How to dress up in the fall? 🍂👗

Fall is coming and you are looking for stylish outfits for this season? Would you like to find examples of outfits that fit your style and can be worn on a daily basis? 

You've come to the right place. 

As a fashion enthusiast, fall is a true inspiration for me to create outfits that are warm, stylish and comfortable

That's why, today, I'm offering you acomplete guide dedicated to this season, with outfit examples and concrete tips. 

The clothing colors we wear in autumn are those of nature: brown, burgundy red, ochre and natural tones, beige, ecru... This season signals the return of warm and comfortable outfits. To dress you in autumn, I recommend you rather natural materials such as wool, cotton and leather. You can cover yourself with oversized clothes: sweater, coat or wear your dresses and skirts with colorful tights. Feel free to personalize your outfits with a colorful top or shoes or with a floral coat or accessory or with a classic print (polka dots, tartan, check). 

Want to know more? Keep reading to find out:

  • What is the color palette related to fall,
  • What materials to focus on,
  • How to stay warm while still looking stylish,
  • Examples of outfits for all styles and body types,
  • Are there any accessory ideas to complete your look! 

What colors to wear in fall? 

Fall is aseason of change: plants are decked out in gorgeous colors and temperatures are dropping. For many, it is the occasion of a new beginning: back to school, new job, moving... All these changes can make you want to reinvent your style and change your wardrobe a little. 

So, fall outfits evoke the mood and hues of this season. They are characterized by warm tones (burgundy red, brown ...) contrasted by natural colors (beige, ecru, ...). When winter approaches, white, gray or blue, which are cool tones, can also make a comeback in your dressing room. 

5 tips to look stylish and comfortable in autumn

If you're wondering what to wear in autumn, the following is for you! I share with you the basics to adopt an outfit in accordance with this season!

Prefer natural materials

After the summer, the body is no longer used to cold temperatures. Thus, it is essential, when these return, to cover yourself well with warm clothes. Comforting and cozy, fall outfits leave a lot to do with comfort and softness

To create this effect, I recommend opting instead for natural materials such as cotton or wool. Naturalleather in brown is just right to protect you from the elements and goes perfectly with the fall color palette. 

Layer on top of each other

One trick to staying cool is to properly insulate your skin from drafts: to do this, I recommend not hesitating to layer on top of each other.

For example, you can wear high socks over your tights with a pair of boots. The cardigans and pulls will be great allies to keep you warm under your jacket. 

Do bright colors

To fight the little blues caused by the end of the nice days, don't hesitate to brighten up your outfit with a bright color that will make you look good. It can be a warm color, such asbright red ormustard yellow, which will perfectly match with brown and natural shades. However, you can also dare to contrast with duck blue or even pink

Wear oversized clothing

This type of cut is ideal for being warm while remaining stylish in autumn. This is because loose-fitting sweaters and coats allow you to wear several layers underneath, while still keeping their shape, as they are cut on purpose for this purpose. 

👉 Wondering with what to wear an oversized sweater? Check out our article dedicated to this topic, which offers fashion tips and plenty of inspiring outfit ideas!

Smart up your clothes with patterns or prints

It's a common misconception that prints are reserved for summer outfits: they're not! Fall is even the perfect season to proudly display clothes with patterns. If you have a rather classic style, it can be timeless prints such as tiles or peas

But you can also dare plant or animal patterns, colored or not, so you can make your outfit your own and create a style that really feels like you! 

The leopard print, for example, picks up on the autumnal hues by evoking the fur of this majestic animal, which gives a warm feeling. Therefore, it is a perfect match for fall style! 

Theflowery patterns, on the other hand, will be perfect to add a bohemian touch to your outfit and make it unique. Finally, think about tartan prints, which go very well with the fall style. 

Discover our fall outfit ideas

Whatever your taste in clothing, there's bound to be a way to dress that suits you! In the following paragraphs, I offer fall outfit ideas: it's up to you to recreate them, make them your own or get inspired to find your own style!

Tone on tone, with fall hues, for a bohemian look

Whether it's a dress, skirt or even a top, bohemian clothes are characterized by their comfort and natural feel. They are loose and comfortable, and by layering clothes, it is possible to create warm outfits. 

With a boho dress or long skirt, you can wear natural leather boots as well as a long kimono jacket, which will allow you to create an ethnic look that is both original and elegant. 

To structure your bohemian outfits, don't hesitate to wear them with a wide belt, which will emphasize your waist and balance your figure. 

👉 Wondering how to wear a bohemian maxi dress when it's cold? I've written a comprehensive guide on this for you, including tips on choosing the perfect jacket and shoes to go with your dress. 

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Look good with light colors and chic style

Do you prefer light shades to the warm colors that adorn nature in autumn? This time of year, you can also opt for a stylish outfit by combining different light shades like white and beige. To balance your outfit, however, I recommend creating slight contrasts with darkgray, black or camel details. This type of palette will work just fine for light-haired women or those with a slightly tanned complexion: it's actually a great technique for highlighting the end of your summer tan!

Denim, a sure bet for all those who love casual fashion

To approach the new school year with confidence, there's nothing like turning to timeless basics. A timeless pant par excellence, jeans work well with most hues, will keep you warm and look great with cotton or wool. 

In recent years, the trend is forboyfriend or mom jeans, which are a little wide, and will fit most slim silhouettes. 

If you like the boho style, you can also opt for aflare, or bell-bottom, jean, which will bring a hippie feel to your outfit! 

The fur coat: a stylish jacket to keep you cold!

For a romantic yet cozy fall look, you can put on a synthetic fur or coarse wool jacket. This type of jacket will look great with pastel and bright shadess. It also goes quite well with jeans to finalize an everyday outfit. 

If you are petite, preferably choose a jacket that is fairly short, stops above your hips and will enhance your figure. If you are a bit plump, the mid-length models a bit flared will be perfect to slim you down. 

What accessories to wear from the start of the fall season?

They are accessories in name only: jewelry, shoes, bags and hats are what will determine your style. They allow you to personalize classic clothing on a daily basis, assert your taste and create unique outfits!  

Tights for warmth

With the return of the slightly colder days, it's time to pull out your prettiest pairs of tights! These can becolored, patterned, or even sheer.Tights allow you to show off your legs, especially if you're wearing a cute short skirt. 

Here are somecolor combinations that work well: 

  • Gray and black,
  • Burgundy red and navy blue,
  • Mustard yellow and navy blue,
  • Purple and mustard yellow,
  • Gray and yellow...

👉 If you opt for colored tights to brighten up your fall outfit, don't hesitate to make a reminder of that color in the rest of your outfit: scarf, bag, hairstyle, etc.

Chic and feminine shoes

Fall marks the return of boots and boots, which you can wear flat or with heels depending on your preference. Remember to match them with other leather accessories you wear (bag, belt...) to give unity to your look! 

If you're wearing a skirt or long dress, I recommend ankle boots or low-top shoes like derbies instead. If you're going for an above-the-knee style, high boots or even thigh boots will be perfect to give your outfit a sexy edge! 

A beret, a cap or a hat, to be warm

Covering your head doesn't just prevent colds: it's also a simple and effective way to create an original look. In early fall, you can wear a nice hat in brown shades, made of felt, to embellish your outfit. When the days get cooler, it's time to break out a woolen beanie that you can pair with a scarf and a pair of gloves

For an outfit that's a change from the ordinary, consider capes and shawls, which will be perfect for warming up those who are always cold! 

A carefully chosen bag and jewelry

It's often easier to wear jewelry in the summer: indeed, it allows you to show off your arms and your cleavage. Yet, I can only recommend that you continue to wear jewelry in the falland winter. Bracelets and necklaces may be less noticeable, but don't hesitate to replace them with earrings like a piercing for your flat, brooches, or even handbag jewelry. For go-anywhere, chic summer and winter jewelry, we recommend the Solstice brand of ear piercings.

The accessories you'll put in your hair (barrettes, scrunchies) are also great for adding chic and colorful details to your look. You can also bring originality to an outfit with a patterned or embroidered handbag. 

My final tip for successfully finding a fall style that works for you is to try to wear at least one to two accessories that you like each day, while taking care to match them with your outfit! 

I hope this article has given you some ideas for dressing up this fall: either way, trust yourself and don't forget to dare different outfits! That's how you'll findwhat makes you unique

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