outfit

In this article - and more generally on this blog -, I offer you another vision of things. Your curves are indeed part of you: like any part of your body, they can be sublimated and highlighted. To do this, instead of trying at all costs to make them disappear under layers of loose clothing, it is necessary to find an outfit that suits your figure. 

This is especially true for a dressy outfit for an event such as a wedding. Thus, I encourage you to wear colorful and well-tailored clothes, which will make you look radiant in the eyes of your loved ones! 

👉 This article is for people who are invited to a wedding. If you are looking for a wedding dress for curvy women, I refer you to our other article titled "which wedding dress for which body type" 😉

What are the materials and cuts that sublimate different body types? What should you avoid? 

Whatever your body type, there are cuts that will enhance you, while others may not have been thought of for you. That's why before choosing an outfit, I advise you to analyze your body type, to understand where your curves are, so you can show them off. 

🔸 If your curves are concentrated in your stomach, buttocks and chest, you have an O-morphology. In this case, it will be wise for you to avoid outfits that are too tight, long dresses and shiny materials. To highlight your curves, choose instead a midi dress, quite fluid, with a nice neckline as well as short or ¾ sleeves.

🔹 Your curves are more marked at the bottom of your body (buttocks, thighs)? In that case, you must have an A-morphology. To be comfortable in your clothes, I recommend outfits that follow your morphology, that is to say, flared dresses and tunics. The empire waist dress will thus particularly highlight you. If you wish, you can wear a beautiful necklace that will draw attention to your cleavage.

dress woman with curves

Left: O-shaped morphology / Right: A-shaped morphology


🔸 In contrast to the previous situation, your lower body is slim while your shoulders are wide? With yourV body type, you can afford any type of skirt or dress, to draw the eye to your legs. Avoid flared cuts as well as wide shoulder necklines, such as Bardot collar

🔹 Do you have a slim waist, a generous bust and hips? You have what is called an hourglass figure: the advantage is that you can wear most outfits. If your dress is wide and does not emphasize your slim waist - which is a real asset to highlight! - , consider a belt to cinch it in. 

plus size women's dress

Left: V-shaped morphology / Right: Hourglass (X-shaped) silhouette

Some stylish outfit ideas for going to a wedding when you're curvy

To help you out, I've put together a little series of fashion inspirationsand examples of outfitsthat will show off your curves and make you look very feminine for this festive occasion. 

A mid-length dress to emphasize your waist and highlight your hips

This type of dress is quite suitable for luscious figures: in fact, it is a cut that willsublimate your cleavage and hips, suggesting them under your clothes. The length above the knee is ideal: it lengthens your legs and highlights their curves. 

colorful midi dress plus size

❄️ If it's a little chilly, don't hesitate to wear this outfit with a cute colored blazer

A chic jumpsuit, for a slim and dynamic silhouette

When I talk to curvy women about fashion, I often find that they are convinced that jumpsuits are not suitable for their body shape. Yet, if you choose a well-tailored model, with a fit that suits your curves, you can havean outfit that is both comfortable to wear and stylish

curvy women's fashion jumpsuit

To sublimate your curves, I thus recommend a plain or vertically striped jumpsuit, with a loose fit that hints at your hips and shows off your cleavage. 

👉 Don't hesitate to choose it tightened at the waist or place a belt there, to add a sophisticated detail to your outfit. 😉

Mark your waist with a nice short skirt

Short, tight skirts, which are also called "pencil skirts" have the particularity of slimming your waist by emphasizing the curve of your hips. I recommend a rather dark color, with or without patterns, and a high waist cut.

high waist skirt big size

This type of garment will go great with heels, to lengthen your legs, as well as a slightly loose blouse or blazer, to show off your neckline and shoulders.

A flowing bohemian dress, to suggest your curves with elegance

Sublimating all bodies,bohemian fashion is just right for curvy women, with its flattering cuts and many colorful fabrics. A loose dress, with a beautiful print, a bright hue and a cut that marks your waist a bit will be just right for a chic wedding outfit. 

bohemian dress large size woman

👉 At Vie de Bohème, we have at heart to sublimate all morphologies, so that all women can feel beautiful. That's why we offer a collection of plus size bohemian dresses which is available now on our online store. Don't hesitate to take a look! 

Bohemian Long Dress

5 tips to enhance your figure and find the perfect outfit!

Opt for cheerful colors! 

I often find that many curvy women tend to favor dark colors such as navy blue, charcoal gray and black, which are supposed to slim down the body. However, a wedding is a happy and positive event, and I encourage you to dare to wear dynamic colors, which will make you shine among the other guests. 

Here are a few quick tips on how to adopt a colorful outfit while being sure not to make any faux-pas:

  • Don't choose more than three different colors for your outfit,
  • Wearing only one shade is possible! Choose one that corresponds to your skin tone:
    • warm colors if you have golden or dark skin, brown hair,
    • cool colors if you have light skin, redness, light or blonde hair. 
  • If you are not very comfortable with bright colors, you can choosepastel shades or incorporate the colors in small touches into a dark outfit. 

colored dress plus size

Sheath your body with a girdle

If you choose a close-fitting dress or jumpsuit, you can definitely consider putting a sheathing undergarment underneath that will smooth out your curves and help you feel confident if you're not used to wearing it. 

For this, I advise you to choose a color that goes with your dress,so that your sheath is invisible:

  • "flesh" color for all pastel and white dresses,
  • black, for dark and black dresses. 

gaine femme ronde sous-vêtement gainant

👉 When buying your undergarment gainant, take care to check that it is in your size and not too narrow. Indeed, it should be comfortable to wear, so that you can make the most of your day by being free to move! 

Bet on heels to have a great posture

Do you like wearing heels? Don't hesitate, in that case, as these elongate your legs while straightening your posture. In summer or winter, they will beyour best allies to look confident and crazy charismatic. 😊

👉 Choose a comfortable pair, in which you can dance and move without any problem. If that's not really the case, remember to pack a spare pair of shoes in your stuff! 

dressy outfit for curvy woman wedding

Choose accessories that fit you and reflect your personality

On this blog, I often tend to emphasize the importance of accessories such as jewelry, bags, belts, but also sunglasses or even elements of your hairstyle. Indeed, these are the details that will subtly allow you to personalize your outfit and feel good about it. They are a way to get to know you better just by looking at you and reflect your creativity and originality

Wear your outfit early to build confidence

Have you found the perfect outfit? I'm thrilled for you, and before I end this article, I'll let you in on one last secret: to be as comfortable as possible on your big day and feel confident, don't hesitate to wear your party outfit at home in advance, to get used to it. This way, putting it on will feel natural, and on the day of the festivities, you'll be sure to be comfortable! 

curvy and beautiful plus size woman

I hope this article has helped you find THE perfect outfit for the wedding of a loved one, family member or friend, and that you can feel sublime, on the occasion of this happy event. 😊

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